Can You Put Glass in an Air Fryer?

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Since air fryers are still relatively novel appliances, many home cooks have queries about the finest ways to utilize them. Can You Put Glass in an Air Fryer? It is the most frequent question. The short answer is that you can. In the air fryer, you can use any dish or mold that can withstand the oven, including ones made of silicone, metal, ceramic, or glass.

Can You Put Glass in an Air Fryer?

The glass bowl should not be cold while using an air fryer, as this might cause thermal stress and cracking in the Pyrex. So, you should use warm water to preheat the glass bowl before placing it in the air fryer.

However, it’s crucial to remember that air fryers operate differently from conventional ovens, necessitating a few additional considerations. Check out our comprehensive guide to ensure you use glass cookware in your air fryer more effectively.

How do Air Fryers Work?

A traditional fryer produces hot, stagnant air to cook food, while an air fryer employs hot, circulating air. The heat of a conventional oven is more evenly dispersed, with more ambient heat and stagnant air.

The air fryer also heats up far more rapidly than a regular oven. It implies that utilizing an air fryer put can your kitchenware at risk. The glass of an air fryer is at risk of breaking because of the frequent temperature changes.

Also, the food will not get as much air circulation when using glass cookware in an air fryer. This can cause the food to need more cooking time and lose some of its crispness.

How to Keep Glass from Breaking in the Air Fryer?

Can You Put Glass in an Air Fryer?

 High heat and quick temperature variations make air fryers work; thus, even glass that can withstand the oven has a risk of breaking when used. Consider these tips the next time you use an air fryer to ensure your food is cooked safely.

1. Change Temperature Slowly

Glass breaks in the oven for various reasons, including rapid temperature changes and high heat. Because glass expands when it gets hot, you may find that your glassware expands unevenly if one section of your pan heats up more quickly than the other parts. Because of this, it fractures and comes apart.

Allowing the glass bowl to warm in the air fryer is the most efficient way to avoid this trouble. Also, the most important thing to consider is that you should never put cold glass from your refrigerator or freezer into your fryer and vice versa.

2. Avoid Use High Temperature

An abrupt temperature change is one of the most common causes of glass shattering. Even smaller fryers have a surprising capacity to heat up to temperatures that occasionally exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this method is excellent for making your meat and vegetable crispy, it may be unsafe for your glass cookware. Keep the oven temperature below 450 degrees Fahrenheit, even if the glassware are oven safe.

Also, cooking at a slightly lower temperature can lessen the heat shock caused by placing or removing food from the oven.

3. Stick With Tempered Glass

The microwave, oven, and air fryer are not suitable for regular glass bowls and other serving pieces. It is prone to damage your kitchenware as an outcome. If you are unsure whether or not your glass is oven-safe, it is preferable to find an alternative.

4. Check Your Glass Properly

Even oven-proof glass can break if the glass bowl isn’t sturdy enough. It’s important to inspect the glass for imperfections, including cracks, discoloration, and surface unevenness, before using it in an air fryer. You should check for chips and cracks in your dishes, particularly older ones.

Avoid using any damaged glass bowl in the air fryer. When using it in the air fryer, it’s better to use a fresh glass bowl that’s safe for the oven.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cooking With Glass in an Air Fryer 

When considering whether or not to use glass cookware in your air fryer, assess the benefits and drawbacks.


The air fryer’s glass’s adaptability is a significant factor in its popularity. The fact that it is acid- and heat-insensitive means that it can use with just about any food. The food is well-contained during the cooking process, thanks to its superior containment capabilities.

Sometimes it’s vital to use a durable cooking vessel, such as a glass dish. The cake is a great example. Cake batter requires a sturdy container to keep it confined, unlike air fryers, which generally use airflow for cooking food.

Even if using an air fryer with a solid glass dish, it’s important to keep ventilation in mind. This means that using a too large dish will prevent the food from being able to air properly. Using a container that doesn’t fill up your fryer’s inside is better. 


Airflow is an important consideration when using an air fryer. If it does not have sufficient circulation, an air fryer is not much more than a small oven with insufficient power. The result will be veggies that are soggy and undercooked.

Does Glass Cookware Work Well in an Air Fryer?

Anyone who has used an air fryer for any significant amount of time has unquestionably concluded that airflow is the most critical component of air fryers. Because an air fryer depends on a steady flow of hot air to uniformly cook food, we quickly learn that we must not hinder hot air flow.

An air fryer’s cooking basket is a crucial part of the appliance. It has a lot of room for air to circulate around and through your food. Also, if you want the food to have a crispy texture, you will need this component. For this reason, the majority of air fryers include fryer baskets, and cooking racks include holes.

Also, frying racks with large holes can create gaps and make air flow simple. That means air cannot circulate through your meal if you use glass cookware without holes. And this can result in uneven cooking and likely aggravation. For example, it can take much longer to cook the food in the bottom of a glass dish.

How do I know if my glass cookware is safe?

It is crucial to verify oven safety before using any glass containers. If you want to know if something is safe to use in an air fryer, there’s more to it than just looking at the label on the bottom. You can air fry an empty dish by heating it at its highest setting in the appliance. Even though your glass might break, it’s better to find out now than later when it’s filled with food.

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What Can You Not Put in an Air Fryer?

An air fryer isn’t the best place to cook certain foods. T. These are the following:

  1. Whole Roast
  2. Cheese
  3. Raw grains
  4. Wet battered foods
  5. Popcorn
  6. Toast
  7. Fresh greens- leafy greens like spinach
  8. Hamburgers

Final Verdict

Glassware is popular because of its durability and ease of use in the oven. In general, ovens and air fryers will not damage most glassware, but there are a few exceptions, particularly with air fryers.

Therefore, it is perfectly natural for any aspiring chef or home cook to have the question Can You Put Glass in an Air Fryer? So, today, I tried to respond to this query above by considering other issues relating to glass in the air fryer.

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