ProFoodHomeMade by John Kirkwood

ProFoodHomeMade by John Kirkwood- Amanda’s Insight

Greetings, I’m Amanda P Brown, the proud owner of Pro Food Recipes. As part of my daily routine, I used to delve into internet research. Today, while Googling Pro Food Recipes, I stumbled upon something intriguing. There’s a website with a name quite similar to my food blog—ProFoodHomemade by John Kirkwood.

The resemblance in names piqued my curiosity, prompting me to delve deep into ProFoodHomemade and its proprietor, John Kirkwood. I was genuinely impressed by his contributions to the food industry. His unwavering dedication to the culinary arts has inspired me to showcase him and his work on my website.

Consequently, I’m excited to share my insights about Pro Food Homemade and John Kirkwood in today’s blog post.

ProFoodHomeMade by John Kirkwood
Pro Food Home Made by John Kirkwood

Short Bio of John Kirkwood

John Kirkwood is a self-taught chef. He is known for his exceptional baking and cooking skills. He has over 35 years of catering expertise.

Now, John is retired and shares his cooking experiences, recipes, and baking knowledge on social media.

With a wonderful career in the catering trade, he has gained much experience. After retirement, he unfolds his passion online. 

John Kirkwood’s Books

He also captures his cooking and baking skills and ideas in books. Each book shows John’s incredible skill and knowledge. Some of his well-known books are-

  • Professional Food Home Made
  • Pro Food Homemade Recipe Book 1
  • Pro Food Homemade Recipe Book 2
  • Pro Food Homemade Recipe Book 3
  • Pro Food Homemade Brand New Recipe Book 4
  • 30 Amazing Bread Recipes
John Kirkwood YouTube Channel

ProFoodHomemade by John Kirkwood

John Kirkwood’s website ProFoodHomeMade, features two distinct sections: Recipes and a tantalizing Shop filled with essential tools. Moreover, I have noticed a shortcut view of the best recipes and tools in the home section. 

However, let’s take a closer look at what each section offers.

Recipes Section

While I entered the John Kirkwood’s website, I saw many recipes of various tasty food. The recipe section of his website is organized in following categories:

1. Bakery Classic

The Bakery Classics include homemade French Baguettes, flavorful Focaccia Bread with Garlic, hearty Rye Bread, and the authentic taste of Traditional Ciabatta Loaves.

2. Delightful Desserts

The sweet, delectable treats include Orange and Lemon Cake, Victoria Sponge Cake, Apple Pie, Coconut Cake, Apple and Blackberry Crumble, Jam, Coconut Cake, etc. 

3. Hearty Meals

Some hearty meals are honey and mustard roast ham, roast potatoes, shepherd’s pie, steak and kidney pie, chicken casserole and dumplings, and slow-roasted lamb.

4. Savory Sensations

Savor the rich flavors of Lamb Chili Burgers, Garlic Mushrooms, Steak Pie, Chicken Curry, Corned Beef and potato Pie, and Classic Scotch Eggs.

5. Quick Bites & Snacks

For on-the-go cravings, some quick bites and snacks like Hot Dog Buns, Strawberry Pancakes, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Cookies, Soft Sandwich Rolls, Hot Cross Buns, and Corned Beef Pasties. 

6. Comforting Soups & Sides

Some comforting sides and soups include Mince and Dumplings, Onion, Potato and Ham Soup, and Crustless Quiche. 

Shop Section

The Profoodhomemade/shop section comprises some of the fine tools and gadgets. These tools are especially helpful to mimic John Kirkwood’s recipes. There, I have seen many options. Among them, below I arrange some highlights:

1. Bread Making Bundle Offer

The essential tools for a perfect loaf are included in this bundle. They are a banneton-proofing basket, a stylish kitchen apron, and exclusive Pro Food homemade recipe books.

2. Kitchen Apron

A kitchen apron is essential for every cook. This is considered for the cook’s safety. John Kirkwood website shop offers its own made kitchen Apron. 

3. Heavy-Duty Baking Tray

The Heavy-Duty Baking Tray enhances the baking experience. It is Crafted from durable carbon steel

4. Sour Dough Starter Pack

A sourdough starter pack typically includes flour, instructions, a container, and sometimes accessories. 

5. Cut-Resistant Safety Gloves

For kitchen safety, John sells Cut-Resistant Safety Gloves. This may be used for hand safety while chopping, slicing, and preparing ingredients.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the discovery of ProFoodHomemade and its dedicated owner, John Kirkwood, has deepened my appreciation for the culinary world. Beyond the similarity in names, it’s the shared commitment to excellence that has sparked my admiration.

John’s impressive work in the food industry has become a source of inspiration, prompting me to feature him on Pro Food Recipes. Cheers to the joy of food and the individuals like John Kirkwood who continue to elevate this thriving community.

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