How Long Does Pizza Sauce Last in the Fridge?

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Pizza sauce lasts in the fridge for about 5 to 7 days at 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, it can last about 3- months at 0 degrees Fahrenheit if you preserve it properly. 

However, pizza is delicious food for people of all ages. Everybody likes to eat pizza with satisfaction. It will be more palatable if you eat pizza with pizza sauce. Without pizza sauce, pizza lost its taste. That’s why people make homemade pizza sauce or buy pizza sauce, and they preserve this sauce in the fridge. But many of them do not know how long does pizza sauce last in the fridge? As a result, their homemade pizza sauce or sauce they have brought waste to the refrigerator, and for this, they are a little worried. 

Here, I have suggested some tips and tricks that can easily find a suitable solution for you. If you use my instructions, I ensure it will never happen again.

Sign of Spoiled Pizza Sauce:

Are you doubt that your pizza sauce has gone spoiled? But you are not sure about it. Sometimes you can be confused about whether your sauce is in good condition. 

But you can figure out the condition of your sauce if you observe some symptoms. They are-

Signs of Mold:

The easiest and most common way to understand is if your sauce has gone bad, it will contain visible mold. So, you should check your sauce container or jar. If you see any black, white or green mold within the jar or container or on the jar’s cap or lid, you should throw away the pizza sauce. It is not safe to eat. Besides, it can be damaged your health.

Broken Seals:

Before purchasing the pizza sauce from the market or store, you should observe if the seal is broken or not. If the seal is broken, you must understand that your sauce has gone bad. Here, I have discussed 4-important signs which need to observe while purchasing. They are-

  • Broken jar or can or container seal
  • Swollen or dented jar or can or container
  • Bubbling foam can be seen while opening it
  • The expiration date of the jar or can or container has passed

If you have noticed any of them, you should understand that the sauce has gone bad. And then you must throw away the sauce. 

Funny Taste or Smell:

Usually, pizza sauce has a sweet smell and an alluring taste. If the sauce is turned wrong, it will no longer taste or smell the same.

When you open the jar’s cap or lid, if you have smelt something different than the actual smell, you should understand that your sauce has spoilt. Again, you can also taste a little bit. You should know that your pizza sauce spoils if you notice different tastes like tangy, sour, and bitter or simply unappetizing or rancid flavor. 

It Has Been Kept for a Long Time:

It will spoil if you leave the sauce jar open for a long time. In this situation, you should keep these at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit in a refrigerator. 

How Can a Refrigerator Preserve Pizza Sauce?

Without a refrigerator, tomato-based food, like pizza sauce, spoils quickly due to bacteria. That’s why you should preserve pizza sauce in a fridge. If you keep pizza sauce in a refrigerator, bacteria will slowly spread. Therefore, your sauce will keep well for a very long period.

How to Refrigerate Pizza Sauce?

How Long Does Pizza Sauce Last in the Fridge?

Freezing pizza sauce is a simple process. To freeze pizza sauce in a refrigerator depends on 2-ways. Like-

  • Firstly, the duration of refrigerating at a time
  • Secondly, which kind and quality of container, jar, or pot want to use

Now I will discuss 3-processes of how you can refrigerate pizza sauce correctly.

Process 1: Refrigerating Pizza Sauce in a Container or Jar, or Pot:

If you want to freeze pizza sauce in a container, pot, or jar for a long time, you should follow the 3 steps. Such as-

  • To avoid undesirable fractures in the jar, you have to transfer some pizza sauce from the jar
  • Labeling the jar or container with storing date and expiring date 
  • Finally, to get off the moisture and air, cover tightly with a jar’s cap or a lid

Process 2: Refrigerating Pizza Sauce in a Plastic Freezing Bag:

To refrigerate pizza sauce in a plastic freeing bag, you should maintain 4-steps. They are-

  • Firstly, you have to buy good quality plastic freezer bags from the market
  • Secondly, you must eliminate air as much as possible
  • Then, label the bag with storing date or expiring date
  • Finally, keep the bag in a plane place of the refrigerator 

Process 3: Refrigerating Pizza Sauce in an Ice Mold or Ice Cube Tray:

For refrigerating pizza sauce in an ice mold or ice cube tray, you can follow these 3-instructions below: 

  • First, you must clean up your ice cube or mold.
  • Secondly, fill out the molds or cubes with the sauce and refrigerate for 180 minutes (3 hours)
  • Then, remove the frozen sauce from the mold or cube and keep them in an air-tight plastic bag containing the necessary information (storing date and expiration date). 

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Can I Preserve a Box of Pizza Sauce in the Refrigerator for Reuse?

People preserve pizza sauce to enjoy it several times. So, you can preserve pizza sauce in a refrigerator for reuse. But before preserving your sauce, you should follow some necessary processes. Such as-

  • Use a good quality box or jar or container
  • Cover tightly with the jar’s cap or lid so that air can’t be able to enter the jar

How Long Homemade Pizza Sauce Can Be Kept in the Refrigerator?

If correctly preserved in the fridge, homemade pizza sauce can last up to five days.

Homemade pizza sauce is not as lasting as the sauce you brought from the market. Because the sauce-producing factory applies lots of chemicals to increase the longevity of this sauce, on the other hand, at home, pizza sauce has made with simple ingredients. That’s why homemade pizza sauce is not too long-lasting.

Does Pizza Sauce Spoil in the Refrigerator? 

By keeping pizza sauce in your refrigerator, you can reduce the possibility of damage. But pizza sauce has a limited lifetime. So, after a while, it will go bad in the refrigerator. That’s why you should notice the expiration date. 

What Temperature Can Spoil the Sauce?

The proper temperature for marinating sauce is a matter of concern. 

You should not keep your sauce more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degree Celsius. If you keep your sauce above 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) for more than 2 hours, the sauce will spoil. Similarly, spoilage occurs in less than an hour if the temperature is below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Final Verdict

Here, I have answered all of your queries and discussed them in detail. I think you all know almost everything about pizza sauce, and I hope your sauce will never be spoilt. Just enjoy pizza with pizza sauce with your family and friends.  

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