How to Clean a Commercial Pizza Oven?- Expert Advice

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Cleaning a commercial pizza oven includes:

  • Wiping
  • Removing crumbs that fell on the oven countertop
  • Scraping out the fibers
  • Brushing the belts
  • Removing the specks of dust
  • Making it germs-free

Except for some exceptions, all the commercial pizza ovens require almost the same maintenance in general. 

Moreover, having a pizza store is impressive. But if you do not know how to clean a commercial pizza oven, it will not stay amazing at all. Therefore, this article will teach you about how to clean a commercial pizza oven.

Things You Must Follow to Clean a Commercial Pizza Oven

  • Let the oven cool down completely, then only go for cleaning. Touching the hot oven can cause severe damage to you. If you have to touch it while it’s hot, then you must put on heat-proof gloves.
  • Do not use a lot of water. Try to keep the water amount as minimum as possible. If the water stays inside of the oven, then it will result in cracks in your pizza.
  • Never clean your pizza oven with detergent. Not all the chemicals are suitable for the pizza oven. Usage of detergent will ruin the smell of your pizza.

When to Clean a Commercial Pizza Oven

Many commercial pizza oven users have this common question about cleaning: How often should we clean the oven? The accurate and very best answer is WHENEVER YOU NOTICE DIRT IN IT. As a commercial pizza oven is supposed to be used for long hours every day, it is highly appreciated to clean it every day. You might find it tough to clean the pizza oven every day, but it can become much easier if you follow my instructions.

  • Fix a time for cleaning. You need just 20 minutes for the whole thing. I would suggest cleaning the oven at the starting or the very end of the day. Everyday cleaning requires a minimal amount of time, and the results are so visible that there is no going back once you start it.
  • If you choose to clean the oven before starting your work, I suggest you heat the oven for 30 minutes. This will make removing the dirt easier. The heat will burn debris so that you can scrap it out easily. 
  • Now, if you choose to clean the oven after work, you just need to wait until it completely cools down. Then you can scrape out the burnt debris easily. 

Types of Commercial Pizza Oven

There are several types of commercial pizza ovens. Before cleaning your pizza oven, you must know which oven you are using because not all ovens have the same cleaning method. The most popular commercial pizza ovens of the present time are:

  • Brick Ovens
  • Conveyors 
  • Convection
  • Countertop Ovens
  • and Pizza Decks 

 How to Clean a Commercial Pizza Oven

It will be best if you clean your pizza oven every day for the best results. But it’s okay to go for weekly cleaning if you are in a rush in regular life.

Daily Cleaning

You have to remove the crumbs/ashes/debris from the oven. The more you use the oven, the more crumbs/ashes/debris gather inside of it. To avoid any bad odor and unwanted flavors, removing crumbs/ashes/debris is a must. You can take a soft cloth slightly dipped in warm water for this job. Also, if you cannot reach the end with your hands, you can take a pizza brush to scrape out the rest. The most preferred size of the brush is around 18” with natural bristles

You can brush the belts inside the oven with the same pizza brush. If there is any stain on the pizza stone, take a natural bristle brush and hot water to remove the stains. To clean it, do not use any detergent or soap. If the stain doesn’t vanish with hot water, then you can use a small amount of baking soda for this purpose. Then leave the oven to air dry for 8-10 minutes. Thus your daily cleaning is done. 

Weekly Cleaning

Everyday cleaning keeps the oven in a perfect state and makes the weekly cleaning much easier. Once a week, you take out the removable parts from the oven. And use a soft cloth and warm water to clean them. Set them aside to air dry. This way, you can use your pizza oven at its maximum strength for years.

Threats of Not Cleaning Pizza Oven Regularly 

If you are reluctant to clean your pizza oven regularly, then you must read this:

  • Making pizzas every day means leaving pizza crumbs inside of the oven. The crumbs will burn and turn into ashes after every use, and a large number of ashes will affect pizza taste. It will add unwanted flavors and smell to the pizza.
  • The dirt left inside the oven will get a sticker after every use, and then it will form a dirt layer. That will stop the oven from working at its maximum strength; eventually, your pizza will take more time to cook. It will result in more electricity usage.

Do I Need to Clean My Pizza Oven Every Day?

If your pizza oven is used every day, then you should clean it every day. If everyday cleaning is not possible, then at least clean it twice a week. And do not forget to remove the pizza crumbs from the oven every day.

Which Detergent Can I Use to Clean My Pizza Oven?

You cannot clean your pizza oven with detergent. If needed, you can use a moderate amount of baking soda.

Final Verdict

Making the perfect pizza largely depends on the condition of the oven you are using. So it is crucial to ensure the best conditions of your pizza oven. And to do so, you have to know exactly how to clean a commercial pizza oven. “Regular usage requires regular cleaning” just remember this, and you are all set to go.

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