5-DIY Homemade Dog Food with Sardines

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Pet owners must be conscious of the food habitats of their pets. Particularly when it comes to our cherished pets, we should know which food is safe for them. Here I share my personal experience on feeding sardines to my dog. Though sardines is not the first food for them, it is one of the best dog food. You can feed them by making some homemade dog food with Sardines. Before giving recipes for sardines, I would like to provide you with some reasons why you should feed sardines to your beloved dog. 

Why Should You Feed Sardines to Your Dog?

You may get surprised to know that sardines contain necessary nutrients which have several healing powers. Such as-

  • Sardines contain coenzyme10, an antioxidant that helps prevent congenital issues and improve a dog’s heart function.
  • It has a good amount of omega 3-fatty acids, which are beneficial to the skin and coat health of your dog.
  • A little sardine has DHA. This fatty acid improves eye health, minimizes the signs of ageing and cognitive function.
  • Sardines are a fantastic source of amino acids to balance the functions of a dog’s body. There is also some essential amino acid that keeps your dog healthy. 
  • Sardines have phosphorus and calcium, which improve the skeletal structure of your dog.

Some best DIY Homemade Dog Food with Sardines

  1. Sardine Star Dog Biscuit
  2. Sardine and Liver Meal
  3. DIY Sardine Drop Biscuit
  4. Sardine Oatcake
  5. Smashed Sardine Pate

1. Sardine Star Dog Biscuit

Sardine Star Dog Biscuit
Sardine Star Dog Food

Do you want to treat your dog in a very affordable way? Then this is the recipe for your dog. This recipe is the easiest way to give them a tasty treat.


  • Rice Flour: 6 to a 7-heaped tablespoon
  • Egg: 1
  • Dry Porridge Oatmeal or Oats: 1-heaped tablespoon
  • Sardines in Oil or Tomato Sauce: 1-× 120g-tin

Process of Making

  • Set the oven to 150 °C while you are doing other preparations.
  • Take a large mixing bowl and mash all the sardines in it. You can use a fork to smash it.
  • Now beat the egg. Add the egg and porridge oats to the sardines bowl. By adding 1- tablespoon flour, make a soft dough. If you need, you can add less or more dough at a time. Roll the dough and make ½ cm thick star shape dough (you can make it with a 3cm star shape cutter). 
  • Place the dough on butter paper or a baking sheet. Bake it in the prepared oven. Bake it for about 35-40 minutes and keep checking after 35 minutes or until the stars become golden. If you want to make this crunchier, then switch off the oven and allow it to drier.
  • Now it’s ready to feed them.

2. Sardine and Liver Meal

Sardine and Liver Meal
Sardine And Liver Meal

You can make this recipe with raw liver within a short time. This recipe is suitable for your dog as a filling or main meal.


  • Fish Oil: ½-teaspoon
  • Human-grade Bone Meal: ¼-teaspoon
  • Finely Chopped Carrot: 1-tablespoon
  • Sardines: 2
  • Finely Chopped Apple: 1-tablespoon (without pips)
  • Organic Dried Kelp: ¼-teaspoon
  • Chopped Spinach: 2-tablespoons
  • Liquid k-9 Glucosamine: ½-teaspoon
  • Organic Chopped Grass-fed Beef Liver: 2-tablespoons

Process of Making

  • Mash the sardines in a bowl. Add the other ingredients with it and mix it well.
  • Serve instantly for a quick meal.

3. DIY Sardine Drop Biscuit

DIY Sardine Drop Biscuit
DIY Sardines Drop Biscuits

Here I am sharing another best way to serve sardines for dogs. It is one of the tastiest and enjoyable treats for your canine friends


  • Sardines: 14-OZ can (without added any salt and chopped)
  • Organic Coconut Flour: 11/2-cups
  • Coconut Oil: ½-cup (unrefined and organic)
  • Peanut Butter: ½-cup
  • Organic Eggs: 4

Process of Making

  • First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. 
  • Use a large mixing bowl to blend peanut butter, coconut flour, eggs, and coconut oil. With a hand mixer, thoroughly combine it until it turns into a mixture well.
  • Now add the sardines with this mixture. Again blend it well to combine. 
  • Place about scoop a tablespoon of mixture on a non-stick baking pan (you can use a cast-iron skillet also to bake it). 
  • Bake it for about 22 to 30 minutes or when biscuits become golden brown. Remove the oven-fresh biscuits from the oven and cool them before serving your dog.

4. Sardine Oatcake

Sardine Oatcake
Sardine Oatcake

This one is the best homemade dog food for your favorite dog. You can make it very quickly.


For 20 Sardine Oatcakes

  • Oats: 250G
  • Sardines in Olive Oil: 2-tins
  • Whole-wheat Flour: 85g
  • Water, as much as you need
  • Chopped Parsley: 2-tablespoon

Process of Making

  • Make 5-lines in a baking tray and set the oven to 190°C. 
  • Use a large bowl and combine all the ingredients into it (with oil from sardine tins). Add some water to make a solid dough. Add water as much as required. 
  • Sprinkle a bit of flour on the surface of the rolling table and roll the dough in a 1 cm thick, and cut it into a biscuit shape with a biscuit cutter. 
  • Assemble the biscuits on the ready baking tray. Bake it in the prepared oven for about 22-25 minutes. 
  • When it is done, rest it for calm and then serve them.

5. Smashed Sardine Pate

Smashed Sardine Pate
Smashed Sardine Pate

The food is made with only 2-ingredients, and it is easy dog food for a new pet owner.


  • Cottage Cheese: 110g
  • Sardines: 2-cans (drain it and use plain sardines in spring water)

Process of Making

  • Mashed the sardines in a bowl. Add cottage cheese with it. Combine it well. 
  • Place the mixture in a Lick mate and make a smooth texture with a spoon.
  • You can be reserved it for about 3-days, or you can freeze it.

Are Canned Sardines Ok for Dogs?

Yes, canned sardine is OK for the dog. You can serve homemade dog food with sardines without any risk. Canned sardines has coenzyme Q10, protein, and omega 3-fatty acid. But stop feeding canned sardines in the following liquids. You can serve your dog canned sardines in natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil, which is the best for them. 

Is It Ok to Feed My Dog Sardines Every Day?

No, don’t feed dog sardines regularly or every day because it may cause stomach upset. You can serve one sardine for a small dog, and for big breeds or an old dog, you can serve 2-sardines in a day. But I recommend feed to your dog a few sardines per week.

Is Sardines in Olive Oil Good for Dogs?

Though olive oil is food for coat and dog’s skin, sardines in olive oil is not so good for dog because sardines are already high-fat food so don’t add extra fat to feed your dog. The best-canned sardines in water is best for your dog.

Which Dogs Can’t Eat Sardines?

 If your pets have pancreatitis, diabetes, kidney disease, diarrhea, or obesity, you should avoid feeding them sardines.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, Dog lovers are looking for a portion of natural or homemade dog food that food is out of danger for their dog. Sardines is one of them. You can serve sardines to your dog with olive oils, bones, or rice. Except for this, I gave some Homemade Dog Food with Sardines recipes; I hope it will be helpful for you. You can feed sardines to your dog 1/4 of their everyday food by mixing it with their regular food. Also, you can add these sardines to your dog’s diet plan for their health benefits. 

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