How to Make a Smoothie Less Thick? Pro Tips

Smoothies are a very popular drink for many people, which provides freshness and various health benefits. However, Smoothies are typically thick and thin. Many people prefer thick smoothies, while others prefer thin smoothies. 

Moreover, sometimes it is seen that due to some reason, the smoothie becomes quite thick. So, those who like less thick smoothies want to make the smoothie less thick.

Also, If you don’t know How to make a smoothie less thick, you can read this article. This article discusses more information about smoothies, including how to make a smoothie less thick. Let’s check it out below:

How to make a smoothie less thick
How to make a smoothie less thick

What Makes a Smoothie Thick

Smoothies are typically thicker due to a variety of factors. For example, using too many fruits and vegetables in your smoothie, not blending the smoothie correctly, etc. So find some aspects that thicken your smoothie. Let’s explore some more aspects below that thicken your smoothie:

Using High-fiber Fruits and Vegetables

Some vegetables and fruits have a lot of fiber, which thickens your smoothie. For example, oats, mangoes, avocados, almonds, and bananas are high-fiber vegetables and fruits that thicken smoothies. 

Includes Protein Powder

Typically, protein powder is an excellent choice for thickening smoothies. Because protein powders absorb moisture in your smoothies, making them thicker in texture and less watery. 

A Tiny Amount of Liquid

If you add only a tiny bit of liquid to your smoothie. Then your smoothie may become thick, like milk, juice, or water.

Includes Frozen Fruit

Usually, frozen fruit can thicken your smoothie because these fruits are frozen and do not break down entirely unless they are mixed well.

Includes Ice Cubes

Generally, ice cubes thicken or thin the smoothie. Also, ice cubes are complex and do not mix smoothly. So, if you add ice cubes to your smoothie, they will give a thicker consistency. These ice cubes can also thin your smoothie after a time.

Therefore, the following factors will cause your smoothies to thicken. So, if you aren’t interested in thickening your smoothie or prefer to make a less thick smoothie. Let’s learn more about making less thick smoothies below:

How to Make a Smoothie Less Thick

how to make smoothie thinner

Usually, if you want to make your smoothie less thick since it is pretty thick. Here are a few ideas for making your smoothie less thick. Let’s check it out below:

1. Add Some Liquid

Usually, adding some liquid is a great way to make your thick smoothie less thick. Moreover, you can add other liquids to less thicken out your smoothie. Such as:

  • Water
  • Juice (such as orange juice)
  • Milk (nut milk or dairy)


A lot of time, it is seen that adding less liquid makes the smoothie too thick. In this situation, add liquid to blend your smoothie ingredients well. But ensure you use enough water because excessive water can thin your smoothie’s flavor.

Juice (such as orange juice)

Orange juice can be used as a juice in smoothies, making your smoothie thinner. Also, adding juice to your smoothie adds a rich flavor, some tang, and lots of sugar. This may also alter the taste of your smoothie significantly. So, ensure that your smoothie contains sufficient juice.

Milk (nut milk or dairy)

You can use almond milk or dairy as a liquid to make your smoothie less thick, which can make your smoothie creamy. Milk can also dull your smoothie’s tangy solid, or spicy taste. So make sure to add enough dairy to your smoothie.

2. Blend Them Well

Usually, smoothies are thick if they are not blended well. So combine the ingredients used in the smoothie until they are well blended.

3. Add Water-Rich Vegetables and Fruits

Generally, vegetables and fruits that contain water will help make your smoothie less thick. So if you want to thicken your smoothie less, add vegetables and fruits that contain water, like berries, watermelon, and cucumber.

4. Avoiding Dense Ingredients

Avoid ingredients that tend to thicken your smoothie. Some vegetables and fruits typically have fiber, which will thicken your smoothie. So, avoid some thickening vegetables and fruits such as bananas, carrots, mangoes, and cauliflower.  

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Are Thick or Thin Smoothies Better?

Usually, it is tough to say if a thinner or thicker smoothie is better. Whether you prefer a thin or a thick smoothie is better depends on your preference. Moreover, thick smoothies are made with some ingredients, such as yogurt, frozen fruit, nuts, ice cream, mango, etc. 

Which gives your smoothies a thick creamy, rich, satisfying, and delightful texture. This smoothie is also a great addition to your snack or meal replacement. Due to this, this smoothie is preferred by many people. 

Also, thin smoothies are created with coconut water, water-rich vegetables and fruits, juice, almond milk, etc. It provides your smoothie with a drinkable and smooth texture. Also, they are an excellent addition as a summertime beverage and light snack.

Are Smoothies Supposed to Be Thick?

Smoothies are a perfect combination of solids and liquids. Typically, an ideal smoothie’s consistency is remarkably thicker compared to juice. For example, you might find resistance when stirring a smoothie, unlike juice or water. 

Additionally, if you prefer your smoothie’s consistency to be thicker than usual, then you can alter the smoothie’s consistency to your preference. Also, you have to ensure that the smoothie isn’t too thick because it might render it difficult for you to consume. 

Are Thick or Thin Smoothies Better for Weight Loss?

Usually, the amount of calories in the smoothies determines if thin or thick smoothies are better for losing weight. Consequently, it doesn’t matter if your smoothie is thin or thick. You have to know the amount of calories it contains. Also, according to the study’s authors, more satiety is due to food density, not its energy concentration. Let us discuss some low-calorie items. That you may include in your smoothies to help you lose weight:

  • Silken Tofu
  • Prunes
  • Chickpeas
  • Nut butter
  • Frozen riced cauliflower
  • Walnuts 
  • Green tea
  • Bone broth
  • Orange juice

Moreover, smoothies also provide a variety of necessary nutrients and help your weight loss. They help curb your appetite. Also, some studies have revealed that fruit smoothies are more satisfying than drinking a single glass of water. In addition, you need to ensure that your smoothies include fewer calories if your goal is to reduce weight. 


What Things to Avoid When Making a Smoothie?

When creating smoothies, you often need to avoid a few items. Because specific items could add more calories to your smoothie in the form of sugar and saturated fat. Below are some things to stay away from while creating smoothies:
·       Whipped cream
·       Canned fruit
·       Dairy products with total fat
·       Ice cream
·       Flavored yogurt
·       Chocolate syrup

What Fruits Should Not Be Mixed in Smoothies?

Typically, while making smoothies, it’s preferable to stay away from mixing sweet and acidic fruits. Because including these fruits in your smoothie can cause digestive problems, acidosis, headaches, and nausea. The following list of fruits that cannot be used in smoothies:
·       Grapefruits
·       Pomegranates
·       Strawberries 
·       Pineapple
·       Apples 
·       Raisins
·       Bananas (when mixed with yogurt or milk)
·       Peaches
·       Mango (when combined with milk or yogurt)
·       Papaya
·       Citrus fruits (when mixed with yogurt or milk)

Final Verdict

Finally, you have an answer to the query about how to make a smoothie less thick. Usually, according to your preferences, the smoothie might be either thin or thick.

Moreover, nutritional variation in thick and thin smoothies does not depend on more or less. Therefore, if you want a less thick smoothie, then you can make your smoothie accordingly. Additionally, you have to make sure that your smoothie is not too thin.

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