Dry Cat Food: 26 Question-Answer

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Food is a must for everyone, and getting proper, balanced, nutritious food is quite hard. It’s more tricky when your kitty friend is involved. Most of us treat our pet cats as our children. That leads us to the question: what is the best food for cats? Cats are sensitive toward food, just the same as kids. So you must take care of your cat’s diet and nutrition check.

While talking about cat foods, the first word we can think of is dry cat food. This reading will help you with all the answers to the possible questions that come to your head about dry cat food.

1. How Much Dry Food to Feed Your Cat?

Answer: The exact quantity can be hard to tell because of different measuring cups. If you’re using a big cup, two-thirds of it should be enough for your cat. The calorie count should remain around 150-200. Each cat has individual food requirements.

If your cat is at its growing age, then it will need more food than usual. Once it’s grown up, its calorie intake will decrease gradually.

2. Why Would I Soften Dry Cat Food? 

Answer: It’s essential to soften dry cat food for kittens before giving it to them. They are very small and sensitive to eating hard things in the kitten stage. Most of the time, their stomach can’t digest the dry cat food, which eventually leads to discomfort.

However, it doesn’t mean you used to constantly make their food soggy. You can slowly introduce them to hard food when they gradually grow up. You can cut the dry cat food into smaller pieces and can start giving them hard food when they at least reach 4-6 weeks of age.

3. What Is the Main Ingredient in Dry Cat Food?

Answer: The main ingredient in dry cat food is protein. It can be meat or fish. Chicken and Turkey Recipes, salmon recipes, or beef recipes are the most common ones. It contains cornmeal, wheat, oil, yeast, and sometimes vegetables.

There can be slight exceptions in the readymade dry cat foods in the extra ingredients. But the main ingredient in dry cat food remains the same.

4. Is It Healthy for a Cat to Eat Only Dry Food?

Answer: Well, yes, dry cat food is healthy. But when it comes to eating only dry cat food, many veterinarians do not agree to that. They say having only dry cat food is not healthy as cats are obligate carnivores, and they can’t tolerate a mass amount of carbohydrates.

Dry cat food contains vast amounts of carbohydrates which are not very good for cats. Dry food can be the main ingredient of your cat’s diet but should not be the only food.

5. How to Make Dry Cat Food Smaller?

Answer: Making dry cat food smaller means cutting it into smaller pieces. After baking the dry cat food, it is time to cut them. With a large knife, you can divide it into small pieces. Making smaller bites is very helpful for your kitten. The adult cat might not need this, but kittens go for smaller bites.

You can try a mold if you find difficulties while cutting smaller pieces. Many molds are available that cut small amounts and can make many pieces at once. Also, these molds have different shapes, which might make the dry cat food more attractive to your cat.

6. How to Prepare Dry Food for Kittens?

Answer: Kittens are susceptible. It is essential to be cautious when making dry cat food for kittens. They take smaller bites, so you must cut the dry cat food into smaller pieces. Also, they cannot eat hard food, so you will have to soften the dry food for them.

You can soften the food by adding some water or gravy to it. If dry food irritates your cat, you should consult a vet and change its diet as soon as possible.

6. How to Encourage My Cat to Eat Dry Food?

Answer:  The first try should be giving it as a bonus after it does something to make your cat eat dry cat food. If it doesn’t work and the cat refuses, then you can hide it in the places your cat regularly visits, such as in its napping location, playground, and so on but make sure to make it in a tiny amount like three or four pieces in each place till your cat gets used to it.

Another way of making your cat eat dry cat food is by placing the dry cat food beside wet cat food, which will eventually be curious enough to eat.

7. How to Make Dry Food More Appealing for My Cat?

Answer: Dry cat food can make it more enticing in various ways. If you know your cat’s diet and preference, then you should be able to customize the ingredients accordingly. For example, if your cat likes seafood, it’ll like salmon dry cat food recipes. Also, making smaller bites is a good option. Some people cut the pieces in different shapes to make them more appealing.

However, when you try a new recipe, you should 1st go for a smaller amount. If your cat likes the new food, you can increase the amount; otherwise, it’ll be a waste as most cats face problems with changing their diet.

8. Can Cat Live on Dry Food Only?

Answer: Cats can live on only a dry food diet, but cats on a dry cat food diet must provide plenty of fresh water to keep them hydrated. However, keeping your cat on only a dry food diet for a lifetime will cause severe health issues such as urinary tract issues and chronic kidney disease if it’s not given the proper amount of water.

As cats are carnivorous, they cannot tolerate vast amounts of carbohydrates. So, even if cats survive by eating dry cat food, they might have severe health problems in the future. So if you want to maintain a balanced diet, veterinarians suggest you provide wet cat food every once a week along with dry cat food.

9. Do Cats Need Dry Cat Food?

Answer: No, dry cat food is not a must but a wish. Cats can live a long and healthy life by eating dry cat food; however, as cats belong to the lion family, which is carnivorous, they can’t tolerate vast amounts of carbohydrates, and dry cat food is high in carbohydrates quite unhealthy for cats.

Veterinarian nutritionists don’t recommend dry cat food for cats because it may lead to obesity, FLUTD, specific cancer, and other severe health problems. Cats dependent on a dry cat diet need to be fed plenty of fresh water to keep hydrated. So, wet cat food can be a good option for your cat.

10. How Do You Dry Chicken for Cats?

Answer: Well, drying chicken means baking it. First, you need to boil the chicken, drain the excess water, and then let it cool down. Afterward, mix it with other ingredients to make a dough. Now, roll it up and bake it. Cut it down into small pieces and dry cat food made of chicken.

11. Can I Pour Dry Cat Food on a Plate?

Answer: No, you can’t pour dry cat food on a plate. Because that’ll make the cat food lose its freshness and crispiness, your cat won’t find it tasty anymore. Also, it will start losing its nutrients. You should instead pour your dry cat food into an airtight container to keep it fresh.

But if you want to pour it on a plate to feed your cat, you can surely go for it. But adding water or gravy to the dry cat food over a plate might spill off. Therefore, a bowl is preferable. 

13. Is a Dry Food Diet Healthy & Fine for Cats?

Dry Cat food

Answer: Yes, dry cat food is healthy and acceptable if it contains a balanced diet. But that doesn’t mean you should keep your cat on only a dry cat food diet; it does not mean too much dry cat food is unhealthy for cats; however, as obligate carnivores, cats can’t tolerate a mass amount of carbohydrates.

Dry cat food contains huge amounts of carbohydrates which are not very good for cats. So, it’s preferable to give a limited amount of dry food. Wet cat food can be a good option for your cat as it’s beneficial in cats prone to constipation and those who are overweight.

But dry food can be very productive in providing calories to too-thin cats. So, dry cat food is a good diet for your cat but isn’t very healthy and must be given in limited amounts.

14. How to Control Your Cat’s Weight on a Dry Food Diet?

Answer: To keep your cat at a proper weight, you need to give your cat enough physical activity daily. You can get fun toys your cat can chase and take it out on a walk every day.

The food restrictions are that you correctly measure the amount of food and provide the necessary amount. Keep plenty of water for your cat, so it doesn’t face dehydration, ask for veterinarians’ advice, and set a weight loss goal for your cat. If it still doesn’t work, you can move on to a wet cat food diet as it contains fewer calories than dry cat food.

15. What Dry Cat Food Do Veterinarians Recommend?

Answer: Veterinarians recommend dry cat food balanced with protein and other nutrients. Most veterinarians agree on not buying non-grain dry cat food. Incredibly, you want to know veterinarians’ suggestions before buying dry cat food for your feline.

In this regard, you can trust the names listed below:

  • Purina One Natural Dry Cat Food, Purina Pro Plan, Hill’s Science Diet, or Royal Canin

There are other reliable sources, though. 

There are many alternatives to try. 

For instance:

  • Tiny Tiger Natural Indoor Recipe and others.
  • IAMS Proactive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food
  • Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet

16. What Are the Top 5 Dry Cat Foods?

Answer: You’ll want the best for your cat, and you have to be more conscious when the question is about its food. There is numerous dry cat food available, and it is impossible to try out each of them and then figure out which one suits your feline best. According to the veterinarians, the top 5 dry cat foods are:

  • Iams ProActive Health Kitten Food
  • Royal Canin Feline Health Kitten Food
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dry Cat Food
  • Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula
  • Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

17. Why Is Dry Food Bad for Cats?

 Answer: Dry cat food is not bad for cats but can sometimes be harmful. Despite many nutrition facts, dry food can sometimes harm some cats. The primary reason behind it is:

  • High carbohydrate consumption can lead to obesity.
  • Less moisture leads to dehydration if you do not give your cat free access to clean water.
  • Facing problems with digesting dry cat food. Sensitive cats can suffer from digestive problems after eating hard, dry food.
  • If you give the readymade dry cat food to your cat without checking the ingredients, it can trigger your cat’s allergy issues. Such as, if your cat is allergic to chicken, you cannot give it the chicken and Turkey dry cat food. 

18. What Is the Difference Between Dry Cat Food and Wet Cat Food?

Answer: The quantity of water is the primary distinction between Dry Vs. Wet cat food. Dry cat food has approximately 10% of water, wet cat food contains moisture of at least 75%, and the other 90% of dry cat food has carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. The other 35% wet cat food contains wheat, corn, soy, rice, white potatoes, and more.

Wet cat food is an excellent dietary source of water, unlike dry cat food. Regardless, wet cat food is one of the most expensive cat foods because of its features, while dry cat food is cheaper than wet cat food.

Dry cat food is rich in carbohydrates and can be an excellent diet for many cats. It’s essential to soften food for kittens before giving it to them. They are sensitive toward eating hard things in the kitten stage. In this regard, wet cat food serves better as it doesn’t require any softening.

19. Why Do Vets Recommend Dry Food for Cats?

 Answer: Vets recommend both dry or canned food if it’s complete with nutrients. Many vets choose dry cat food over vet one. The fact that it provides essential nutrients like protein and carbs is the main one. You can customize the protein according to your cat’s preference.

 It is easy to make and store for a more extended period. Convenient to use and feed. You can even convert dry food to vet food by adding some water; one or two tablespoons of water is enough to make it softer. Or you can add some gravy on top of the dry cat food; it will give it moisture and make it softer, tastier, and more appealing to your cat.

20. Is It Okay to Add Water to Dry Cat Food? 

Answer: When feeding dry cat food, it is acceptable to moisten the food. Many cats face difficulties with dry cat food. So, adding some water make it more soft and digestible. The dry food will instantly soak the water and make it smoother.

You can try putting some gravy on the dry food other than adding water. One or two gravy spoons can work like magic to add taste to the food, making it softer.

21. Dry Cat Food Consumption Issues

Answer: Dry cat food is good for your cat, but there are some consumption issues caused by it. Dry food contains high amounts of carbohydrates. So consuming excess dry cat food might lead to overweight problems.

Extremely dry food might not be appealing to your cat, and it might refuse to eat it, which will leave your cat hungry. Before giving ready dry cat food to your feline, you must read the ingredients list. Ensure it doesn’t contain anything your cat is allergic to. Allergy issues can prove to be very dangerous in cats.

22. How Much Dry Cat Food Should I Feed My Cat?

Answer: At the very least, cats should be fed two meals daily, in the morning and the evening. In between, you can provide snacks. Many people agree to give their cats 3 meals a day. Both are okay if it fits your cat’s stomach. The moral is your cat should not stay hungry. The amount of dry cat food you provide to your cat should be enough to satisfy its hunger.

23. How Do I Set Up Autoship on My Dry Cat Food?

Answer: If you buy dry cat food for your cat instead of making it at home, autoship is a process you should know about. To set up autoship you will have to take membership of the online mart from where you’re buying your cat food.

Then you will have to set the amount of product you want delivered to your home every month; thus, you can set up autoship on your dry cat food. This will help you eliminate the worries about forgetting to buy cat food and your cat starving for your forgetfulness.

24. How Long Does Dry Cat Food Last?

Answer: Some dry cat food brands have a storability of up to 6 months. However, the issue is in how you keep it. Dry, homemade cat food can store for up to six weeks if it is kept cool and airtight. Readymade dry cat food can remain fresh for up to 6 months inside the packaging.

After opening up the packaging, you must keep them in an airtight container; this way, you should be able to use them for the next two months without any trouble.

25. How Do You Soften Dry Cat Food?

Answer: There are several ways of softening food for kittens, but for now, we will talk about two of the easiest ones.

1. The first one is to add water; the food should soak up the water instantly, making it soften for the kitten.

2. You can use a bladder to quickly liquefy the food and make it soften. If your feline prefers more watery, you can dilute it with water.

26. How to Keep Dry Cat Food Fresh?

Answer: After making dry cat food, leave it to cool down completely. Afterward, you can put them into airtight containers to keep them fresh. Storage in the refrigerator is recommended. It is proven that increased temperature disturbs the freshness of dry cat food.

So, an airtight container is highly recommended to keep dry cat food. Otherwise, the air can cause reactions and make the dry food gluey.

Final Verdict

 It is very delightful that you care so much about your feline. We hope that we could come up with the answers you were looking for and could solve the problems you were facing with your cat’s food. But we want you to remember that even if you provide the best dry cat food to your cat, you will have to give it clean water, treats, and love for its better health and growth.

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