How to Make White Tea at Home?

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Listening to the name of tea works as a kind of freshness, especially for those who like to drink tea very much, like me. I love to drink tea, and I think tea is another name of love for those who love tea a lot. 

However, tea is not only drunk because it gives a refreshing feeling or it is delicious to drink but also for health benefits. Although green tea has become very popular these days for its health benefits, people also consume many other types of tea, such as Matcha tea, Black tea, White tea, etc. Today I will share with you how to make white tea at home.

3 Easy Recipes for How to Make White Tea at Home

To teach you how to make white tea at home, today we have bought 3-distinct white tea recipes for you. So, let’s take a look at 3- popular white tea recipes that you can cook at home.

  1. White Tea (How to Brew White Tea)
  2. White Berry Tea with Lemon
  3. White Tea (Sallye)

1. Regular White Tea (How to Brew White Tea)

This one is a regular white tea recipe. It is effortless to make and requires very few ingredients. Let’s put a glance to see how to make it-


  • Water: 6-ounces (Plus more to pre-warm the cup or pot)
  • White Tea: 2-teaspoon 


  1. Prepare a tea kettle. With boil water, heat this to 160F-180F.
  2. Into a cup or pot, pour some boiled water. Once the cup or pot is hot, remove the hot water.
  3. Now, place the leaves or buds into the cup or teapot. If you want to add tea buds or tea leaves, pour 2-tablespoons tea for 6-ounces water, and if you’re going to add both tea buds and leaves, pour 1-and 1/2-tablespoons tea for 6-ounces water. 
  4. Next, pour the hot water over the tea buds or tea leaves.
  5. Cover the cup or teapot with a small saucer or lid. When the tea attains a flavor that you prefer best, drink your white tea.

2. White Berry Tea with Lemon

If you want to make white tea at home with a bit of diversity in taste, try this recipe for sure. You can also add a little lemon and honey to enhance the tea taste. However, this white tea infused with berries and lemon will help you burn fat and boost your metabolism. I hope, every time whenever you drink it, you’ll enjoy it most.


  • Water: 1-cup
  • Berries: 4-6 pieces
  • White Tea Teabags- 1-piece
  • Sugar or Honey: 1-tablespoon
  • Lemon Juice (Quarter lemon)


  1. Take a pot, and boil the water. 
  2. Next, add a teabag to it. Steep it for about 2-3 minutes. You can keep the tea bag or tea leaves a little longer if you want a strong flavor.
  3. Now add berries, sugar or honey, and lemon juice to boost the flavor of your tea.
  4. Next, strain the tea leaves and pour the tea into the cup.
  5. Finally, the tea is ready to drink.

Note: However, if you prefer to drink this tea cold, wait for 5 minutes to cool down the tea. Finally, pour the tea into the cup and put it in the fridge to get iced.

3. White Tea (Sallye)

This recipe is the quickest way to enjoy a cup of refreshing white tea. By following this recipe, you can prepare white tea in your microwave.  


  • Hot Water: 8-12-oz
  • White Tea Bags: 1-2-pieces
  • Lemon Juice: 2-tablespoon
  • Clover Honey: 2-tablespoon (if available)


  1. Arrange a microwave-proof mug. Pour water and tea bags into it, and place them in the oven. Heat the oven on full power for about 2 to 2-1/2 minutes. You don’t need to boil this water.
  2. Remove the mug from the microwave oven. Now, cover it with a saucer or paper towel. For about 5-7minutes, let it steep.
  3. Add lemon juice and honey.
  4. Remove tea bags. Mix it well with a spoon until all the ingredients dissolve perfectly.

Is White Tea Bad for Your Kidneys?

White tea is good for the body as it reduces cancer risk, helps lose weight, and reduces heart attack and stroke risk. Also, white tea plays a vital role in protecting kidneys. But, drinking white tea will not benefit those suffering from kidney stones.

Can I Put White Tea on My Face?

Yes, you can. White tea is beneficial for skin protection. It protects your skin cells from breaking down and helps to tighten them. Again, white tea also effectively removes wrinkles and works as an anti-aging treatment yet.

Can You Drink White Tea on an Empty Stomach?

No. You can’t drink white tea on an empty stomach. Because sipping white tea on an empty stomach can prove harmful to your kidneys. However, you can drink white tea after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Final Verdict

Overall, white tea is very effortless to make. It requires very few ingredients to make at home. However, there is no set rule for its taste to be perfect. You can add ingredients of your choice to make it taste different. So, don’t get panicked about how to make white tea at home. Follow any of the recipes mentioned earlier and enjoy white tea with your family and friends.

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