Are Dixie Paper Plates Microwave Safe?

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Yes, dixie paper plates are Microwave safe. Dixie paper plates are disposable paper plates made from good quality paper materials. According to the USDA, these plates have been certified as safe levels for microwaving use. And these disposable plates are great for reheating food in the Microwave, but at a lower temperature in less time. 

However, Are dixie paper plates Microwave safe?  You can read the following article for more information, including the Dixie plate definition, some usage tips, microwaving, etc.

What is a Dixie Paper Plate?

Dixie plates are disposable paper plates. These plates are made of paper covered with a plastic or wax layer to enhance their durability. Some incredible features make them so popular such as enough resistance to spills and leaks, portable, convenient to use, no need for cleaning since you can throw them after each use, etc.

Even these plates you can find in different shapes and sizes, such as square and round, which are often found in most supermarkets and stores selling disposable tableware. Moreover, these paper plates are quite popular for barbecues, picnics, and other outdoor events.

Can You Microwave Dixie’s Plate?

Yes, you can microwave the Dixie plate, as no bleach and color effects are seen on these plates. And since these plates come with microwave-safe levels, they are suitable for heating food in the Microwave. 

Their durability and soak-proof shield make them more heat resistant than other paper plates. In this case, you will not have to worry about burns if you consider reheating food on the Dixie plate for a short period at a medium temperature.

But some low-quality paper plates have printed designs made of flammable materials. These products easily burn off the ink lines if exposed to heat. Thus it contaminates and ignites your food. So be careful about the quality.

Note:  Dixie paper plates shouldn't be used for anything other than reheating food in the microwave. Also, using the oven for paper plates is also not a great idea. The paper plate may potentially catch fire from the oven's intense heat.

Are Dixie Paper Plates Toxic in the Microwave?

No, Dixie paper plates are not toxic when used in the Microwave if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and precautions are taken. Dixie plates are paper coated with plastic or wax layers, a food-safe material. So, you can use them to reheat food. 

But these plates can’t tolerate high temperatures for a long time. They can become damaged if exposed to high heat for a long time in the microwaved. 

Moreover, microwaves operate by emitting EM radiation of a suitable wavelength. And this causes the water molecules in the materials to vibrate and react with frictional heat. And thus, water molecules can be absorbed into the paper, distorting the plate’s structure and contaminating the food. 

However, to keep your Dixie Paper Plate safe in the Microwave, you can follow microwave guidelines and handle it carefully.

9 Tips to Microwave Dixie Plates

Microwave Dixie Plates are safe for reheating food. But there are some safety tips that you need to follow.

1. Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Each item has certain safety instructions that need to be followed. Likewise, Dixie comprises some safety tips/instructions that their manufacturer sets. Through these instructions, you will be aware of usage rules, heating time, power settings, etc.

If these instructions direct you to microwave safety, use them in Microwave. Otherwise, your plate and food both will be ruined.

2. Avoid Using Dixie Paper Plates for Cooking Food in the Microwave

Dixie paper plates are a great way to reheat food in the Microwave. But it is not suitable to cook food. Because cooking demands too high a temperature when the plate is exposed to excessive heat, the plate’s structure will ruin, and the food juices will wet the plate and make it bent, burnt, distorted, or broken-plate form.

3. Use Caution

When microwaving, be sure to handle your Dixie papers carefully. Because if the plates are overheated, they are prone to damage like loss of shape.

4. Before Microwaving, Check the Plate

Dixie plates often have holes. And if the plate is microwaved without checking such a problem, there is a possibility of food spoilage and the microwave floor being smeared with food. So you should refrain from using such plates in the Microwave.

5. Use a Lower Power Setting

When using Dixie plates in the Microwave, check if the power setting is mentioned. If yes, set that specific power setting to heat food. 

But if the manufacturer’s instructions do not specify it, then you need to set the temperature power at lower to avoid the possibility of overheating or plate damage. 

6. Microwave for a Short Time

Although the Dixie Papers are Microwave safe, they will be fine the less time you heat the plate in the Microwave because these plates are easily prone to damage if they are exposed to high heat for too long.

7. Check the Food’s Temperature

Microwaving your food on a Dixie plate requires checking the temperature beforehand to ensure it’s safe to eat.

8. Damaged Plates Need to Be Replaced

If your Dixie plates show any signs of not being Microwave safe or look damaged, you need to discard them from microwaving.

9. Allow the Food to Cool Slightly 

Once your food is heated in the Microwave, do not quickly transfer the food from the plate. This is because there is a risk of bruising between the food and the plate and a chance of burning your fingers. 

So after the food has been heated, you need to give the food some time to cool and settle. And this will keep your food and plate intact and prevent your finger from burning.

How Long Can You Microwave Dixie Plates?

You can microwave your Dixie plates for 1 to 2 minutes. Paper elements may burn or create smoke when exposed to intense microwave heat. So, In particular, you should note that you should only use the Dixie plate microwave for heating purposes, not cooking. 

Though they are made of high-quality materials that contribute to increased heat resistance, these paper plates can’t tolerate the Microwave’s heat for more than 2 minutes. Within 2 minutes, your food will be smoothly warm, and after that time, it increases the chances of damage. 

Actually, if these disposable plates are kept for an extended period during reheating, the juice may soak into the plate, and thus the structure is spoiled. Even your paper plate may get very hot, and immediate touch may cause your hand burns, so extreme caution should be followed while handling the plate.

Moreover, following the manufacturer’s recommendations can guide you more specifically about its using timing.  

How Do You Microwave Dixie Plates?

As paper plates, Dixie plates are safe for your Microwave. However, there are a few things to be aware of when storing leftovers on Dixie paper plates and reheating them in the Microwave. Below are some methods.

  • You should avoid heating the Dixie plates in the Microwave for long periods or at high power.
  • Flammable items such as silverware, foil, and other metallic wrappers can easily heat up and ignite your paper plate, and you need to discard them.
  • If you want to microwave your fat and oily foods on a Dixie plate, you can stack 2 or 3 paper plates by adding layers to increase the absorption of the grease. And this method prevents your food from falling off the plate or bending the paper plate when you take out your food from the Microwave.
  • Paper plates comprise holders; use them to hold the plate. Thus it will protect your hands from getting burned. 
  • When microwaving Dixie paper plates, you can use paper towels to reduce the chance of splatter. 
  • For instance, if you choose to microwave food that has a lot of moisture and a high chance of splattering, like curry, then paper towels are great. With this towel, you can cover your Dixie plate to ensure it doesn’t make a mess in the Microwave.
  • You should refrain from covering the Dixie plate with plastic wrap because the plastic wrap touches the food, which can melt under the influence of heat under the Microwave and create harmful toxins in the food. And this can harm your health.
  • If you prefer plastic wrap exclusively, you can use glass bowls. This will ensure the wrapper does not touch sides other than the paper plate
Note: Food retains moisture when cold, so you need to be careful when microwaving to see if there are any changes in plate durability and structure. 

Tips for Testing Paper Plates for Microwave Safety

Before using these paper plates, follow some simple tips to ensure Microwave safety. They are-

  • First, you need to fill a cup with water.
  • Then, microwave the cup of water on the paper plate. 
  • Microwave it for about 1 minute on high power.

After the above time ends, you must touch the plate. But of course, you need to be careful while handling the plate as it is hot, which can burn your hands.  You can use an oven mitt or potholders when transferring your cup water or handling the hot plate.

However, if the water in the cup feels cold and the paper plate feels hot, it indicates that the paper plate has absorbed the heat from the Microwave, which may cause burns or smoke. So, such plates are not Microwave safe. 

On the contrary, a microwave-safe plate remains to stay cool, or the center may get warm a bit. In this case, only the water in the cup will be hot. 

You can detect this by touching the whole testing method. Using the above method, you can easily determine if your plates are Microwave safe.

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Can You Use Dixie Paper Plates to Microwave Refrigerated Leftovers?

Yes, you can use Dixie paper plates to microwave refrigerated leftovers. But taking precautions when reheating your refrigerated leftovers in the Microwave is important. 

As it turns out, many foods are rich in moisture that is unsuitable for storing on this plate and microwaving. Because when you microwave moist food leftovers on these paper plates, as the food cools, the moisture will spread to your plate, which will easily change the stability and texture of the plate. 

But if you’re planning to microwave your very moist leftovers, like burgers or pizza, on Dixie paper plates, then you’ll need to take a different approach. In such cases, you can stack a couple of paper plates to increase the absorption of food grease. Thus, it ensures that your plate does not bend. 

Another easy way is to gently remove your paper plate and keep it on a solid dish after microwaving it. And it helps a lot to prevent your plate from bending. It even gives you a cool touch that protects your hand from burns, maintains the structure of the plate, and cleans without any difficulty.

Can Paper Plates Catch Fire When Microwaved?

Yes, paper plates can catch fire when microwaved, but it depends on some factors of the paper plate. Basically, paper is not electrically conductive. So, in this case, the high heat of the Microwave is responsible for its fire catching. This will lead it to burn. Otherwise, there is no chance of it catching fire. 

However, all paper plates don’t tend to burn easily. There are certain contents of these plates that you need to watch out for, such as those paper plates containing foil covers, forks, metal trims, printed edges, or other non-microbe able items that are prone to fire. You need to discard them to heat food in the Microwave.

Moreover, as they have high flammability, you should keep paper plates away from sources responsible for catching fire, such as non-microwaveable items or the Microwave’s heat lamps.

Which Paper Plates Are Microwave Safe?

At present, you can easily test and determine if paper plates are Microwave safe. However, nowadays, many safe options for paper plates are available in the market. Among them are some of the best options mentioned.
• Bekith paper plates
• Dixie plates
• Comfy package of heavy-duty paper plates
• Glad soak-proof plates

Final Verdict

Dixie Paper Plates are constructed from high-quality materials that withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for use in the microwave. I hope the above article about Are dixie paper plates Microwave safe will help to use dixie paper from now. Also, the safety tips will help you microwave in Dixie plates safely without causing any harm to the plates or contaminating the food.

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