How Long to Cook Chicken in Pressure Cooker?

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As a versatile appliance, a pressure cooker is indispensable to any kitchen. Consequently, cooking chicken in the pressure cooker is the most efficient and time-saving preparation technique. 

How long to cook chicken in pressure cooker? Your chicken’s size and type of cut will determine how much you can do. The amount of time needed to cook a chicken will change based on whether or not the chicken is being cooked in its entirety.

For specific details, take a little dive into this article.

How Long to Cook Chicken in Pressure Cooker?

Here’s more information on how long to cook chicken in a pressure cooker. 

1. Chicken Breast 

If you have chicken breast cuts of uniform size, cooking them for approximately 10 minutes will be sufficient. The chicken is cut into bits of the same size will ensure the chicken cooks uniformly, resulting in an excellent dish.

Cooking time in a pressure cooker is 8 to 10 minutes for bone-in chicken breasts. For frozen chicken breast, you can cook it for no longer than 12 minutes.

2. Whole Chicken

A simple pressure cooker can cook an entire chicken in around 30 minutes. Season it with onions, carrots, peppercorns, and cardamom to bring out the entire dish’s flavor and avoid an unpleasant stench.

3. Boneless Chicken Thighs

Boneless chicken thighs can be cooked flawlessly in a pressure cooker in as little as 15 minutes. To enhance the flavor of the chicken, you can season it with a combination of black pepper, salt, yogurt, garlic, cardamom pods, ginger, and tomato paste, or you can coat it with this mixture. In addition, chili powder can add flavors with a kick.

Because the boneless chicken needs to be tenderized, marinating it for a few hours before cooking it in a pressure cooker is required. Make sure the meat is placed in a single layer over the pot since it will cook more evenly. It should come to a point towards the middle of the chicken.

4. Whole Chicken Cut Into Pieces

Alternately, you can use a pressure cooker for cooking a whole chicken that has been cut into pieces by browning the chicken in butter and oil and then adding the liquids. Also, you can season chicken slices with bay leaves, onion, and cinnamon sticks, before covering them with water and pressing them for 20 minutes.

5. Chicken Wings

Wings can prepare in the pressure cooker in a couple of moments. An 8-minute cook time at high pressure with a natural release is perfect for wings weighing 1.2 to 2.5 pounds. Each additional pound requires 2-3 minutes of cooking time.

6. Chicken Legs

Preparing chicken legs is sped up and simplified with a pressure cooker. Cooking chicken legs in the pressure cooker takes around 8 minutes at maximum pressure, followed by natural release.

It is preferable to remove them from the pressure cooker in a gentle manner and coat them with melted butter before broiling for two minutes on high.

If the skin is not as crispy as you want, simply broil it for another minute before checking it again. Keep going for another minute or longer if you need to.

How Long to Cook Chicken Breast in the Instant Pot?

How Long to Cook Chicken Breast in the Instant Pot?

Have a look at this helpful chart of chicken breast cooking times in the instant pot:

Amount of Chicken Breast by WeightsInstant Pot Cook Time (Fresh Chicken)Instant Pot Cook Time (Frozen Chicken)Serving on Recipe Card
1 lb4 minutes9 minutes5
2 lb5 minutes10 minutes10
3 lb6 minutes11 minutes15
4 lb8 minutes13 minutes20
5 lb10 minutes15 minutes25


How Long Should I Pressure Cook Chicken?

Just after a few minutes of cooking and natural release, you can simply shred chicken with a fork. Close the pressure valve and tighten the container’s lid. At high pressure, cook it for 15 minutes. Pressing the pot with fresh chicken will take about 10 minutes. For 12 to 15 minutes, cook the frozen chicken in a pot of water. Immediately after the 15 minutes of cooking time, allow the pressure to naturally dissipate for 5 minutes, now release the additional cooking time.


How Much Water Do You Put in a Pressure Cooker for Chicken?

For every pound of chicken, you plan to cook in a pressure cooker, add one cup of cold water. Chicken breasts can be pressure-cooked on a stainless steel rack submerged in water or at high pressure. Allow five to eight minutes before slicing.

Can You Overcook Chicken in a Pressure Cooker?

Chicken breasts are easily overcooked in a pressure cooker since we cannot monitor their temperature or doneness. The core temperature of a chicken breast can reach well over 200 degrees Fahrenheit when cooked in a pressure cooker. 

Is Pressure Cooking Chicken Healthy?

Chicken cooked at a high temperature retains its natural antioxidant activity during digestion while being less oily, moister, and softer than cooked at lower temperatures.

Can My Pressure Cooker Explode?

Overfilling, inappropriate oil use, and blocked vents are potential causes of a pressure cooker explosion. Each of these issues is avoidable if the user just takes precautions. Similarly, a defective component in a pressure cooker might cause it to explode.

Is It Safe to Fry Chicken in a Pressure Cooker?

The quick answer is no. Making fried chicken in a pressure cooker to replicate KFC’s bucket is not a good plan. But you can still fry dishes in a pressure cooker. However, when using a pressure cooker, only a small amount of oil is needed for shallow frying or sautéing.

Final Verdict

You can prepare the most excellent chicken in minutes using a pressure cooker. Also, it is the best approach to ensure that your chicken turns out tender, seasoned, and juicy is to use a pressure cooker.

If you cook the chicken for the proper amount of time in the pressure cooker, you and your family will be treated to the most delicious chicken possible. But How long to cook chicken in pressure cook? You can get the answer by reading the article above.

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