15 Different Types of Coffee Cups

Generally, coffee is a popular drink. Which is very favorite of almost everyone. Many people find coffee to relieve their fatigue. Even many people start their day with coffee. So, if you plan to enjoy a coffee, you might want an excellent coffee cup.

Usually, coffee cups come in various sizes, types, designs, and shapes. Moreover, this article discusses different coffee cups like Espresso, Turkish, Cappuccino, Flat White Cups, etc., through which you can choose the perfect cup. Here are 15 coffee cups; let’s explore them below:

 15 Different Types of Coffee Cups

Types of coffee cups
  1. Turkish coffee cup
  2. Espresso/Demitasse cup
  3. Flat white cup
  4. Cappuccino cup
  5. Double Walled Coffee Cups
  6. Macchiato cup
  7. Disposable coffee cups
  8. Latte cup
  9. China Coffee Cups
  10. Pour over coffee cups
  11. Irish Coffee Glasses
  12. Ceramic Coffee Cups
  13. Melamine coffee cups
  14. Stoneware Coffee Cups
  15. Stainless steel coffee cups

1. Turkish Coffee Cup

Turkish Coffee Cup

Turkish coffee cups are usually utilized for serving Turkish coffee. Which is also known as kahve fincani’ coffee cup.’ They are made from porcelain. Also, these coffee cups come in different colors, and the bottom has an authentic-globe shape. 

Capacity: Turkish Coffee Cups are (2 to 2.5 fl. oz. / 60-75 ml. liquid).

2. Espresso/Demitasse cup


An espresso or demitasse cup is a small cup made of ceramic, pottery, or porcelain. They come in various colors or patterns. Also, this coffee cup is small, wide at the rim, and narrow at the base. 

Moreover, these coffee cups are frequently used to serve Espresso, such as double/” doppio” shots or single shots, Turkish coffee, and other extremely concentrated coffee beverages like Greek coffee. These coffee cups can also be used for restaurants, cafes, tea, and other hot drinks.

Capacity: Espresso/Demitasse cups are 60–90 ml (2–3 US fl oz)

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3. Flat White Cup

Flat White Cup

The flat white cup looks similar to a cappuccino cup. Also, these coffee cups are available in various colors like blue, black, green, brown, grey, navy blue, white, and red. They are made of ceramic and porcelain. Also, They are tulip-shaped, small, and narrow at the rim. Moreover, a specialty of these flat white cups is that they retain the coffee hot for a long time. 

Capacity:  Flat white cups are 5 or 6 oz (approximately 160 ml).

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4. Cappuccino Cup

Cappuccino Cup

A Cappuccino cup is a cup for serving coffee-based drinks and coffee. Also, this cup is spherical with a wide rim. They are made from porcelain and ceramics. Also, these cup is excellent for keeping your coffee warm, enhancing presentation, and enjoying the aroma of coffee. Moreover, you can serve drinks like babysino, americano, and flat white in this cup. 

Capacity: Cappuccino cups are 5-6 oz—/150 to 180 ml.

5. Double Walled Coffee Cups

Double Walled Coffee Cups

A double-walled coffee cup is a type of cup that has 2 layers of glass. These cups are strong. Also, they are available in various colors, sizes, and shapes and are made of borosilicate glass. These coffee cups also help keep your hands from hot beverages like hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. 

Moreover, these coffee cups have the unique property of keeping your coffee hot for an extended period while the outside of the cup remains cool to the touch. 

Capacity: The capacity of a Double-walled coffee cup is 8 to 16 oz/120ml, 240ml, and 360ml. 

8 oz90mm60mm84mm
12 oz90mm60mm110mm
16 oz90mm60mm135mm

6. Macchiato Cup

Macchiato Cup

A macchiato cup is a special cup specially designed to serve macchiato. They are made from porcelain or ceramic. Also, these coffee cups are small, have a circular shape with a narrow base and a wide rim, and are small.

Moreover, the macchiato cup also provides an interesting coffee experience, highlights the layered presentation of coffee, and retains the delicious taste of the coffee.

Capacity:  Macchiato cups are 2 to 4 oz. (approximately 60 ml).

7. Disposable Coffee Cups

Disposable Coffee Cups

A disposable coffee cup is usually a single-use cup that stores liquids like coffee. Also, these cups come in various colors and types, such as plastic cups, paper cups, or foam cups. They are made from plastic or paper.

Moreover, these cups can also be used during takeout or for drinking coffee on the go, which can reduce the hassle of cleaning. You can easily carry it. 

Capacity: Disposable coffee cups are 8 oz to 12 oz.
Disposable coffee cups typeCapacity
Plastic cup200ml
Paper cup100ml
Foam cup4 oz/120ml

8. Latte Cup

Latte Cup

A latte cup is a special cup specially designed to serve lattes. These cups look like cappuccino cups. But they’re larger than cappuccino cups. They are made from ceramic or porcelain. Also, they are wide bowl-shaped.

Moreover, this latte cup is also great for pouring and foaming steamed milk over Espresso and creating latte art. These cups are also excellent for enjoying lattes at home. 

Capacity:  Latte cups are 11 oz to 15 oz.

9. China Coffee Cups

China Coffee Cups

Generally, China coffee cups are famous for their attractive, elegant, and exquisite craftsmanship. They come in small sizes and are made of china clay. Also, these coffee cups are available in different colors and patterns, making them great for enjoying your coffee with pleasure.

Moreover, you can also use these excellent coffee cups on your special day, making your day more memorable.

Capacity: China coffee cups are 7oz/220ml/220cc.

10. Pour Over Coffee Cups

Pour Over Coffee Cups

Pour-over coffee cups are special cups used in the pour-over brewing procedure. These coffee cups are also excellent for you to enjoy tasty, great, and flavorful coffee. They are conical in shape.

Also, they have a narrow base and wide mouth, allowing for accurately pouring coffee. They also come in various sizes, colors, and shapes and are made from glass or ceramic. 

Capacity: Pour-over coffee cups are 8 oz to 16 oz.

11. Irish Coffee Glasses

Irish Coffee Glasses

Usually, Irish coffee glasses are excellent glasses for enjoying Irish coffee. They are taller and made of glass. If you want to enjoy the flavor of a beautiful coffee, you can try this coffee glass. They also have a handle feature. Moreover, a special feature of this coffee glass is that you can see the layers of your coffee. 

Height5.875”(15 cm)
Diameter3.125”(7.94 cm)
Width4.125”(10.48 cm)
Volume8.5 oz (25.1 cL)

12. Ceramic Coffee Cups

Ceramic Coffee Cups

Ceramic coffee cups are excellent for enjoying any drink like coffee. These coffee cups retain your coffee warm for longer, which helps you enjoy an excellent coffee. Also, These coffee cups are made of ceramic and available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Additionally, they are microwave and dishwasher-safe. 

Capacity: Ceramic coffee cups are 8 oz to 10 oz.

13. Melamine Coffee Cups

Melamine Coffee Cups

If you want to enjoy a coffee cup with a fun or unique design, this cup is an excellent alternative. This cup retains heat well, which helps you enjoy a wonderful coffee taste. These cups are also heat resistant. Moreover, these coffee cups are dishwasher-safe and available in various colors, sizes, and shapes. 

Capacity: Melamine coffee cups are 3 oz to 24 oz.

14. Stoneware Coffee Cups

Stoneware Coffee Cups

Generally, the great designs of stoneware coffee cups make them more attractive to everyone. You can keep these cups in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. These coffee cups are handcrafted from clay and other materials, such as crushed pebbles. Also, they are very durable, strong, and chipping-resistant. Additionally, these cups can retain the temperature.

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15. Stainless Steel Coffee Cups

Stainless Steel Coffee Cups

A stainless steel coffee cup is typically made of stainless steel that is heat-retaining, long-lasting, and durable. These cups do not interact with the taste of your drink. Also, they are available in various colors, shapes, sizes, and modern designs. Moreover, these coffee cups are also easy to clean and use, which is excellent for daily use.


What is the Best Type of Cup for Coffee?

Usually, the best coffee cup type is glass or porcelain cups. Because they do not retain the coffee oil and add any taste, you can also use smooth-glazed ceramics, but cups made with rough surfaces and natural glazes can add flavor to your coffee.

What is a Standard Coffee Cup Size?

8 to 10 ounces is the standard coffee cup size that is excellent for a filter or latte coffee. Also, if you are a serious caffeine drinker, you can use the 11 to 15 oz cups.

Which Type of Coffee is Best?

Usually, hot-brewed and black coffee is best. Hot-brewed coffee is low in sodium. Also, they contain no fat, calories, or carbohydrates. Moreover, black coffee contains magnesium, potassium, micronutrients, and niacin. 

What is the World’s Most Popular Coffee?

The world’s most popular coffee is Espresso. They originate from Italy. Also, you can make this fantastic coffee by forcing finely ground coffee beans into a small amount of boiling water. Moreover, coffee drinkers worldwide love this coffee’s richness, delicacy, and intense flavor. 

Final Verdict

If you are watching for an excellent coffee cup. Then you can follow this article. This article discusses 15 different types of coffee cups that help you to experience and enjoy rich, great, and delicious coffee. Moreover, you will also know about the capacity of each coffee cup, which will help you choose a suitable coffee cup.

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