9 Different Types of Dinnerware and Their Uses with Picture

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Whether a restaurant or a Home, there are many different types of dinnerware and cutlery plates at every party or event. Dinnerware can use for many various purposes. For a comfortable and luxurious meal, the plates and bowls used for the various courses are chosen based on the dish’s theme or the specific requirements of the food served.

Therefore, this discussion will center on the various forms and functions of dinnerware currently available. Varied sorts of plates have different purposes, despite superficial similarities.

Learn about the Different Types of Dinnerware and Their Uses with Picture.

Different Types of Dinnerware and Their Uses with Picture

Here is an overview of the 9  primary categories of dinnerware, along with some instances of how each type is used.

1. Dinner Plate

Dinner Plate

The dinner plate is the most common type of dinnerware used to present the main course. A standard dinner plate is 12 inches in diameter. The dish that sits atop the charger is the one that gets the most use throughout the dinner; thus, it’s brought out after the salad. Many people reuse their dinnerware from lunchtime forward.

The dinner plate is made up of two different kinds of plates: the flat-shaped plate and the concave-shaped plate. Alternatively, these two plates offer the same function.

2. Luncheon Plate

Luncheon Plate

The luncheon plate is a must-have piece of every meal. This size is perfect for serving snacks like sandwiches and chips or as a charger for a bowl of soup, and it falls between the typical salad plate and the standard dinner plate.

3. Rice Bowl

Rice Bowl

A rice bowl is used to fill and serve the rice. You can find this bowl frequently in Chinese restaurants. The diameter of this bowl is around 4.5 inches.

Multiple variations of the rice bowl have found their way into the marketplace. Hot rice bowls with an assortment of veggies are a healthy and portable option for eating on the go.

4. Salad Plates

Salad Plate

This is the classic dish for salads. Both small and large circular salad plates are included. The first kind is around 22 cm long, whereas the second is roughly 20 cm. Generally, the first course consists of a salad atop a dinner dish.

It’s easy to differentiate between the salad plate and the bread and butter plate when presented with various options, as the salad plate is larger.

5. Finger Bowl

Finger Bowl

The finger bowl is a water container that looks like a half ball and is used to wash hands before and after a meal. It is typically placed on the tabletop next to the main course.

Usually, the finger bowl is served at the end of a formal meal. Guests set the finger bowl down after the last meal to wash their hands before standing up to leave the table.

6. Dessert Plate

Dessert Plate

A plate designed specifically to serve dessert is known as a dessert plate. This plate is smaller than the plate used to serve dinner since it is designed specifically for serving dessert, which often consists of bite-sized portions.

This dessert platter is large enough to carry a couple of appetizers in addition to dessert. This dessert platter is a standard feature at celebrations such as family events, receptions, and other parties.

7. Soup Plate

Soup Plates

A soup plate is an appropriate dinnerware option for serving soup. Compared to other types of plates, the soup dish stands out due to its unusual bowl-like shape.

Soup bowls measure 9-10 inches in diameter, with a 1-inch lip, a 1-inch layer, and a 6-7-inch middle section.

8. Bread and Butter Plates

Bread and Butter Plate

A bread and butter plate is a specific type used specifically for serving bread and butter. This plate is called a quarter plate or a side plate because of its standard placement next to the fork. You’ll typically find such a menu at upscale eateries that offer various dishes.

This plate is around 15 cm in diameter, making it slightly smaller than the appetizer plate. It’s like a dinner plate in size and form.

9. Appetizer Plate

Appetizer Plate

The sizes of appetizer plates can vary greatly. The smallest available is 17 centimeters. This platter is suitable for serving appetizers such as fruits or cheese just before the main course.

This plate is distinguished by its curved tip and lack of indentation. This platter is similar to a traditional bread and butter version, except for its size.


What Is the Use of a Dinnerware?

 Dishes used for serving, displaying, and setting the table are called “tableware,” “dinnerware,” or “crockery,” respectively. Cutlery, glasses, and serving platters are all part of the deal. There is no way to set the table for dining or serve food without employing tableware.

How Do I Choose the Right Dinnerware?

The standard recommendation for enough dinnerware for daily use and entertaining is eight to twelve five-piece place settings. For those who would like to have two sets, each for everyday use and one for guests, four to six convenient table settings and up to twelve formal place settings are usable.

What Type of Dinnerware Is Best for Everyday Use?

Bone china, stoneware, and porcelain are excellent selections for everyday use since they are economical, washable, and long-lasting. We consider taking a single set of dishes that can handle anything from bowls of cereal to a traditional breakfast.

What Is Stoneware Dinnerware?

Stoneware is a form of ceramic that becomes impermeable and dense after being heated to high temperatures during the firing process. Although it’s still manufactured from clay, this earthenware or pottery will stand the test of time better than others. For obvious reasons, stoneware is so named because it resembles stone.

What Is Porcelain Dinnerware?

Fine particle clay, often consisting of quartz, feldspar, and kaolin, is used to create porcelain and China, two names for the same type of dinnerware. As a result, the final dinnerware is robust and impenetrable.

What Are the 4 Components of Dinnerware?

The 4 components of dinnerware are given below:
·       Dinner plate
·       Cup
·       Saucer &
·       Salad plate

Final Verdict

It is important to be familiar with the many types and functions of ceramic plates. This is especially relevant when going to a formal occasion where the dinnerware can appear different than what you’re used to.

This article consists of exactly which kinds are best for casual use and which are best saved for special occasions. Also, above, you’ll find a visual guide to Different Types of Dinnerware and Their Uses with Picture. This guide will make you more prepared for setting the table.

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