7 Best Water Bottle Storage Ideas

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We want to make our used water bottles last longer to reuse more. But many water bottles last only a short time due to a lack of good storage. For this, you need to store your water bottle with great care as per

your accommodation. In addition, you should keep your bottle away from sunlight exposure to prevent discoloration. Also, you should wash the bottles thoroughly after use for the best results.

However, some best water bottle storage ideas are given below to help you store water bottles properly.

Water Bottle Storage Ideas

Here are some water bottle storage ideas:

  • A plastic stackable water bottle holder would be great for your kitchen cabinets.
  • If you love the bamboo aesthetic, then the Bamboo Countertop Water Bottle Jerk is great.
  • Hanging shoe holders may be used to store water bottles.
  • The magazine holder is the best if you are looking for an inexpensive option for storing water bottles at home.

7-DIY Water Bottle Storage Ideas

The great idea is to store water bottles with die dividers. Apart from this medium, there are some other ideas for dye water bottle storage that will help you a lot that you can follow:

Water bottle storage ideas
Water Bottle Storage Ideas

1. Repurpose Magazine Holders to Store Water Bottles

Repurpose Magazine Holders to Store Water Bottles

For this, the magazine works perfectly as a water bottle organizer. It is considered a temporary solution but will help sustain it for a long time. In addition, you will need a cereal box that will be taller or bigger depending on the number of bottles you have in your stack, wrapping paper, and a pair of scissors. When finished, line up the bottles vertically and put them away in the cabinet.

2. Unused Shoe Pockets for Storage of Water Bottles

Unused Shoe Pockets for Storage of Water Bottles

Another great way to store dyed water bottles is to use unused shoe pockets for storage. This shoe pocket organizer has 9 pockets that give you plenty of space in your kitchen to hang on the door. Apart from storing water bottles, you can store dry food, coffee mugs, baby bottles, etc., which is a great option for unused kitchen space.

3. Horizontal Water Bottle Holder by Marie Kondo

Horizontal Water Bottle Holder by Marie Kondo

 If you want an attractive and minimalistic option for storing DIY bottles, then Marie Kondo’s Home Organizer is one of them. It can hold one bottle at a time and prevent the bottle from getting lost in your cupboard.

4. Repurpose a Wine Rack

Repurpose a Wine Rack

For water bottle storage, you can reuse various wall-mounted countertop jars and wine jars. And these wine jerks can easily hold up to 6 bottles, which is a little fancier than your need. This attractive wine jerk contributes greatly to your bottle storage anyway.

5. Bottle Stand for Water Bottles Storage

Bottle Stand for Water Bottles Storage

The bottle stand is ideal for storing water bottles and travel mugs for easy and quick access. It will help organize your cabinet drawers vertically or horizontally.

6. Metal Wire Water Bottle Organizer 

Metal Wire Water Bottle Organizer 

Metal wire jerks are one of the best water bottle storage options for wall mounts and are stackable to place on a flat surface. And these wire jerks come in a two-pack that you can easily stack your favorite bottles on the sides of kitchen cabinets.

 7. Drawer Dividers for Storage

Drawer Dividers for Storage

Drawer dividers are a perfect medium for kitchen drawers. This divider will prevent your bottles from tipping over when opened and closed. Besides, it fits any size drawer without scratching and can organize and store the bottles.

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16 Oz. Water Bottle Storage Ideas

This water bottle organizer offers a great and perfect solution for storing reusable wine bottles, fitness drinks, sodas, etc. Below are some ideas for storing 16 oz water bottles:

  • An ideal spot for your 16-ounce water bottle is in a kitchen cabinet. You can easily store all your collections in this cabinet self.
  • If you have space above the freezer, you can store it there.
  • A pantry is considered an ideal means of storage.
  • The kitchen counter is also a useful place to store if you don’t have a large pantry.
  • This 16-ounce water bottle may also be kept out of the way under the table on the ground.

Plastic Water Bottle Storage Ideas 

Below are a few ideas for the storage of plastic water bottles:

  • In terms of storing plastic water bottles, it is good to store water in them for a few months, but if it is longer, the color of the bottle may fade and damage it.
  • If you want to store these bottles for longer, you will need sealed polyethylene plastic lined drums or bags, bins, seabulks or super sacks, totes, Gaylord containers, etc., which are great.
  • Again, the plastic liners help protect your bottle from dust so that it doesn’t affect the bottle.
  • Try to keep the plastic bottle away from hot water, as it may have harmful effects through a chemical reaction with the bottle.
  • Even better, you can store plastic bottles in unused kitchen areas, such as kitchen cabinets, counters, or fridges.

How Should Bottles Be Stored and Cleaned?

Plastic bins are a good way to store bottles. You can easily store them in the empty spaces in your kitchen, especially above the countertop, cabinet, pantry, or refrigerator. But you need to sterilize these bottles thoroughly before storing them. For this, you need to clean the bottles thoroughly with dish soap and a brush. Then the bottles should be allowed to dry in a certain place.

How Can I Clean My Plastic Water Bottle at Home?

Some suggestions for cleaning plastic bottles at home are provided below.

  • First, add a teaspoon of bleach and baking soda to the bottle and add some water to it.
  • Then the bottle should be closed and left overnight or for a few hours.
  • In addition, you should thoroughly clean the bottle with a brush or dishwasher.
  • Finally, you should store the bottled water after drying well.

Is Bottled Water Safe for Long-term Storage?

Yes, bottled water is safe for long-term storage. You can store bottled water for a long time without any worries if it is stored correctly. For this, you must place the water bottle in a dry, cool, dark, and bacteria-free place. And you should use it until its expiration date.

Consequently, if you have bottled water yourself, it must be refilled every 6 months. Since to make water bottles last longer, you can also use fresh, odorless chlorine bleach, which greatly aids sterilization. Moreover, many brands have their drinking water that is securely sealed and has a very long shelf life and durability.

Is It Okay to Keep Water Bottles in the Garage?

No, it is not safe to store bottled water in the garage. Because of the change of season, the garage’s temperature changes drastically. When plastic bottles are exposed to garage heat, it can corrode them and make the bottled water acidic. This is why you should keep bottled water away from such systems. Also, during the winter, water bottles will freeze in the garage, which can then melt and contaminate the entire bottle.

How Do You Store Bottles in the Kitchen?

Bottles can be stored in a variety of ways in the kitchen. You can store bottles in a magazine holder, shoe organizer, drawer with die divider, wire bin, and plastic bin. And this allows you to choose a favorite spot in your kitchen where you feel comfortable, such as the countertop, cabin, or nearby unused space.

Final Verdict

Pure water is the single most critical factor in ensuring our health and well-being. For this, you need to determine the proper storage and organization of your water bottles. However, on the above, I have given the idea of water bottle storage in detail. Hope this will help you to keep your water bottle well organized. 

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