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To fulfill your thirst demand and get refreshment, Drinks that start with e are delectable options. Many cuisines have vibrant drink options starting with the E alphabet.

So, if you want to uncover various drinks that will tantalize your taste buds and ignite your imagination, then E-named drinks are the perfect choice.

This article will help you to meet a flavorful journey of different hot and cold beverages, from Eggnog to Espresso tonics. You can scroll below to discover new sips to elevate your beverage repertoire.

41 Drinks That Start With E

There are many drinks in different cuisine of different nations. Some may be hot some may be cold. But the options of drinks that start with e can astonish with their appearance, refreshment flavor, and health benefits. You can enrich your refreshment menu with these unique taste beverages.

  1. Eggnog (non-alcoholic version)
  2. Espresso (without alcohol)
  3. Earl Grey tea (without alcohol)
  4. English breakfast tea (without alcohol)
  5. Evaporated milk tea
  6. Echinacea tea
  7. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee
  8. Egyptian chamomile tea
  9. Elderflower cordial
  10. Elderberry juice (virgin)
  11. Emerald mocktail
  12. Eucalyptus iced tea
  13. Exotic fruit punch
  14. Emerald smoothie
  15. Elderflower Slushie
  16. Egg cream
  17. Espresso tonic
  18. Exotic Mango Lassi
  19. Electric Lemonade
  20. Easy Berry Smoothie
  21. Energy Boost Smoothie
  22. Emerald Limeade
  23. Enchanted Forest Mocktail
  24. Exhilarating Raspberry Fizz
  25. Enchanted Unicorn Hot Chocolate
  26. Exquisite Cherry Lemonade
  27. Energizing Green Smoothie
  28. Enchanting Blue Butterfly Pea Lemonade
  29. Energetic Orange Slush
  30. Exquisite Strawberry Milkshake
  31. Effervescent Raspberry Lemon Sparkler
  32. Exciting Iced Chai Latte
  33. Edible Cookie Dough Shake
  34. Effervescent Grape Soda
  35. Exuberant Blueberry Lemonade
  36. Exotic Pineapple Coconut Smoothie
  37. Epic Coconut Water Refresher
  38. Energizing Honeydew Cooler
  39. Euphoric Fruit Infused Water
  40. Enticing Kiwi Smoothie
  41. Elixir of Youth Mocktail

Hot Beverages 

1. Eggnog (Non-alcoholic Version)


Eggnog originated in England in the 17th century. This drink contains egg yolks, milk, heavy cream, sugar, spices, and vanilla extract. The spices (cinnamon and net mug) incredibly enhance the flavor and aroma of the drink. This is one of the popular Christmas drinks. For your holiday gatherings, you can add it to your menu.

2. Espresso (Without Alcohol)


Virgin Espresso martini is one of the popular Italian drinks people enjoy in sober October. This drink is made based on espresso intensity and vanilla extraction. This concentrated shot of caffeine offers a robust flavor profile with notes of bitterness and complexity. Its first taste may offer you bitterness, but you will get a slightly sweet and foamy creamy taste afterward.

3. Earl Grey Tea (Without Alcohol)

Earl Grey Tea

A timeless and beloved classic, Earl Grey tea is a fragrant blend of black tea leaves infused with the essence of bergamot orange. You can go with this Chinese tea if you want something fanatic than iced tea or water. One cup of hot earl grey tea can offer a soothing and appealing experience.

4. English Breakfast Tea (Without Alcohol)

English Breakfast Tea

A classic and robust blend of black tea leaves, typically derived from Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan tea varieties. This invigorating beverage offers a full-bodied flavor with malty undertones, making it a perfect choice for a comforting and energizing morning cup. Enjoy it plain or with a touch of milk and sugar to suit your preference.

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5. Evaporated Milk Tea

Evaporated Milk Tea

Evaporated milk tea is a creamy, heavy-textured hot drink. This velvety drink is a delightful traditional recipe of Hong-Kong cuisine. The slightly caramelized notes of evaporated milk complement the tea’s aroma and provide a touch of sweetness. You can include some condensed milk also to upgrade the tea flavor’s richness and creaminess.

6. Echinacea Tea

Echinacea Tea

Echinacea tea is an herbal infusion crafted from the Echinacea plant’s flowers, leaves, and roots. Mostly these plants are grown in Asia and Europe. However, this tea can offer incredible health benefits – improved immune system, reduced inflammation, and antiviral and antioxidant effect.

7. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee. So, their Ethiopian coffee is worldwide famous. Especially, Yirgacheffe coffee is the most popular one. It has an exceptional exquisite flavor and quality with vibrant citrus accents. And these coffee beans’ bright and light body makes them so delicate to drink.

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8. Egyptian Chamomile Tea

Egyptian Chamomile Tea
Egyptian Chamomile Tea

Egyptian chamomile tea is crafted from the dried flowers of the chamomile plant grown in Egypt’s fertile lands. Every cup is serenity’s essence, gentle floral aroma, and slightly sweet flavor. This drink is a wonderful herbal infusion that helps you to relax and get a good drinking experience.

Frozen Beverages 

9. Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower Cordial

This drink is a simple water and refined sugar solution which embraces European elderflower cordial flavor. Lemon’s citrusy flavor adds a great tang and refreshing flavor and extracts the elderflower flavor significantly in the drink. For a better or unique taste, you can add other ingredients also, such as pear, honey, grapefruit, and ginger. In Belgium, this is one of the most desired summer drinks.

10. Elderberry Juice (virgin)

Elderberry Juice

Elderberry juice is a vibrant, elegant drink of deep dark purple berries of the elderflower plant. It is a full set of antioxidants and natural sweetness. A refreshing, gorgeous, and appealing drink that can make you relaxed during a hot summer day. Moreover, this is easy to make.

11. Emerald Mocktail

Emerald Mocktail

Emerald is one of the healthy drinks that consist of various green herbal ingredients and citrus juices mixture. All these make a vibrant drink. When you sip it, you will feel a tangy taste of citrus juices and a cool, crisp undertone shot of herbal elements. According to your choice, you can moderate the selection of ingredients and make different versions of it.

12. Eucalyptus Iced Tea

Eucalyptus Iced Tea

Eucalyptus iced tea originates in Australia. With some raw honey, you can simply make this tea. Then add some while you are serving. At your convenient time on hot holidays, you can enjoy this cold drink and feel refreshed.

However, not only offer you refreshments, it is helpful to soothe your sore throat when you have a cough. Moreover, it can reduce your headache associate issues.

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13. Exotic Fruit Punch

Exotic Fruit Punch

Exotic fruit is exciting and refreshing drink bursting with a medley of tropical flavors. This amusing concoction combines exotic fruits, such as passion fruit, mango, pineapple, and guava, with a hint of citrus and sweetness. On summer days, its cold serving will satisfy your thirst and offer you incredible taste and healthy nutrients.

14. Emerald Smoothie

Emerald Smoothie

Emerald smoothie is a healthy blend of leafy greens (spinach, kale) and fruits (mango, banana, and pineapple). This smoothie is a convenient way to incorporate more greens into your diet, promoting overall health and well-being.

Additionally, fresh fruit flavor, sweetness, and benefits are also included. However, you can add some non-dairy milk or water and flavor as additional ingredients.

15. Elderflower Slushie 

Elderflower Slushie

Elderflower Slushie is a pleasant icy beverage infused with an elderflower’s delicate and flowery essence. This beverage comprises sweetness with a slushy texture. For a fruity taste, add some raspberry before serving this cold slushie. Adding a citrusy flavor (lemon) can be a good addition to its refreshing taste.

16. Egg Cream

Egg Cream

The egg cream is one of the iconic cold beverages of new york city. This drink comprises milk, flavored syrup, and carbonated water. Though this drink’s name is egg cream, it doesn’t embrace eggs or cream. Its visual appearance and origination reasons are behind its name.

17. Espresso Tonic

Espresso Tonic

This espresso tonic is one of the simplest drinks. Some espresso and tonic water result in espresso and tonic. The tonic water helps balance the bitterness and acidity of espresso significantly. On hot summer days, this drink is so popular among Sweden people. You can add some pomegranates, raspberries, and blueberries to enrich the taste.

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Kids Drinks That Start With E

Discovering the ideal beverage for youngsters may be a fun challenge. I have collected a list of stimulating beverages that all begin with the letter “E” if you want to broaden your beverage selections with exciting and delectable choices. 

Let’s check out 20 delicious beverages for Kids Drinks That Start With E. 

18. Exotic Mango Lassi

Exotic Mango Lassi

The traditional Indian drink mango lassi is made by blending ripe mangoes, milk, yogurt, and a little bit of honey. It’s a tropical treat and will surely be a hit for the summer. 

19. Electric Lemonade

Electric Lemonade

This cocktail is a lively and exciting take on classic lemonade due to the addition of blue curaçao syrup. Its vibrant hue is guaranteed to spark kids’ creativity.

20. Easy Berry Smoothie

Easy Berry Smoothie

A nutritious and tasty smoothie full of vitamins and antioxidants can be made by blending a variety of berries with some yogurt and a little fruit juice.

21. Energy Boost Smoothie

Energy Boost Smoothie

For a nutritious and refreshing smoothie, combine some almond milk, spinach, bananas, and a little honey in a blender. It’s a delectable way to keep a youngster active all day.

22. Emerald Limeade

Emerald Limeade

Mix some lime juice with sugar and sparkling water for a tasty and refreshing limeade. Add ice for a refreshing summer beverage.

23. Enchanted Forest Mocktail

Enchanted Forest Mocktail

Mix green apple juice, carbonated water, and lime to make a magical beverage. Add a beautiful umbrella or garnish to prepare a mocktail with a fanciful woodland motif.

24. Exhilarating Raspberry Fizz

Exhilarating Raspberry Fizz

A refreshing and bubbly raspberry cocktail can be made by muddling fresh raspberries with a tablespoon of sugar, then adding sparkling water and finishing with mint leaves for garnish.

25. Enchanted Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Enchanted Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Adding whipped cream, decorations, and marshmallows can turn plain hot chocolate into a mystical dessert. It’s a fun and fanciful beverage, perfect for winter celebrations.

26. Exquisite Cherry Lemonade

Exquisite Cherry Lemonade

For a unique take on the classic drink, try mixing in some cherry syrup or pureed fresh cherries. Cherry and lemon come together in this delightful beverage.

27. Energizing Green Smoothie

Energizing Green Smoothie

This green smoothie contains healthy ingredients: spinach, pineapple, banana, and coconut water. 

28. Enchanting Blue Butterfly Pea Lemonade

Enchanting Blue Butterfly Pea Lemonade

Add some honey or simple syrup to the lemon-infused butterfly pea flower tea. When lemon is added, the drink’s hue transforms from blue to purple, providing a fascinating spectacle for children.

29. Energetic Orange Slush

Energetic Orange Slush

Making an orange slushie is as simple. Blend together some ice, orange juice, and honey for a refreshing drink.  On warm summer days, it’s a welcome relief.

30. Exquisite Strawberry Milkshake

Exquisite Strawberry Milkshake

Mix vanilla ice cream, milk, and fresh strawberries in a blender to make a delicious strawberry milkshake. Extra points if you add whipped cream and a strawberry on top.

31. Effervescent Raspberry Lemon Sparkler

Effervescent Raspberry Lemon Sparkler

It’s a tasty and pleasantly fizzy drink. The recipe calls for just three ingredients: raspberry syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and carbonated water.

32. Exciting Iced Chai Latte

Exciting Iced Chai Latte

Make some chai tea, let it cool, and then serve it over ice with a little milk added. For a spicy and refreshing drink, sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

33. Edible Cookie Dough Shake

Edible Cookie Dough Shake

Mix vanilla ice cream, milk, and edible cookie dough bits for a delicious and decadent milkshake. Cookies and cream is a winning combo that kids will go crazy about.

34. Effervescent Grape Soda

Effervescent Grape Soda

Combine grape juice, sparkling water, and a dash of lemon to create a homemade version of the traditional soda. Pour into a cold glass for a tasty and bubbly experience.

35. Exuberant Blueberry Lemonade

Exuberant Blueberry Lemonade

Combine freshly squeezed lemon juice, blueberry syrup, and sparkling water for a vibrant and tangy blueberry lemonade that packs a punch of flavor.

36. Exotic Pineapple Coconut Smoothie

Exotic Pineapple Coconut Smoothie

Blend pineapple chunks, coconut milk, a splash of orange juice, and ice for a tropical and creamy smoothie that transports kids to a sunny island getaway.

37. Epic Coconut Water Refresher

Epic Coconut Water Refresher
Epic Coconut Water Refresher

It’s great for hydration and revitalization because of the minerals it contains. You can whip some up by blending salt, lime, pineapple, and coconut water.

38. Energizing Honeydew Cooler

Energizing honeydew cooler
Energizing honeydew cooler

This refreshing summer cocktail is made by blending honeydew melon pieces with lime juice, honey, and ice.

39. Euphoric Fruit Infused Water

Euphoric Fruit Infused Water

Instead of reaching for a sweet drink, try infusing water with various fruits, including strawberries, oranges, and mint leaves. Give it a few marinating times so the flavors can come together before serving.

40. Enticing Kiwi Smoothie

Enticing Kiwi Smoothie

This smoothie tastes like a tropical paradise and is loaded with healthy nutrients. It combines ripe kiwi fruit, ice cubes, a little apple juice, and Greek yogurt.

41. Elixir of Youth Mocktail

Elixir of Youth Mocktail

Create a vivid and antioxidant-packed mocktail for your children by mixing cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, sparkling water, and a squeeze of lime. 


Are There Any Health Benefits Associated With “e” Drinks?

Drinks that start with e carry potential health benefits. For example, Echinacea tea is recognized for its immune-boosting properties due to its active compounds. Another is Elderflower tea which is reputed to possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. You can enjoy these beverages and get refreshments and health benefits together.

What E-named Drinks Are Best for a Party?

Below are some party Drinks that start with e :
·       Electric Lemonade Mocktail
·       e-Mojito Mocktail
·       Elixir Sunrise Mocktail
·       e-Margarita Mocktail
·       Energy Sparkler
For your holiday gathering, you can try these drinks. Even these options are perfect for your sober October parties.

What Holiday Drink Starts With E?

There are many options of drinks that start with E. For your holidays, you can get some exclusive 3-named drink options. They are:
·       Eggnog 
·       English breakfast tea
·       Earl Grey tea
·       Eucalyptus iced tea
Among them, eggnog is one of the most popular classic holiday drinks people drink on different occasions.  

Final Verdict 

From the above, you get 17 exclusive Drinks that start with e, which you can keep in your holiday gatherings. Among them, some you can pick as hot drinks on cold mornings to get warmth and some as cold drinks on your summer break times to get refreshment.

Including warmth and a refreshment feeling, these drinks explore your taste of different cuisines of different world parts. Moreover, they will offer you incredible health benefits also. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about their preparation as the above options are easy to make.

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