Why Do Dogs Eat Grass Outdoors?-Explained

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Dogs are among the most common pets and can be seen lively in many families. Dogs are cute animals that many people love. Friends who own dogs often share on the Internet that their dogs sometimes eat grass with great relish when they are outdoors on the grass. Why Do Dogs Eat Grass Outdoors?

Careful friends may find this phenomenon. Some dogs even gobble up grass. It looks like it tastes good. The owner was very puzzled, seeing it eats deliciously like a herbivore. What is going on? If it weren’t for the fact that my dog ​​usually eats a lot of dog food, I would have thought it grew up eating grass.

Dogs are different from other pets in that they are omnivores. However, if you look at the past life of a dog, you can find that it is not the same as ordinary omnivorous animals. In ancient times, the ancestors of dogs lived on rotten food and scavenging, and their digestive system was very powerful.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass Outdoors?

They could be picky when it comes to eating, and to meet their daily nutritional needs, they will look around for food that they can eat, and there is almost nothing they cannot eat. The ancestors of modern dogs were so tough, but after being domesticated by humans, their eating habits gradually changed. They no longer have to work hard to find food and eat many miscellaneous things.

However, they will still eat plants as food, especially the easiest grasses to find. Dogs eat grass mainly because they can get some of the nutrients they need from plants.

Why Many Dogs Vomit after Eating Grass?

Why Many Dogs Vomit after Eating Grass

That’s another story. A dog that eats grass and throws up again may be due to an upset stomach. Dogs eat these grasses, but it does not mean they can digest them all. Some grass leaves and stems are very rough, which irritates the dog’s throat and stomach. They vomited together.

Many types of grass contain some of the nutrients dogs need. If the dog’s diet at home is relatively simple, you can add other things to its food to make it more abundant. If you see your dog chewing some grass in the grass, you can also add more fruits and vegetables to its food.

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