Can I Make Cupcakes Without Liners?

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Yes, cupcakes can be made without liners. Generally, there is no obligation to use liners in making cupcakes. Many people use liners to make cupcakes attractive, prevent sticking, and make cupcakes easier to handle. Also, many people are seen baking cupcakes without using liners. The use of liners in making cupcakes depends on your preference. 

Moreover, if you want to make cupcakes, but you’re worried about whether can I make cupcakes without liners. In this article, you will learn about types of liners, why liners are used while baking, the pros and cons of cupcake liners, why skip liners, making cupcakes without liners, making your liners, alternatives to cupcake liners, etc. Let’s check it out below.

Types of Liners

Usually, liners come in many types used to make cupcakes. Let’s learn about some types of cupcake liners below:

1. Foil Liners

Foil liners are frequently found in silver and, occasionally, metallic colors. You can use it to bake cupcakes. Also, these foil liners are durable and able to hold their shape. They are also great for preventing tipping or spills. 

2. Colored Paper Liners

Colored paper liners are typically used to make cupcakes in different patterns and colors. These liners can include a festive and fun touch to cupcakes. They also prevent the cupcakes from sticking and make them easier to move.

3. Silicone Liners

Silicone liners are used to bake cupcakes in various shapes and sizes. These liners are reusable and versatile. Also, they are reusable, non-stick, and easy to store and clean.

4. Special Occasion Liners

There are many great liners for special events like birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations, which add a beautiful and decorative touch to cupcakes. You can get these liners in grocery stores and party stores for every event. 

5. Tulip Liners

Tulip Liners are attractive and weighty wax paper liners that rise over cupcakes to make a beautiful tulip shape. Also, these tulip liners are frequently used by professional bakers. 

Why Do You Use Liners While Baking Cupcakes?

Usually, there are several reasons to use liners while baking cupcakes. Let’s take a look at some of the steps for using liners while baking cupcakes below:

Prevent Sticking

Usually, cupcakes without liners may stick to the pan or be tricky to remove. In this case, using liners in cupcake baking stops the cupcakes from adhering to the pan and makes them easy to move. 

Easy to Clean

After baking, liners make the cupcakes easy to clean. Liner also helps prevents the pan from sticking with any grease or residue. 


Using liners while baking cupcakes can give the cupcakes a decorative touch. Which makes the cupcakes look more attractive.

Portion Control

The liner helps ensure that every single cupcake is equal in size. They also make portion sizes easier to control. 


The liners keep the cupcakes from acquiring undesirable smells or tastes from the pan.

Easy to Remove

The cupcake liners make it simple to remove the cupcakes without breaking or sticking them. 

Maintains Shape and Structure

Usually, when making cupcakes, it is seen that the shape and texture of the cupcakes are not correct. Some have more portions, and some have fewer portions. So, using liners in making cupcakes helps to maintain the structure and shape of the cupcakes. 

Cupcake Liner Pros & Cons

Generally speaking, using liners to make cupcakes has its advantages and disadvantages. However, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using cupcake liners are listed below:

Cupcake Liner Pros

  • Cupcake liners ensure the cupcakes are easily removed from the pan without sticking. 
  • The cupcake liners help to keep the cupcakes fresh and moist for a long time. 
  • The liners help ensure that each cupcake is the same size and portion.
  • Liners make cupcakes perfect for events or themed parties.
  • It prevents the cupcakes from burning.
  • It makes cleaning easier.
  • Liners prevent cupcakes from getting excessive oil or grease from the pan.  
  • When utilizing liners, there is no necessity to grease baking pans, which can save you effort and time.

Cupcake Liner Cons

  • Many cupcake liners aren’t grease-proof, which can make cupcakes greasy and unpleasant to eat. 
  • Some liners stick to cupcakes, which can make the cupcakes challenging to remove and present a mess. 
  • Many cupcake liners might not be appropriate for high temperatures, which may cause them to melt and catch fire during use.
  • Cupcake texture may be impacted by liners, which can make them less fluffy and moist.
  • Some cupcake liners may be harmful to the environment and contribute to trash. 
  • Cupcake liners might be expensive. 

Are Cupcakes Liner Necessary?

Cupcake liners aren’t always required. Cupcakes can be made without liners. Also, you can bake cupcakes without liners by greasing the pan well, preventing it from getting stuck. Moreover, using cupcake liners during baking cupcakes can make the process of making cupcakes much easier. Also, using cupcake liners prevents cupcakes from sticking to the pan, makes them easier to move, and makes your cupcakes look attractive. However, it depends on your preference.

Why Skip the Liner?

Generally, skipping liners can be a matter of your personal preference. Let’s explore some important aspects of why liners are skipped below:

  • Before eating the cupcakes, peeling off the liner can be a little trouble. 
  • Many liners can make cupcakes a little oily or greasy.
  • Also, many liners come in larger or smaller sizes. In this case, getting the right size cupcake liners can be difficult.
  • Using it may increase your costs.

How Do You Make Cupcakes Without Using Liners?

Below are some steps to make cupcakes without using liners:

  • First, preheat the oven to the proper temperature. 
  • Then grease the cupcake pan with cooking spray or butter. 
  • In a mixing bowl, mix the dry ingredients, such as baking powder, flour, salt, and sugar, and mix them well. 
  • On the other hand, in a separate bowl, combine your wet ingredients, such as milk, vanilla extract, oil, and eggs, and whisk them until they are well combined.
  • Then gradually include the wet and dry ingredients until they are well mixed. 
  • Fill every cup approximately two-thirds full. 
  • Bake the cupcakes according to the recommendation or until the toothpick in the middle of the cupcakes comes out clear. 
  • Finally, let the cupcakes cool for some time and serve. 

Make Your Liners

Usually, if you don’t have liners or are looking for liners for making cupcakes. Then you can try making your cupcake liners at home, which is very quick and low-cost to make at home. Let’s learn about some methods on how to make my liners:

  • First, you choose the design or pattern you want for the cupcake liners. 
  • Then cut the cupcake liner paper or parchment paper into squares. 
  • Keep the paper squares in the bottom of a jar or cup. Then you press down to make a cup shape. 
  • A muffin tin can also keep the liners in place while baking. 
  • Fill the cupcake liners with your favored cupcake batter. Then bake them as usual. 
  • Before removing, the cupcakes from the liners, let the cupcakes cool and enjoy. 

Removing Cupcakes Without Liners

Below are some tips for removing cupcakes without liners:

  • First, ensure that your cupcakes are thoroughly cooked before you remove the cupcakes from the oven.
  • Insert a toothpick into the center of the cupcake. Your cupcakes are done baking when the toothpick is clean and dry. 
  • Then let your pancake pan cool for a minimum of 10 minutes. 
  • You can use a butter knife to remove the cupcakes from the pan, but you need to ensure that your baked goods are not damaged. 
  • Run a knife down the sides to remove the cupcakes from the pan.
  • Gently remove the cupcakes from the pan with a spatula or spoon. 
  • Finally, before serving them, place the cupcakes in the wire racks for cooling.

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Substitute for Cupcake Liners

Generally, if you don’t have liners, there is no need to worry. Here are some alternatives to cupcake liners that you can use to make cupcakes without using liners. Let’s look at some substitutes to cupcake liners below:

1. Grease Your Pan

You can grease the pan as an alternative to cupcake liners. Various ingredients for pan grease need to have present one of these ingredients around your kitchen.

2. Oil

You can apply a tiny amount of oil to the pan’s surface to grease a pan with oil. In this situation, you can use a brush or a paper towel. Also, you need to ensure you cover the entire surface evenly to avoid sticking. 

3. Butter

You start by greasing a pan with a minor amount of butter. Using your fingers or pastry brush, evenly distribute this butter on the pan’s sides and bottom. It is preferable if you make sure to cover all of the pan’s edges and corners. After the pan is coated with butter, you can `go ahead with your recipe.

4. Cooking Spray/Baking spray

You spray the pan lightly when you grease a pan with baking or cooking spray. You coat the whole surface of the pan. Also, it is preferable to ensure that the pan’s edges and corners are sprayed. You can also use a paper towel or pastry brush to distribute the spray properly. Moreover, you need to avoid using excess spray. Because too much spray can make the cupcakes stick or be too greasy.

5. Wax Paper

They can be used in place of cupcake liners. But they are not advised for a variety of reasons. Because wax paper isn’t designed to tolerate high temperatures, it can melt in the oven or catch fire. They also might not hold up properly when baked. 

6. Silicone Baking Cups

Generally, silicone baking cups are freezer, oven, and microwave-safe. You can use them while baking cupcakes. They are also eco-friendly, reusable, and non-stick, which makes the cupcakes easy to move. 

7. Greased Muffin Tins

You can use them as an alternative to cupcake liners. But you need to ensure that you grease the muffin tins properly to avoid the cupcakes from sticking. Also, using muffin tins directly instead of liners when baking cupcakes can make the texture of the cupcakes a little different. 

8. Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is an excellent alternative to cupcake liners, which you can use when baking cupcakes. It is also such a great option, which is likely to be in your pantry. There are some methods of using parchment paper. Let’s check it out below:

  • First, you need to cut the parchment paper into 5-inch squares.
  • Then put this cut parchment paper inside every cup of the cupcake pan. But you need to ensure they are perfectly placed in the middle so they do not move during baking and get stuck. 
  • Also, you use a bottle to push down the parchment paper liners to make a crease. 
  • Fill the slots of the cupcakes and bake them usually. 

9. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is another excellent alternative available in many people’s kitchens. Also, they are shiny and bright, which adds vibrancy to the cupcakes. Let’s learn about some methods of using aluminum foil below:

  • You cut the aluminum foil into squares approximately 5 inches long.
  • Then put this cut aluminum foil inside every cup of the cupcake pan. But you need to ensure they are centered on preventing batter spillage. 
  • You can also create the aluminum foil using a bottle. 
  • Also, you can use your hands to mold that extremely malleable aluminum foil into the form you choose.
  • Fill the slots of the cupcakes and bake them as regular. 


Can I Use Wax Paper Instead of Liners?

You can use wax paper as a liner substitute in some cases. But it’s preferable to avoid using it. Because wax paper isn’t designed to tolerate oven heat. As a result, it could melt and catch fire during use. So, it is better to use a liner that is mainly designed for your baking purpose. 

How to Safely Remove Cupcakes Without Liners?

First, you need to let the pan cool to room temperature for a minimum of 30 minutes for them to be stable and easy to handle. Then you use a fork and slide the fork to the bottom of the cupcake, which helps you safely remove the cupcakes without the liners.

How Far Should You Fill Cupcake Liners?

Usually, fill your cupcake liners approximately two-thirds (about 3 tablespoons). But avoid filling the cupcake liners too much with batter. Because too much batter filling will not bake your cupcakes properly, there is a chance that they will overflow while they rise.

Can I Substitute Aluminum Foil for Cupcake Liners?

Yes, you can substitute aluminum foil for cupcake liners. But you have to keep some things in your mind like, First, whether the foil is well greased. Second, you have to be careful while moving the cupcakes from the aluminum foil. Also, you might need to use a muffin tin to prevent the cupcakes from spreading excessively. 

Why Do My Cupcakes Keep Sticking to the Liners?

Usually, cupcakes can stick to the liners when you attempt to remove them cupcakes while they remain hot. So let the cupcakes cool down in the pan for some minutes. Then when they cool, place on them a cooling rack.

Final Verdict

Can I make cupcakes without liners- I hope you have already found the answer to your question from the above article. You can make cupcakes in two ways, without and with liners. Moreover, if you want to make cupcakes, you can read this article, which will help you to make an excellent and easy cupcake. 

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