Baby Shower Food for 50 Guests

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A baby shower is a fascinating function for new parents. Even planning a baby shower is so much fun and interesting. Generally, a baby shower function is like a tea party or theme party. But you can always customize your big day to your choice and preference.

A baby shower is a family program, so all the family members and close friends or well-wishers usually get invited to join this party. In most cases, you’ll see around 50 people in a baby shower. So here is the best baby shower food for 50 guests.

Precautions for Arranging Baby Shower

While planning a baby shower or setting the menu, you must remember that safety is your 1st priority. There are some food restrictions for the mother-to-be. You must avoid those foods while making the food menu. 

Also, since you know your guests, you should avoid allergic foods the guests. Or you can place a name tag on the dishes so people can easily understand what they are eating. Kids are also a big part of a baby shower, so keep the menu child-friendly.

Arranging a party is challenging, and preparing the meals is tougher. So, decide which meals you can make in advance and set aside. Cook/fry/heat the food accordingly before the party. 

Baby Shower Food for 50 Guests

The food list can customize in uncountable ways as per your needs. Such as, it can be a tea party where you will only serve snacks. Meals like lunch and dinner can be served, though. Drinks and sweets are an absolute necessity no matter what you order. If you are perplexed by the thousands of fancy food choices, I’ve got your back.

Whether you choose finger foods or the entire menu, the items listed below will be the best you can have.

1. Veggies Platter

You can surely go for a vegetable platter. Cut your favorite veggies like carrots, cucumber, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, spinach, and anything you want to add. Season it with Italian seasoning and olive oil. Place some sauce or mayonnaise for dipping. You can use hollowed-out capsicum as the dipping cup.

2. Rice Paper Rolls

 If you haven’t tried the Vietnamese rice paper rolls, it is time to give it a shot. It is an excellent option for a party snack, and the peanut dipping sauce is magical. Most of all, it looks delicious and tempting.

3. Chicken Roll & Nuggets

What can be a better option than a juicy chicken roll/ nugget served with mayonnaise or white sauce! Kids and adults love it. You can keep toothpicks for holding purposes. 

4. Vegetable Rolls

 A vegetable roll along with ketchup is a very affordable and healthy food item. So without a doubt, you can add this to your menu. So vegetarians can easily substitute chicken rolls.

5. Meatballs

 Whether it’s Valentine’s day food or a baby shower, the meatball is a perfect party snack. It is easy to hold, looks tempting, and can be prepared beforehand. Whether you pick chicken, beef, or any other meat for this purpose is your choice. You can keep a cheese sauce with it that suits it the best.

6. Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is now one of the most appealing snack foods. And it is effortless to make, plus it tastes fantastic. And the best part is it goes with any dipping and tastes different every time.

7. Baked Potatoes

 Cheese-baked potatoes are the show stoppers! It’s cheap, quick, and quick to make. A mayonnaise dipping tagged with baked potatoes can be a perfect snacking option. You can sprinkle some coriander for extra flavors.

8. Potato Wedges/French Fries

 Potato wedges and French fries go with anything and everything. It is a must at every party. You can place plain ketchup with it. Or you can hype it up with BBQ/ naga sauce.

9. Shrimp Fries

Who doesn’t like shrimp? So keeping shrimp on your menu won’t be a bad idea. It is up to you whether you choose coconut prawns or flour-coated shrimps. You can even change the dipping sauce according to your taste.

10. Nachos

Nachos are a delicious and hustle-free food item for any party, even on new year’s eve. But it would be best to keep the dipping aside, not with the chips. It’ll be easy to hold. It is a savory food at the same time, pretty much affordable.

11. Mac and Cheese

The last and my favorite. You can give small mac and cheese servings but ensure it remains hot. Noodles and pasta are also acceptable substitutes.

Desserts & Drinks 

Dessert and Drinks

A baby shower party cannot complete without desserts. So here are some dessert ideas which food can serve with finger foods.

1. Cake

Generally, baby shower functions include cake cutting. While buying the cake, make sure it is enough for 50 guests. 

2. Custard/Pudding

 Custard and pudding are healthy and delicious dessert items. Most importantly, you can make them and place them in the refrigerator beforehand. 

3. Cream Rolls

 Cream rolls are kids’ favorite. It’s also readily available, so you can buy it instead of cooking it.

Drinks are a must for the function. You can go for

  • Fresh fruit juices (Apple, mango, orange, etc.)
  • Cold drinks (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Pepsi, etc.)
  • Smoothie (Banana, strawberry, chocolate, etc.)
  • Plain water 

Suggestions for Arranging the Baby Shower

Suggestions for Arranging the Baby Shower

You must be careful about certain things while arranging the party. 

  • Watching your spending is essential. Theme parties often cross the budget you set. So keep your decorations according to the theme. But you don’t need to select the whole menu according to the theme. Otherwise, it’ll be a lot more expensive.
  • Arranging all the meals and decorations alone will be very exhausting and might even seem impossible, so you better call one or two of your friends to come over to give you a helping hand. 
  • Another essential aspect is the container dishes. The containers must keep the food warm unless your efforts won’t count. And don’t forget to keep small bowls, forks, or toothpicks (can be one-time use). 
  • If you place the food items on a table, keep the table in the center so that people get enough space to stand and pick their desired foods. 
  • Last but not least, measure the food accurately. So the baby shower food for 50 guests is sufficient. We don’t want any shortage at the same time; we don’t want any wastage either. 

Can I Add Hard Drinks to the Baby Shower Menu?

You can add hard drinks if you wish, but I suggest not doing so. It’ll be harmful to the mother-to-be and also unpleasant for the kids. 

What Theme Can I Follow for a Baby Shower?

There are so many unique themes out there that it is impossible to tell a specific one. But the nature theme, Disney theme, and Barbie theme are the most popular ones.

Final Verdict

The excitement, happiness, and stress of having a baby shower are beyond any description. The parents-to-be have to deal with several things. Planning a baby shower is one of life’s little (but sweet) tribulations.

You might find yourself puzzled over many things on your big day, but we made sure that you don’t stress over the food menu of your big day. Now you know the best baby shower food for 50 Guests. So pick up your favorite ones and prepare the menu today.

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