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Rajasthan, a state in India, is well known for its cuisine’s richness, vibrancy, and unique flavors. Because their colorful culture is reflected in everything, especially in their traditional food. In Rajasthani cuisine, spices, and heavy food add to its vibrant colors and unique flavors, while sweets form an integral part.

Primarily sweet delicacies from the royal state of Rajasthan are often filled with ghee (clarified butter), mawa (khoya), dry fruits, and milk goodness such as Doodhiya Kheench, Gujia, mawa (khoya), Ghevar, Kalakand, Dilkushar, etc. And these delicacies satisfy your sweet tooth with every delectable bite. 

However, in the article below, I have mentioned 15 Rajasthani sweets name that will make you fall in love with the appealing temptation of Rajasthani sweets. Let’s look below.

15 Rajasthani Sweets Name

  1. Moong Dal Halwa
  2. Balushahi
  3. Doodhiya Kheench
  4. Sutarfeni
  5. Gujia
  6. RasMalai
  7. Milk Cake
  8. Meetha Oliya   
  9. Ghevar
  10. Kalakand
  11. Imarti
  12. Dilkushar
  13. Mawa Kachori
  14. Chhena Malpua
  15. Churma Ladoo

1.     Moong Dal Halwa

Moong Dal

One of the most comforting Rajasthani desserts is the moong dal halwa which is quite famous during winter.

It is made of soaked mung dal (green chickpeas without skin) and besan (gram flour), which are boiled with saffron, milk, and cardamom and fried in ghee and sugar. Then top it with dry fruits and nuts to make its taste more enticing.

However, this dessert is popular all over India apart from Rajasthan, especially on special occasions like Diwali, Holi, or wedding receptions. 

Nutrition Fact 
1 Moong Dal Halwa = 287 calories.

2.     Balushahi


Balushahi resembles a donut but has a distinct taste and appearance. A mixture of this dessert includes flour, sugar, desi ghee, sodium bicarbonate, milk, and curd. Additionally, it is then deep-fried and soaked in sugar syrup, giving it a flaky exterior and a sweet syrup interior.

Moreover, in northern India, including Rajasthan, balushahi thrives as a popular sweet that is specially prepared during Indian weddings and festivals. Additionally, you can try this recipe if you have a craving for sweetness.

Nutrition Fact
1 Balushahi = 127kcal

3.     Doodhiya Kheench

Doodhiya kheench

Doodhiya kheench is a wheat dumpling that is a quite popular dish in Rajasthan, originating in Udaipur. It frequently looks similar to a sweet daliha but is very rich and tangy in taste.

 This dish consists of whole wheat that has been soaked in milk during the entire night, sweetened with sugar, and decorated with full cream, almonds or cashews, cardamom powder, and saffron, which gives a subtle taste that will make it crave it. Moreover, this dish is beloved amongst Rajasthanis in the winter and during the Jains’and Hindus’ yearly spring festival, known as Akshaya Tritiya, along with Akha Teej. 

Nutrition Fact
 1 Doodhiya Kheench = 364 calories 

4.     Sutarfeni


Sutarfeni is a white sweet dish composed of thread-like noodles which are strung together. To make this delectable dessert, fry wheat in ghee and combine it with melted sugar.

It is often mixed with rose water or an extract of screw pine to make it fragrant and even has a wonderful texture enhanced with flavor by the vibrant color of saffron. You can also top it with almonds and pistachios and add cardamom powder for added flavor. 

Nutrition Fact
1 Sutarfeni = 394 calories.

5.     Gujia


Originating in Rajasthan, Gujia, additionally referred to as Pedakia, Karanji, and Gughra in various states of India. It is shaped like a half moon, with a flaky and crumbly exterior as well as a soft and sweet filling.

This delightful dessert is made of semolina or dough that has been stuffed with coconut, cashews, and khoya (milk solids), as well as grated and fried dry fruits, then thoroughly fried in ghee. Moreover, a well-made Gujia includes a flaky crust or coating that is served as a staple during the Holi festival. 

Nutrition Fact
 1 Gujia = 65 calories. 

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6.     RasMalai


Rasmalai is a well-known Rajasthani delicacy recognized as Rossomalai in Bengali and Rasa Malei in Odia. It has a mellow flavor that is spongy, creamy, sweet, and flavored with cardamom and fragrant saffron.

And this dessert consists of delicate and velvety flat cheese balls dipped in creamy, thick, sweetened milk and garnished with cardamom, saffron, and almonds that melt in the mouth effortlessly. However, this delicious dessert is served as a staple on festive days in India, especially Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, and Eid.

Nutrition Fact
 1 piece of Ras Malai = 331 calories. 

7.     Milk Cake

Milk Cake

Milk cake is a deep brown sweet, savory, and slightly tangy popular in Alwar, Rajasthan. Milk, cardamom powder, sugar, ghee, and lemon juice are included as acidic agents to prepare it.

In the process, milk has to be boiled to one-third, lemon to separate the milk, and then sugar has to be added to it and cooked for some time. Furthermore, you have to serve the prepared mixture in your preferred shape. 

Nutrition Fact
 1 piece of Milk Cake = 65kcal. 

8.     Meetha Oliya      

Meetha Oliya
Meetha Oliya

A delicious Rajasthani delicacy called meetha oliya is made from boiled rice, milk, sugar, yogurt, saffron, nuts, and cardamom. This dessert is also enriched with the dry fruits you prefer.

During the summer, you have to enjoy it as a dessert or serve it as a light meal. Furthermore, this meal, along with Namkin Olia, is specially cooked for the holiday of Sheetala Ashtami and has grown fairly famous in Marwari houses.

Nutrition Fact
1 Meetha Oliya = 616 calories.

9.     Ghevar 


Ghevar, a traditional Rajasthani sweet dish, is disc-shaped and made with flour, ghee, milk, sugar syrup, and mawa. But this delicious sweet dish also comes in numerous varieties like Malai Ghevar, Mawa Ghevar, or Plain Ghevar.

To get a crunchy taste, add dry fruits of your choice as toppings and serve with rabri on top. In particular, this dish is especially demandable during festivals and special occasions like Teej, Raksha Bandhan, and Gangaghar. 

Nutrition Fact
1 Ghevar = 74 calories.  

10. Kalakand


Kalakand is a milk-based dessert that originated in Alwar, one of the earliest provinces of Rajasthan. It comes with sweetened milk, sugar, and fatkini mixture that is topped with almonds and saffron.

Furthermore, it has soft and full of delicious richness on both the interior and exterior, which will satisfy your sweet cravings. However, given its rich taste, it is quite common in Rajasthan’s Singha Gate.

Nutrition Fact
1 piece of Kalakand =  120-135 calories.

11. Imarti


Imarti is recognized as a delicacy dessert, which is similar to jalebi or cheena jalebi but differs in taste. In other regions, it is widely referred to as Amriti, Amitti, Jahangir, Jhangiri or Jangiri, and Imarti.

 Additionally, they are made into round flower shapes and deep-fried with urad dal, saffron, cornflowers, and food coloring and dipped in thick sugar syrup. Furthermore, they may appear dry outside but have a deliciously rich inside that goes well with hot or condensed milk. 

Nutrition Fact
 1 piece Imarti = 150 cal. 

12. Dilkushar


Dilkusha is a soft, chewy, delicious sweet popularly enriched in Jodphur, Rajasthan. This perfect dessert is commonly known as mohanthal or besan ki chakki. This mixture is made by combining gram flour, almonds, sugar, mawa (khoya), milk, and ghee, pouring sugar syrup over it, and allowing it to set.

 Once done, sprinkle cardamom and chopped dry fruits on it and enjoy the texture by cutting it into squares. You are able to store it in an airtight container for subsequent use. In particular, its widespread appeal makes it a festival staple. 

Nutrition Fact
1 Dilkushar = 232 calories. 

13. Mawa Kachori

Mawa Kachori

Mawa kachori is a type of sweet kachori packed with mawa (khwa) and lots of almonds; regarded as a festive dish. It may also be deep-fried and served abundantly dipped in sugar syrup for a sweet and savory treat. However, in India, it appears in many forms and variations, but Jodhpur is famous for its specialty of delicious versions. 

Nutrition Fact
 1 Mawa Kachori = 304 calories. 

14. Chhena Malpua

Chhena Malpua

Chhena Malpua is a lacy sweet with paneer, a popular Rajasthani dessert served on festivals and special occasions. And this small pancake-shaped dessert is deep-fried with a combination of cheese, cornflour, sugar, nutmeg powder, ghee, almonds, saffron, and pistachios and then dipped in sugar syrup.

 Moreover, you can enjoy garnishing it with pistachios and almonds or a dollop of rabadi to enhance its taste.

Nutrition Fact
1 Chhena Malpua = 371 calories. 

15. Churma Ladoo

Churma Ladoo
Churma Ladoo

Churma is a well-known Rajasthani sweet that is frequently served alongside the popular dish dal baati. To make this sweet ball, whole wheat flour, semolina, jaggery, ghee, sugar, milk, and poppy seeds should be added and served after the meal.

Additionally, you may customize it by substituting besan for wheat flour, using coconut and sesame seeds, using sugar or khand instead of white sugar, and using millet instead of wheat. 

Moreover, mouth-wateringly sweet churma laddu tends to be popular on special occasions such as Karawachauth’s Vrat (fasting), and even this dessert is thought to be Lord Ganesha’s favorite dessert. 

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Nutrition Fact:
1 Churma Ladoo = 350 calories. 


What is the Famous Laddu of Rajasthan?

Ghotua Ladoo is a typical Rajasthani dessert described as the ‘taste of the city.’ And this delectable ghotua has a soft and sweet treat that consists of desi ghee and gram flour. Apart from this, they are mixed with cardamom and saffron for infused different flavors. 

What is Rajasthan Famous Sweets?

Typically, churma laddoo is declared a famous Rajasthani sweet. This sweet is made by combining sugar or jaggery with coarsely ground wheat flour. Even as a healthy alternative, this churma ladoo makes an exceptional contribution to people who have a high-calorie diet, like physically active people, growing children, new mothers or pregnant women, and athletes. Moreover, this delicious laddu appears as Lord Ganesha’s favorite dessert. 

What is the King of Sweets in Rajasthan?

Motichur Laddu, known as the “King of Sweets,” is quite popular among the people of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, India. These soft, delicious laddus are made with sugar, gram flour, and spices, which are fried into small balls or boondi mixed with sugar syrup, nuts, or seeds and rolled into round shapes. Moreover, they are not consumed as desserts but also offered and given as gifts at festivals and weddings. 

Who is the King of Mithai?

Traditionally, Gulab Jamun is popular in India as the king of Mithai, as it dominates any event, from birthdays to weddings. This dessert comprises milk solids that are soaked in sugar syrup, giving a mouth-melting experience with its sweet flavor and tender texture. It also has hints of spicy cardamom, and floral rose aromas that enhance the raisin-like flavor.

Final Verdict

Rajasthani sweets offer an enchanting array of flavors and highlight the culinary tradition. Because of the delicious Kachori, Mawa, Ghevar, and Malpua, each dessert bursts with its unique essence and flavor. Even these Rajasthani sweets not only carry a wealth of taste but also represent cultural significance, festivals, and traditions.

Moreover, due to their exquisite taste and cultural significance, Rajasthani sweets are delightful for both locals and visitors, which serve to display the essence of Rajasthani heritage. Anyway, I hope the above delicious desserts in this article will tempt your heart and mind.

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