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Good, great, gorgeous- all indicate something valuable and contain the common alphabet ‘G.’ Even in the food world, the G alphabet identifies much good taste, great and gorgeous elegant look dishes.

Alphabetically searching for food is the easiest way to discover the food world. G alphabet can introduce you to a great food list that can offer you a different taste of different country cuisine, even with a great source of healthy, nutrient, tasty, delectable, and sour-sweet-spicy dishes.  

However, in this article, you will meet with such amazing 32 Foods that Start with G. Hopefully, they will amaze you and make your table gorgeous by taste and look. Let’s scroll down to discover them. 

What Foods That Start With G?

In the cuisine world, many foods are available that start with G. Among this vast list, below are some exclusive foods. Sweet/sour/spicy, soft/hard textured, and easy to make – main meal, snack, dessert, fruit, drink all variations you will get by this list. 

  1. Gnocchi
  2. Granola
  3. Griddle Scones
  4. Gouda
  5. Gyro
  6. Gelato
  7. Gigot
  8. Gai Lan
  9. Ginataang bilo bilo
  10. Gado- Gado
  11. Gatsby
  12. Gazpacho
  13. Gochu- Japchae
  14. Grapefruit
  15. Grits
  16. Genip
  17. Gumbo
  18. Gorgonzola Cheese
  19. Garash Cake
  20. Goa Beans
  21. Gratin
  22. Graham Crackers
  23. Grilled asparagus
  24. Gravy
  25. Goldenrod
  26. Gyeranjjim
  27. Genoise
  28. Green tea Noodles
  29. Grouper
  30. Gordita
  31. Gherkin
  32. Gajar ka halwa

Mains That Starts With G


1. Gnocchi

Ganache is an Italian dumpling dish. It is typically a small dough ball that contains a mixture of potatoes, flour, cheese, and eggs. The dish tastes like chewy, gummy pasta. 

Usually served with a delicious thin butter sauce and parmesan’s cheesy touch. Gnocchi has some incredible versions that can amaze you, such as sausage gnocchi, sweet potato gnocchi, and fruit-packed dessert gnocchi.

2. Gouda Mac and Cheese

From Netherlands’ Gouda town, this varied Gouda cheese comes. Now their different form leads to world cuisine as most like cheese. Gouda’s soft, creamy, sweet aromatic flavor with macaroni can satisfy your hunger.

Fresh vegetable salad or soup can make your table complete with this dish. Adding a sweet dessert can offer you a more pleasing and complete feeling.

3. Gyro

Greek Gyro is a dish of meat. You can make it from mutton, chicken, or beef. Stir the meat slices with fresh vegetables, tomatoes, spices, and sauces until tender and fragrant. Then, just wrap all the stuffing with pita bread.

With this hot savory dish, you can serve greek salad, greek fries, or tomato fries. 

 4. Gigot

Gigot tends to refer to a roasted leg of mutton. One of the finest examples of classic French cuisine, this dish is succulent and aromatic. You can pair it with roasted potatoes or veggies, which taste like mutton chops.

For the family feast, particularly on holidays, you can enjoy its taste by barbecuing it with your family.

Green Tea Noodles

 5. Gatsby

A Gatsby is a sandwich filled with chips, cheese, fried eggs, salad, sauce, and meats. This long sandwich originated in South Africa and Cape town. This dish is commonly served around lunch as a light option. You can’t eat the whole one alone. This dish is made as a shared dish. 3 to 4 people can have this easily.

6. Green Tea Noodles

Green tea noodles are made from soba ko, komugi ko, wheat flour, and green tea. The green tea’s pungent flavor and color make the noodle more attractive. Moreover, seasoning with sauces, spices, mirin, and soups makes this dish more delish.

7. Gordita

A gordita is one of the well-known Mexican street food. It is very soggy on the inside and crispy on the outside. It contains cheese, braised meat, masa flour, and other delicious ingredients.

You get the best taste of the cheese and meat stuffed inside the gordita in every bite. This snack food can also be served as a side dish.

Sides That Starts With G


8. Gochu Japchae

Gochu Japchae is a nutritious food. Sliced beef steak cooked with thinly sliced red and green bell peppers, stiffened with cornstarch, and seasoned with soy sauce and ginger – the whole stuffing perfectly paired with glass noodles. Adding some fresh vegetables enriches the dish’s taste.

This dish is much popular classic dish among Chinese Americans.

9. Gado – Gado

Gado-Gado is a traditional Indonesian salad made of boiled, blanched, or cooked vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, tempeh, sauce, and fried tofu. 

Occasionally you can use rice or rice crackers. In this, you can add your favorite ingredients or different vegetables. In Gado Gado, you can experience spicy and sweet flavors that intensify your taste buds.

10. Gazpacho

Gazpach is also known as Andalusian Gazpach. It started in the southern Iberian Peninsula and afterward spread to numerous areas. Gazpacho is a popular summertime dish in both Portugal and Spain.

Soupy gazpacho can be served as an appetizer or a main course. Add cucumber, tomatoes, vinegar, olive oil, and garlic’s unique spicy flavor. You can take this soup with cheesy garlic herb bread.

11. Grits

Grits, a type of porridge made from boiling cornmeal, are a good source of minerals and vitamins like potassium and calcium. It is very popular in southern states. It is served with shrimp for dinner and as a breakfast dish with eggs and bacon.

Grits are a healthy food that can help you with weight loss. But just remember that over-calorie or fat can’t add through butter, sugar, or milk adding.

Gorgonzola cheese

12. Gumbo

Gumbo soup consists of a savory stew, stock, sailfish or meat, bell pepper, onion, sassafras leaves, and texture. Moreover, you can cook it with your choice of meat, such as duck, chicken, or sea urchin. When used together, these ingredients will give your cooking a whole new dimension of flavor. However, it is a state food popular in the US state of Louisiana.

13. Gorgonzola Cheese

Gorgonzola cheese is usually produced from non-skimmed cow’s milk. It tastes quite salty, buttery or firm, crumbly, and tangy. This blue-veined cheese carries the sharp, spicy, rich flavor of blue-green ripples.

This Italian cheese offers a distinct flavor to many dishes such as pasta, salads, creamy dressings, pizzas, etc. Let it enhance the flavor of your food with every bite.

14. Goa Beans

Goa beans are known by many names, like winged beans, four-corner beans, cigarillos, dragon beans, and many more. It is a summer plant that originates in New Guinea and offers different flavors to food while satisfying your appetite. This veggie adds a distinct and tender texture to your dish, providing many nutrients to your body.

15. Gratin

Gratin is an extremely creamy, comforting, and classic French dish. It consists of cream, fresh thyme, potatoes, cheese, eggs, and bread crumbs mixed with butter. Then, heat it on the grill or under the stove until it gets crispy and brown. You can serve this appealing dish with roast beef or pan-roasted steak at lunch or dinner.

16. Gravy

Gravy is a sauce made from meat broth, drippings, and seasonings. You can pair it flawlessly with many dishes such as turkey, fried chicken, pot roast, mashed potatoes, etc. To enrich the taste of gravy more, mushrooms, truffle, bacon lardons, and black garlic can be good adders. 

17. Gyeranjjim

When it’s cold outside, a recipe for geranium is just what you need to make a hearty, comforting dinner that won’t leave you hungry. This dish is made, so ingredients like scallions and eggs are readily available. It will give the egg a soft texture, and you can add some chopped vegetables as a garnish to make it tastier. So you can have this great dish for your dinner and meal.

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Snacks That Starts With G

Griddle Scones

18. Granola

Granola is a fiber-rich nutritious food and ideal as a breakfast and snack. It is usually prepared with seeds, oats, fruit, and sweets. Oats are high in fiber, which helps transfer cholesterol from our bodies. 

However, you can add some fruit and milk as good and tasty toppings.

19. Griddle Scones

The Scottish dish Griddle scones are so buttery and fluffy that they can give you a delightful breakfast treat. In a frying pan, it is frequently baked.

You can serve them with sour cream or jam, chocolate chips, and dry fruits to enrich the taste. Moreover, if you store it well, you can use it for a long time.


20. Graham Crackers

Graham cracker is a cracker with a sweet, nutty taste, and it has a variety of flavors like cinnamon and honey. These crackers are usually made of fat, sugar, and wheat flour.

You can make various food recipes with these crackers, from cheesecake to pie crust. They are among the most loved snacks in the US, especially a great attraction for children. 

21. Genoise

Genoise is an Italian sponge cake named after the city of Geneva. Additionally, it goes by numerous other names, including Genoese and Genovese. When mixed, this cake is created by air being on hold in the batter. However, it can make your tea or coffee time more comfortable.

Desserts That Starts With G

Garash cake

22. Gelato

Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert. Although gelato is similar to ice cream, the ratio of whole milk to cream is higher than usual. Gelatin’s texture is much thicker and silkier than regular ice cream, which makes it more delicious. As a low-fat frozen dessert, you can add it to the menu.

23. Ginataang Bilo-bilo

 Ginataang bilo-bilo is a popular Filipino dessert soup. The sweet rice balls, fruits, sago, and sweet tubers floating on a creamy textured coconut base present a flavorful dessert bowl. 

After your meal as a dessert, at breakfast, or as a delightful snack, Ginataang bilo-bilo is an incomparable one. Moreover, it is a healthy, nutrient-rich dish.

24. Garash Cake

Garash is a kind of chocolate cake that is a popular dessert item in Bulgarian cuisine. You can usually find this dessert in Bulgarian restaurants and patisseries. This cake features several layers of dark chocolate and walnut-based cream covered with smooth ganache. It is considered a very tasty, healthy, and light food.

25. Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa is a popular Indian delicacy. Indians will especially have this sweet item on their special day, like birthday parties, functions, and weddings.

To prepare this recipe, crush carrots and add ghee, milk, almonds, and cardamom. Its fragrance will make you more attracted to this. You can easily make this halwa and serve it to your whole family.

Fruits That Starts With G

Fruits that start with g

26. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit with a distinctive smell. It is high in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins and tastes sweet, sour, and bitter. You can use it in your dessert items, as a side dish, making juice, or eating raw. Using it in your diet plan can help you stay healthy and trim down.

27. Genip

Genips are small green fruits with thin but prescriptive skin. It is fibrous and juicy. It is popularly known as genipas or genip, which comes from the Caribbean. 

Besides, it contains antioxidants and calcium, which can prevent us from various diseases like stroke and cardiovascular diseases. And make the teeth and bones strong. You can take genip by making juice or pickle. 

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Fish That Starts With G

Fish that start with g

28. Grouper

The grouper is a marine fish with many minerals and vitamins. The grouper are of two types – black and red. Both are pleasantly aromatic. Comparable to crab and lobster in flavor.

You can grill or bake it by marinating it with all the necessary ingredients. However, you can enjoy this dish on holidays, especially with the whole family.

Vegetables That Starts With G

Vegetables that start with g

29. Gai Lan

Gai Lan is a version of Chinese broccoli, which is a vegetable. That tastes like an earthy bitter and sweet combination. It is most commonly enjoyed just as a green side or stir-fry. With garlic and ginger, this Gai Lan pan-fried is a delish Chinese dish. Its soupy version is one of the good side dishes.

30. Grilled Asparagus

Asparagus has some of the highest concentrations of minerals and vitamins among vegetables. It is a very wholesome food that is beneficial to our bodies. You can cook this asparagus at high temperatures with spices and olive oil.

Besides you can also put together this dish with beef bacon, eggs, and a variety of seafood such as shrimp, scallops, and fresh crab.

31. Gherkin 

Gherkin is a spiny baby crop that is edible. In North America, pickles are made from these small cucumbers, which are very popular. These gherkins are flavored with dill and garlic. 

You can add sugar if you’d like it sweeter. In many restaurants, it is usually served with bread, rice, or snack items, which enhances the taste of the food. Moreover, you can prepare and store this pickle at home and eat it for a long time.

Drinks That Starts With G

Drinks that start with g

 32. Goldenrod

For tea lovers, Goldenrod is one of the incredible tea. Because its leaves have a distinct aroma and mildly pungent taste that will add a variant flavor to your tea, it is used as a garnish in salads, served in soups, and in casseroles by its leaves. 

Besides, it benefits the human body and treats many diseases like asthma, diabetes, hemorrhoids, and arthritis.

Final Verdict

Hope the above Foods that Start with G list can know your exclusive G-named food idea. With this versatile list, you can enjoy the versatile taste of different cuisine. 

To make your table gorgeous, you can place these items. The G-named snack, side dish, main dish, dessert, and drink can complete your menu. So, just make them and enjoy a G-named theme food table/party with your family and friends.

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