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The names of numerous delicious delicacies from around the world can find in the alphabet’s letter Y. In this article, I have compiled a list of foods that start with Y. There’s something here for everyone, from information on fruits and vegetables to recipes worldwide. Some you might recognize, while others might not; overall, it will be a lot of fun to know. Let’s find out by scrolling.

28 Popular Foods That Start With Y

Listed are 28 mouthwatering treats, sides, mains, and drinks starting with Y.

Meals That Start With Y

Meals That Start With Y

1. Yakhni Pulao

A delicious cuisine from Kashmir, this Yakhni pulao features a hint of Indian spices. It’s made with chicken, rice, and a savory blend of masala and essence. 

No dry spice blends are used in the preparation process. Whole spices, garlic, ginger, and dried chiles are the sole contributors to taste and aroma. All of these components give this pulao its delicious, one-of-a-kind, and comforting flavor. This dish is suitable for gatherings of all sizes and is easy to prepare ahead of time.

2. Yam Rice

Yams, a kind of delicious tuber, are cultivated all over the world in warm climates. A simple procedure is needed to prepare the yam, rice, and meat dish with spices and oil. It is a nutritious dish that contains minerals and vitamins B6 and C.

 3. Yankee Pot Roast

One of the most well-known dishes associated with the New England region is the Yankee pot roast. Not just in England but all over the world, where winters can be brutal, people crave this dish for the same reason: it’s made with fatty slices of beef, which help keep the body warm.

Yellow Sushi Roll, Yogurt Kebab, Yiros, Yakisoba

4. Yiros

Yiros has considerable respect as a traditional Greek dish. This dish consists of a filling of lamb or chicken meat and other ingredients (tomato, lettuce, red onion, and tzatziki sauce) covered with a fluffy pita. You can use different sauces or vegetables according to your taste. While serving Yiros, Greek lemon potatoes and salad may be good partners to raise taste.

Greek lemon potatoes and salad can be nice complements to Yiros.

5. Yakisoba

Yakisoba is a popular dish that has deep roots in Japanese culture. The chicken, cabbage, carrots, onions, and salty-sweet sauce in these noodles make for a satisfying supper.

This yakisoba is versatile enough to be customized with the addition of any other ingredients you like. This one-pot dinner is easily adaptable to a vegetarian diet if you don’t eat meat.

6. Yogurt Kebab

In the tradition of Turkish cooking, yogurt kebab is a tasty food. This kebab is a refreshing summertime lunch option. Marinate the meat in the yogurt for a few hours or as long as it takes to get it to the right tenderness. Fry them in a kabab form. Now plate up this kebab with salads, dip sauce, coconut rice, or lemon rice.

7. Yellowtail Sushi Roll

Sushi is the most popular party meal and festival snack in Japan. A yellowtail sushi roll is a Japanese dish that is good for the heart. 

The gorgeous yellowtail sushi roll should link sushi and yellowtail. Sushi is ready when you have the flesh of a fish, rice, and spices rolled up in nori sheets.

Sides That Start With Y

Yakhni, Yassa, Yam Gizdodo

8. Yakhni

Yakhini is a famous dish in Kashmir known for its sour taste. This dish’s sour curd and meats make a lovely combination, and the saffron adds a subtle but distinctive flavor. Yakhni is made more decadent with the addition of curd, and saffron gives it a vibrant yellow color.

Chicken, lamb, or mutton work well while cooking yakhni. Nadur yakhni, manufactured from Lotus stem, is a vegetarian alternative. Consequently, meat eaters and vegans alike can relish this sour and acidic yakhni.

9. Yassa

Yassa, a dish made from a combination of chicken and fish, is the most popular cuisine in West Africa. It is considered a national dish of Senegal. Chicken or fish meat is mixed with spices, onions, and lemon juice to create this dish.

10. Yam Gizdodo

The Nigerian side dish is known as Yam Gizdodo. Fried yams, plantains, and peppered gizzards are the main ingredients of Yam Gizdodo. The meal gets its signature taste from combining tomato, onion, red pepper, and spicy sauce.

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Snacks That Start With Y

Yakitori, Yam Fritters

11. Yam Fritters

Yam fritters are a tasty snack dish that originated in American cooking. This fried, one-bite snack is made from yam slices, flour, spices, and veggies. Yam fritters with dipping sauce consist a lovely taste.  

12. Yakitori

The ubiquitous yakitori is a mainstay of Japanese cuisine. The main entrée consists of grilled chicken breasts (breasts, liver, skin, thighs, and innards). It is marinated in a blend of spices and soy sauce; this dish is then grilled over charcoal for delicious results.

Fishes That Start With Y

Yellowtail, Yabby

13. Yellowtail 

The Southern Ocean is home to a fish called yellowtail, about 70 inches long. They are bright silver in color with fins and a yellow tail. Its meat has a wonderful buttery flavor.

This fish’s meat can be roasted and prepared with coconut, sauces, and spices, including ginger, onion, chili powder, and turmeric powder. Its meat gives a buttery and delicious flavor. 

14. Yabby

The yabby is a tiny crayfish native to Australia that lives in freshwater. The meat is delicious when cooked with herbs, veggies, and oil. This goes well with a cup of broth or a drizzle of sauce.

Desserts That Start With Y

Desserts That Start With Y

15. Yorkshire Pudding 

Yorkshire pudding may sound sweet, but it’s a salty meal. Yorkshire pudding is a popular British dish that is often served with Sunday roast. This baked pudding made with flour, eggs, milk, salt, and vegetable oil is the basis of this traditional delicacy.

16. Young Coconut Jelly

Jelly from young coconuts contains coconut milk, cream, and a little agar powder. This delicious dessert jelly has its roots in the Philippines and Kalaw, African cuisines. In appearance, this meal resembles a coconut jell, and its primary flavor note is that of coconut.

The flavor of this light dessert can be improved by adding more toppings (fruit cubes, sweetening ingredients, etc.). You should chill it for at least two hours for serving.

17. Yorkshire Teacakes

Warming treats like Yorkshire teacakes are popular on rainy England days. These baked goods contain yeast, flour, dried nuts, raisins, and warming spices- nutmeg, cinnamon, etc.

Yolk chocolate cookies, Yokan, Yuzu Ice Cream

18. Yolk Chocolate Cookies

The cookies known as “yolk chocolate” have a flavor similar to an egg yolk. They have a lot of name recognition in Singapore and Italy. These cookies include everything you might want in a cookie: protein-rich egg yolk flavor, brown butter, a hint of caramel, chocolate chips, etc. The flavor is soft buttery, making it a nice complement to a break. 

19. Yokan

Yokan is a Japanese sweet. Red bean cream, sugar, and agar powder form this delectable jelly treat. The block-shaped sweet is taken in slices. 

You can pair your cup of green tea with this time-honored treat. This jelly bar is cruelty-free and gluten-free and includes wholesome ingredients. 

20. Yuzu Ice Cream

Yuzu ice cream has a refreshingly tangy taste and a light, floral aroma. The zest and juice of the yuzu fruit are used to create yuzu ice cream. Although yuzu came originally from China, it has been widely adopted in the cuisines of both Japan and Korea.

Vegetables That Start With Y

Yacon, Yardlong Beans

 21. Yacon 

Yacon is a vegetable with a tuber root that comes in various colors (red, pink, yellow, orange, and purple.). The Andes are the primary growing region for this vegetable. Due to its naturally pleasant flavor, it is often consumed raw.

Yacon is a staple in many cuisines and is used in various foods (curry, salads, syrups, etc.). In the past, yacon has been the go-to vegetable for those with diabetes.

22. Yardlong Beans

Yard-long beans have a notable place in Asian cooking. Snack beans and asparagus beans are just two of the many names this legume goes by. They are low-calorie long beans and vegetables.

Diet-conscious people can include it in their meal plans. The yard-long beans are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Fruits That Start With Y

Yellow watermelon, Yangmei

23. Yangmei

You can compare the flavor of a Yangmei to that of a raspberry or strawberry with an added herbal note. Including China, Asia is where you’ll most often find this fruit.

Among the numerous beneficial components of this early summer fruit is its high levels of antioxidants. This fruit is sold in many forms: fresh, canned, fermented, dried, and soaked. Many people also use it as a natural colorant.

24. Yellow Watermelon

Yellow watermelons are sweeter and more fragrant than their red counterparts. About 5,000 years ago, Africans began cultivating this fruit. High in both vitamin A and vitamin C, this delightful treat is also a powerful nutritional choice.

Use fresh, cooled yellow watermelon to make frozen sweets like smoothies, pudding, sorbet, and more. On a warm summer day, these icy delicacies are a welcome sight.

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Grains & Diary That Start With Y

Yellow Cornmeal, Yogurt

25. Yellow Cornmeal

Among the most popular foods in the United States is yellow cornmeal. Cornmeal porridge, yellow cornmeal pancakes, cornmeal bread, etc., are just variations on this basic staple. Jamaicans often eat cornmeal porridge for breakfast.

26. Yogurt

A delightful dairy product, yogurt is produced by bacterial fermentation from fresh milk. Originally from western Asia, this staple item is now consumed worldwide.

This item’s silky consistency and moderately sour flavor make it a versatile addition to various recipes. Adding yogurt increases the richness of many recipes. Yogurt also aids in the digestive process.

Drinks That Start With Y

Yellow Lemonade, Yeyo Mojito

27. Yellow Lemonade

A sugary citrus drink, yellow lemonade is a staple of summertime. It’s the drink closest to your heart, and you usually have it on hot summer days. There’s a lot of sugar in this drink. You can drink this to alleviate the discomfort of low blood sugar.

It’s known as “carbonated lemonade” in North America, South Asia, and France. Give your next summer party a refreshing boost with a pitcher of this cloudy take on lemonade.

28. Yeyo Mojito

A refreshing Yeyo mojito is a go-to beverage during the hotter months. To make a red mojito, add cubed watermelon to the mojito mix. Furthermore, you can adjust the flavor by adding juice or zest of other fruits. 

Final Verdict

It’s challenging to locate foods whose names begin with the last few letters of the alphabet. However, I tried my best to include Foods that start with Y above. The above list features a variety of traditional dishes, condiments, sides, and healthful options, including fruit, vegetables, and beverages. You can incorporate them into your breakfast, lunch, or dinner plans.

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