Dry Vs Wet Cat Food Pros and Cons- Well Explained

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Cats are like our family members. These soft, floppy, and fury angels have their own magic to keep us happy and energetic. Moreover, research shows that cats can also help prevent heart disease and other diseases. 

But they are so lazy and like to sleep more like an average animal. They really like to have comfort. There’s another issue. Cats are so sensitive about their food. Each cat holds a different personality, and its food choices can be different. 

Moreover, there’s some matter about budget and cat’s nutrition also. So choosing the best food for cats can be difficult if you don’t have a good idea about cat food. Mainly two types of cat food are found in the market: dry cat food and wet cat food. Cats love both of them, but there are many things to know about these two types. 

Brief Explanation: Dry Vs Wet Cat Food Pros and Cons

Here in this article, we will discuss Dry Vs Wet Cat Food Pros and Cons. We think you can get a clear idea about what you are finding for your cat after finishing the article. So, let’s get started.

Wet Cat Food Pros and Cons

Wet foods are nutritious. But cost more than dry foods. Here are some pros and cons of wet foods.

Wet Cat Food Pros

Wet Cat Food Pros
  • Nutritious: Wet food is healthier than dry foods. Cats in the wild get their protein need from their prey. But domestic cats need protein from different sources. Dry food can provide a good amount of carbohydrates, but they have lack protein. But if you use wet food, it can be beneficial to your cat’s health because wet foods contain more animal protein than dry ones. So, wet foods are healthier.
  • Higher Water Content: Cats need proper hydration. Most cats are not used to drinking water. So maintaining good hydrated food is essential. Wet foods contain the perfect amount of water in components. So wet food makes your cat hydrated.
  • Tasty: Wet food is tasty to the cats. Most of the cats really love wet foods over all other foods. The perfect combination of food compounds makes it different and delicious to the cat’s taste bud.
  • No-Risk of Urinary Problems: Ensuring proper hydration is extremely important for cats. Water lacking can lead a cat to urinary infection or cancer. Though wet foods have enough moisture, it helps to reduce the risk of urinary problems. 
  • Best for Cats with Dental Issues: If your cat is old or has a dental problem, feeding is a challenging task. Wet food can be an easy solution for these types of cats. Cat doesn’t need to chew much to eat wet food. So, get your old cats some wet food. They will love this.

Wet Cat Food Cons

Wet Cat food Cons
  • Messy: Wet foods make a lot of mess while used. It’s kind of sticky. So it always makes a mess when you feed your cat. Even if you don’t clean your cat’s food pot regularly, it may smell rotten, and there will be a possible chance of getting food poisoning. 
  • Costly: Wet foods are more expensive than dry foods. A minimal amount of wet food can cost you a lot.
  • Doesn’t Stay Fresh: Canned food can get spoiled very quickly. It’s hard to keep fresh for a long time. 
  • Can Cause Dental Problems: Nature: evaluated cats as hunting animals. They hunt with their speed, claw, and sharp teeth. Eating wet food for a long time can make their teeth weak to chew hard food again. 

Dry Cat Food Pros and Cons

Dry foods are a more available and yummy type of food for cats. There are the basic pros and cons of dry food.

Dry Cat Food Pros

Dry Cat Food Pros
  • Rich in Carbohydrates: Dry foods are rich in carbs. So, it can be the main food source for a cat. Moreover, carbs help your cat to have good poo activity.
  • Easy to Feed: One of the best things about dry food is it’s so easy to use. You just need to fill up your cat’s pot. You don’t need to think about cleaning your cat’s feeding pot. Moreover, you don’t need a pot either to feed dry food. Just give your cat some dry food. It’s that much easy.
  • Easy to Transport: Dry foods are highly portable. Most often, dry food comes with a large bag. You can take out as much as you need and carry it in a different small bag. Dry food is the best if you want to travel with your cat.
  • Affordable: Dry foods are cheaper than wet foods and are available in large bags. So, buying dry food can help you to save money. 
  • Stay for a Long Time: Dry cat foods are low in moisture. So the possibility of rotting is extremely low. Even dry foods digest slowly. That makes your cat less hungry also.
  • Good for Dental Health: Chewing dry foods helps cats have better dental health.

Dry Cat Food Cons 

Dry Cat Food cons
  • Low Hydration: Dry food contains almost 0% water and high sodium. So, feeding dry cat food for a long time may lead your cat to dehydration kidney, and urinary problems. If you can ensure proper hydration of your cat, dry food can be the best choice.
  •  Low Protein: Almost every animal needs nutritious food full of all food compounds. But the dry foods are rich in carbs only. There is a very slight amount of protein, which can’t ensure proper nutrition for cats. 
  • High Carb: High amount of carbohydrates can lead your cat to diabetes.

Canned vs Dry Cat Food: Which One Is Better?

Actually, both types of foods are best in their own way. It depends on you and your cat which kind of food you need. Wet foods are rich in nutrition protein but costly and don’t stay fresh for long. 

On the other hand, dry foods are easy to serve, stay fresh for a long time, and are affordable in price, but the high amount of carbs can lead the cat to diabetes. Wet food reduces the risk of urinary problems but dry food increases. 

You shouldn’t use one kind of food for a long time for your cat. Changing food habits after some days helps your cat to stay healthy. We discussed Dry Vs Wet Cat Food Pros and Cons earlier in the article. You can have a better idea from there.

Mixing Wet and Dry Cat Rood Ratio

You can mix dry food and wet food in a ratio, and that can really make your cat happy. Experts say the ratio should be two-thirds of dry food and one-third of wet food. Or you can add them as your own choice. You can crush the dry food and mix it with wet also. 

However, some pet owners say to mix half dry and half wet. But, the perfect ratio is one-third wet and two-thirds dry. Mix the foods perfectly. Crush your dry foods if your cat is a kitten or has a dental issue.

What Are the Main Differences Between Wet Cat Food and Dry Cat Food?

Dry foods are rich in carbs and have almost zero percent of moisture. Also, dry foods don’t contain a good amount of protein. On the contrary, wet food is rich in protein and high moisture. It helps to reduce urinary infection risk also. Basically, dry foods have low moisture contamination, but wet foods have a high water ratio.

Should I Feed My Cat Dry or Wet Cat Food? Or Both?

It’s up to you and your cat which food you want to feed or which food your cat wants to be fed. But you should notice your cat’s health condition and his taste. That can help you to feed. 

Dry foods are the expert choice of snacks. But you shouldn’t feed dry foods only, which increases the risk of urinary infection and diabetes. So, mixing dry and wet food can be the best choice.

What Wet and Dry Cat Food Do Veterinarians Recommend?

There are a lot of dry and wet cat food brands. You can use the Science diet, Royal Canin, Purina pro plan. These brands make delightful cat foods. But there are lot more brands available in the market. It’ll be better if you suit your cat with the brand you like.

Final Verdict

Cats are like our family members. But taking care of them can be tricky if you don’t have enough idea about their food habit and food choice. There are mainly two kinds of food available in the market for cats: dry foods and wet foods. Dry foods are costly but healthier, but wet foods are cheaper but high in carbs. Both types are perfect in their own way. 

In the article, we have discussed Dry Vs Wet Cat Food Pros and Cons. You have already gotten a better idea about these types of food from this article. To ensure the better health of your cat, feed him timely and adequately. Also, clean the feeding pot regularly and take proper care. 

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