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The best and simplest approach to learning more about food and exploring other cuisines is to search for it using the alphabet. Simply choose one alphabet and stick with it. In this post, I’ve chosen the letter “H” as the starting point for a list of foods.

This list contains a wide variety of foods that start with the letter H. Everything from the meal’s main course and appetizers to sweets from a variety of cultures and a selection of refreshing beverages is available at this fantastic food fair.

If you are interested in foods that start with H, You can see the following article.

27 Foods That Start With H

Here below, I arrange 27 exclusive Foods that start with H. This list is a superb synthesis of many flavors, from salty to tart to sweet. Let’s find out about them by looking down. 

  1. Hakka Noodles 
  2. Hunan Beef 
  3. Hibachi Steak    
  4. Haggis
  5. Hokkien Noodles
  6. Hutspot
  7. Homefries
  8. Hummus
  9. Hash Browns
  10. Harissa
  11. Hamburger
  12. Hot Dog
  13. Honey Mustard Chicken Wings
  14. Hot Cross Buns
  15. Hokkaido Cheese Tart
  16. Hasty Pudding
  17. Hazelnut Brownie
  18. Hazelnut Ice Cream
  19. Honey
  20. Halibut
  21. Horseradish
  22. Haricot Beans           
  23. Honeydew
  24. Hairless Rambutan
  25. Hwachae
  26. Horchata Drink
  27. Hazelnut Macchiato

Main Dishes That Start With H

Mains That Start with H


Hakka Noodles are a fusion of Indian and Chinese cooking techniques. Hakka is distinguished by its unleavened dough, made from rice and wheat flour. To prepare your noodles, simply boil them in water and then toss them with fresh vegetables and meat strips fried in soy sauce.


The beef used in Hunan Beef is cooked in the traditional manner of the region. This spicy Chinese cuisine has gained popularity in recent years. This delicious dish is straightforward to prepare at home. 

However, Hunan beef is a delectable dish made from thin slices of steak cooked in the traditional Hunan fashion and served with colorful vegetable pieces, a touch of spices (garlic, red peppers, and onions), and sauces. This delicious dish can serve as the main course.


Hibachi steak, a dish consisting of grilled meat and veggies, is popular in Japan. Hibachi steak is made by grilling boneless sirloin steak with soy sauce and seasonings over high heat. The resulting steak will have a delicate flavor that will melt in your mouth. 

Dishes That Start with H


One of the most iconic Scottish dishes is haggis. In Scotland, it holds the status of a national dish. The offal from a calf or sheep is cooked with oats and spices (onion, red pepper, herbs, etc.). Then, conventionally season them. 

This dish is a great source of vitamins, protein (from the meat variety), and minerals like iron, selenium, and zinc. Fiber can be found in even the most random oat servings.


Hokkien noodles originated in China but are now widely considered a national cuisine in Malaysia and Singapore. The consistency of these noodles is largely reliant on flour and eggs.

The addition of ginger and scallions enhances the dish’s aroma. Hokkien noodles can be enlivened by adding mushrooms, beef, chicken cuts, or fish meats as toppings.


One of the most vibrant and delicious traditional Dutch dishes is hutspot. This vibrant vegan dish was prepared in 1574 to commemorate Leiden’s victory over the Spanish.

It has onions, fresh red carrots, and round potatoes. Prepare vegetables by boiling them and then cooking them with some spices. The addition of braised beef will give the dish a more refined air. 

Side Dish That Start With H

Side Dish That Start with H


Served as a side dish, home fries are a simple dish that can be prepared quickly and enjoyed by all. Pan-fried fresh potato cubes and onions seasoned with herbs and spices. This delicious and adaptable side dish goes well with various main courses. 


It’s no secret that hummus is loved and eaten worldwide. Chickpeas, sesame seeds roasted with garlic, and olive oil come together in a harmonious dish. Smoothie-like in consistency; its flavor is savory, tart, and garlicky.

You can eat this hummus with crisp pita, whole wheat bread, and fresh vegetables as an appetizer or a snack (carrots, celery, etc.). If you’re looking to slim down and live a healthier life, this smoothie dip is the way to go.

Sides That Start with H


Hash brown is a mentionable breakfast or side dish of American and British. Hash browns are chopped fried potatoes. Potato’s thin slices and spread with flour and eggs. You can use cheese, onion, or cayenne pepper to add flavor. Then cook these patties-shaped hash browns until they taste tender and crispy. 


The North African condiment harissa is a red chili sauce. Garlic, peppers, mints, olive oil, citrus, etc., are just some of the herbs and spices that went into making this sauce. The sauce’s smoky, sweet, and tangy flavor comes from a combination of all-warm spices. This traditional sauce can pair with fried fish, baked meat, roasted chicken, etc.

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Snacks That Start With H

Snacks That Start with H


Hamburger is one of the best Snacks item, mostly familiar in New Zealand and Australia. Many countries call it “Wagyu Burger.” 

A hamburger’s flavor is greatly enhanced by a caramelized burger patty made from ground beef mince grilled traditionally with a magical touch of spices.


A hot dog is a simple alternative to a sandwich that can greatly improve your snack time. You can make a tasty hotdog by placing a steamed or grilled sausage in the slit of a sliced bun. The sausage cooking on the grill gives your hot dog its signature flavor. Tomatoes and cucumbers are great accompaniments for both serving and transport.

Snacks that starts with letter H


Chicken wings glazed in the honey mustard sauce are a standard party appetizer. There’s no way to describe the flavor other than extraordinary. Honey’s sweetness and mustard’s spiciness pair wonderfully with fried, crispy chicken wings, creating a unique and satisfying flavor profile. 


Traditional hot cross buns are a type of English pastry that combine sugar and spices. The sweetie flavor is contributed by the presence of butter and sweet elements, while the presence of raisins and cinnamon in the dough for the cross buns imparts the tangy flavor. It’s also widely regarded as a delicious snack option. 

Desserts That Start With H

Desserts That Start with H


A Hokkaido cheese tart is a delicious dessert option that can complement any meal and menu. This wonderful cheese tart is combined with Philadelphia, parmesan, and mascarpone. With its wonderful flavor, this tart has become so popular that, according to the Hokkaido website, a significant amount of it is sold every second around the world. 


Hasty pudding can satisfy your sweet tooth when you’re looking for a change from your usual pudding but still want something satisfying. It appears that the hasty pudding is a traditional pudding soup. 

The milk in this pudding looks like a sea, while the crisp grains float on top like ships. To enhance the flavor of this pudding, use fruit cuts as a garnish.

Hazlenut Ice Cream


Hazelnut brownies are a chocolate brownie variation stuffed with chopped hazelnuts. The world over, people are devouring this American treat. 

Combine the standard components of a chocolate brownie (flour, creamy butter, brown sugar, etc.) with hazelnut paste, or spread and roasted hazelnuts, then bake to achieve a deliciously unique flavor.

The unique flavor of hazelnuts, combined with the dessert’s velvety smooth texture, makes for an unforgettable culinary adventure.


You can taste the hazelnut flavor in every bite of hazelnut ice cream. Traditional Italian ice cream has a pleasant hazelnut aroma and a milky, sweet flavor. This nutritious drink is easy to whip up in your own kitchen, and the whole family will love the ice cream’s nutty milk flavor.


Honey, formed by honeybees, is a sticky, sweet substance. After collecting nectar from flowers and other plants, honey bees construct their hives. Men then take the honey from the beehive. 

When added to food, honey acts as a natural sweetener. The high levels of nutrients and antioxidants make it a powerful disease fighter and a source of vitality. 

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Fish That Start With H

Fish That Start with H


The halibut is a large, flat fish found in Greenland, the Atlantic, and the Pacific oceans. One of the healthiest options is a halibut from the Pacific. American consumers are the biggest fans of this flatty fish preparation.

You can prepare halibut by removing the flakes from the meat, coating it with seasonings, and slow-cooking it in oil. Even a small taste of this fish will convince you to devour the whole thing.

Vegetables That Start With H

Vegetables That Start with H


The term “horseradish” describes a root vegetable that is both savory and spicy. Horseradish is a popular condiment used to make a delicious creamy sauce.

When used as a dipping sauce, horseradish complements a wide range of foods. You can use it to enhance any savory dish’s flavor or make a plain dish look and feel fancy. You’ll have a wonderful dining experience as a result. 

22. HARICOT BEANS            

The haricot bean has become a culinary staple in the United States and Western Europe. A navy bean is a type of bean commonly used in American cuisine. It’s a breeze to prepare when compared to other types of beans. These are great for making slow-cooked bean soup, salad, and other dishes. The most well-known and delicious is probably the haricot soup.

Fruits That Start With H

Fruits That Start with H


Green honeydew melons, or “honeydews,” are widely available in China. But this fruit is native to southern France, Spain, and Algeria. It assumes a different persona when transformed into a fruit salad. As a bonus, it can be a delicious frozen sorbet or smoothie.

Vitamins B and C, potassium, and other minerals are some of the many beneficial nutrients in this juicy fruit. 


Juicy, sweet, and sour, hairless rambutan is a delicious fruit. It looks like lychee. This fruit, which has its roots in Malaysia and Indonesia, is now widely grown around the globe. 

Most often, you can spot them between spring and summer. This delicious fruit is packed with nutrients (vitamins and antioxidants).

Drinks That Start With H

Drinks That Start with H


Korean hwachae is a refreshing watermelon juice drink. It’s a refreshing summertime dessert drink that features watermelon and other fruits blended with ice, condensed milk, sugar, and sliced watermelon (blueberry, strawberry, limes, etc.). 


The traditional Mexican beverage horchata has gained widespread popularity. It’s a cool, creamy drink made from vanilla- and milk-flavored rice soak water spiced with cinnamon. It reminds me of a rich, sugary rice pudding.

Moreover, it’s a nutritious beverage with vitamins C and E and minerals (calcium, magnesium, and iron). 


A cup of hazelnut macchiato is a great way to perk up your day or start your mood on the right foot. Foamy and creamy, macchiato coffee has a subtle hazelnut aroma and flavor. If you want to truly enjoy its flavor, eat it while it’s still warm.

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Final Verdict 

In this article, I have presented an exhibition of Foods that Start with H. All foods on this list have come with a unique taste from different cuisine of different countries. Additionally, they are a fantastic source of vitamins, protein, and minerals. I hope the list may help you to get many food ideas, make a menu for occasions, and make your table more gorgeous and versatile.

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