10 Herbal Tea Recipes: How to Make Herbal Tea for Weight Loss at Home?

Last Updated on December 25, 2023 by Amanda P. Brown

Herbal teas are prepared from fruits, dried herbs, spices, and flowers. So on this basis, herbal teas are not actual tea at all. But they have numerous health-promoting properties yet. Typically herbal teas are good for digestion, anti-aging, pain reduction, insomnia, immune system, brain function, weight loss, unwinding, and preventing chronic disease. Therefore, by drinking herbal tea, you can keep your body healthy and lose your excess weight yet.

Here I will share 10-healthy herbal tea recipes which have medicinal qualities. Keep reading this article to learn How to Make Herbal Tea for Weight Loss at Home.

How to Make Herbal Tea for Weight Loss at Home?

Teas like black, green, white, and oolong tea, herbal teas are also helpful to our health. However, to make your herbal tea effective for weight loss, you need to add 3 ingredients in your tea: ajwain or carom seeds, lemon, and half-inch ginger. 

These ingredients are beneficial and effective in boosting our metabolism and weight loss process. Along with them, cinnamon, lemongrass, coleus, and Garcinia Cambogia herbs are also helpful to improve metabolism and reduce extra weight from our body. 

How to Make Herbal Tea Taste Better?

Tomakeherbal tea more refreshing and flavorful, you can add many herbs to your tea. Here I suggest 10 additives to make your herbal tea taste better. These are:

  • Milk 
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Peppermint
  • Basil
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Rose 
  • Maple syrup
  • Tulsi

10- Herbal Tea Recipes for Weight Loss at Home

Herbal teas offer a wide variety of flavors and have a positive effect on health yet. If you become familiar with herbal ingredients and maintain proper quantity and process, you can enjoy healthy herbal teas of various refreshing flavors at your home. 

Therefore, today I’m sharing 10-popular herbal tea recipes for weight lossthat are easy to cook at homeon your own. More or less, all the following herbal teas are healthy and indeed effective for weight loss yet.

1. Sage Tea

Sage tea is a caffeine-free beverage that has been used as a traditional medicine for a long time. Antioxidants in this tea help to prevent cancer and diabetes. Sage tea is also famous for weight loss. It lowers harmful cholesterol levels in the body, improves sluggish metabolism, and reduces the risk of obesity.


  • Water: 1-cup
  • Fresh Sage Leaves: 1-tablespoon
  • Honey: to sweeten
  • Lemon: 1-wedge


  • Boil the water in a pan. Put the pan down from the heat and add sage into it.
  • Let it rest for 5 minutes. Remove sage from the tea.
  • Serve the tea in a cup. Stir lemon and honey. You can enjoy it both hot or cold.

2. Tulsi Tea

Want to know How to Make Herbal Tea for Weight Loss at Home? Then by using this holy leaf, you can easily make herbal tea to lose weight. Tulsi is regarded as the king of herbs. It has several components that can help with anxiety, inflammation, stress, and gastrointestinal problems. In addition, Tulsi tea is also commonly consumed for weight loss.


  • Honey: ½-teaspoon
  • Water: 1 ½-cups
  • Tulsi Leaves: 1-teaspoon
  • Lemon Juice: 2-teaspoons


  • Boil water on high heat in a small pan. Once it starts boiling, turn the heat low and add tulsi leaves. Let it steep for 15 minutes.
  • Strain the tea and add lemon juice. Stir honey into it.
  • Serve it warm. 

3. Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea, often known as Jamaica tea, is a reddish-brown beverage produced from dried or fresh hibiscus flowers steeped in water. You can enjoy it both hot or cold. It’s a must-drink for its energizing flavor and health advantages. Hibiscus tea has more antioxidants than any other herbal tea, making it particularly beneficial for repairing damaged cells. Consuming hibiscus tea also improve blood sugar level, reduce bad cholesterol, and promotes weight loss because it has zero calories. 


  • Honey: 2-teaspoons
  • Water: 2-cups
  • Hibiscus Petals: 2 (dried and large)
  • Ginger: 1-inch (chopped)


  • Place the pan over medium heat. Add ginger and water. Then boil the liquor.
  • Now turn the flame off and add hibiscus petals. Steep it for 6 minutes.
  • Separate the petals and pour them into a glass. Add honey, mix it well.
  • Serve it immediately. 

4. Thyme Tea

Thyme has been used in cooking and medicine since ancient times. Thyme tea is a natural therapy for various ailments, including gastrointestinal health, cough relief, stomach distress, eye infection prevention, and acne-free skin. This tea has a pleasant and calming flavor. You can make this excellent tea within some minutes.


  • Coriander Seeds: ½-teaspoon (lightly crushed)
  • Water: 3-cups
  • Whole Fennel Seeds: ½-teaspoon (lightly crushed)
  • Thyme Springs: 10 (tender, thin)


  • Boil the water in a pan.
  • Add fennel seeds and coriander, and let it steep for 10 minutes.
  • Strain the tea and serve warm. (You can refrigerate it for 1 day).

5. Rosemary Tea

Rosemary tea is another healthful antioxidant-rich beverage. Drinking 3 cups of rosemary tea each day can help in digestive issues. Fresh rosemary springs are the key ingredients in this tea, which give it a wonderful scent. It has a fresh and strong smell of wood, pine, and pepper.


  • Lemon Wedge: 1
  • Boiling Water: as required
  • Fresh Rosemary Sprigs: 2
  • Honey: as required


  • Boil the water in a pot. Add rosemary sprigs in a glass or a mug.
  • Pour the hot water over it. Let it sheer for 5 minutes.
  • Strain the tea and remove Rosemary from it.
  • Stir honey with the tea and squeeze lemon for the best flavor. 

6. Ginger Tea

You can make this hot and spicy ginger tea with some essential ingredients. Again, you can make this drink more pleasant and healthier by adding lemon, cinnamon, turmeric, and honey. Ginger tea is an excellent substitute for black tea. It’s a perfect cup of tea for waking you up in the morning or relaxing you down in the evening.


  • Water: 1-cup
  • Ginger: 1-inch (chunks of fresh and sliced into pieces)

For Flavor (Optional Ingredients)

  • Fresh Lemon: 1 (thin and round)
  • Honey: 1-teaspoon
  • Cinnamon stick: 1
  • Turmeric: 1-inch (fresh, thinly sliced)


  • Add water, ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon stick in a pan.
  • Place the pan over high heat. Bring it to boil.
  • After boiling, reduce the heat and let it simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Now turn off the heat and strain the tea into a mug. Stir honey and add lemon.
  • Serve instantly. 

Nutrition Facts:

  • Carbohydrate-0.4g
  • Total Calories- 2

7. Mint Tea

Mint tea is easy to make. You need two ingredients and a few steps to make this delightful beverage. It is one of the most largely consumed teas in both Asia and Europe. Mint tea, in particular, is popular among people who undergo gastrointestinal problems. Mint tea has no caffeine that helps you sleep better at night.


  • Fresh Mint Leaves: 15
  • Water: 2-cups

Optional Ingredients

  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Lemon: 2-slices
  • Honey: as required
  • Ice: 1-cup


  • Boil the water in a pan. Once it has boiled, turn the heat off and add fresh mint leaves.
  • Steep it for 5 minutes. Add lemon juice and honey.
  • Serve the tea with lemon slices in cups.

8. Oregano Tea

Though oregano has a slightly bitter flavor, it offers several health benefits, which is why it is consumed as a tea form. To make this tea, you only need a cup of boiling water and dried or fresh oregano leaves. Herbal oregano tea is brewed from fresh herbs which are light, wonderfully scented, and nutrient-dense.


  • Honey: 1-teaspoon
  • Boiling Water: 1 to 2-Cups
  • Sprig Fresh Oregano: 1 (5-Inch)


  • Combine oregano in hot water for 3 minutes.
  • Remove oregano from it and stir honey with it.
  • Serve hot. 

Nutrition Facts:

  • Protein-1g
  • Sugar-1g
  • Carbohydrates-3g
  • Fat-1g
  • Total Calories-13

9. Rooibos Iced Tea 

If you want a light-flavored tea, rooibos is an excellent option. You may also flavor it with whatever you want, such as blueberry, honey, creamy milk, or lemon. According to research, rooibos tea can help with skin problems, bone weakness, dermatitis, and asthma and give you energy throughout the day. It may be the most fabulous tea for everyday consumption.


  • Ice Cubes: as required 
  • Sweetener: according to taste (can use sugar, honey)
  • Water: 6-cups
  • Lemon Juice: 1-teaspoon
  • Loose Tea: 4-tea bags or 2-tablespoons


  • Boil the water in a pan over the medium flame. Put down the pan from heat and add tea bags. Let it sheer for 5 minutes.
  • Add sugar or honey to taste. Now, let the tea cool for 30 minutes or till it comes to normal temperature.
  • Pour the tea into the container or in a jar. Serve it with ice cubes. 

10. Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile is derived from the Ancient Greek words Kamai (earth) and melon (fruit) (apple). This tea is widely well known to the world for its medical and caffeine-free components. It has a smooth texture but is still a clean, sweetly flowery herbal tea. Also, it offers a wonderful calming taste from the first sip.


  • Honey: according to taste 
  • Dried Chamomile: 3-teaspoons
  • Water: 2-cups 


  • Heat the water in a small saucepan on a high flame. Once it starts boiling, put the flame off and add dried chamomile. 
  • Cover and steep it for 2 minutes.
  • Discard the dried chamomile and pour the tea into the teacups. 
  • Stir honey as a sweetener as per your taste. Enjoy it. 

How to Make Herbal Tea Powder at Home?

Ready-made tea bags are often made with broken tea leaves, which have to lack aroma and flavor. Therefore, making herbal tea powder at home is the most acceptable option for ensuring nutritional value, better taste, and higher herbal tea quality. You will require the following components to prepare herbal tea powder:

For Calm and Sleepy


  • Chamomile: ½ cup
  • Passionflower: ½-cup
  • Spearmint: ¼-cup
  • Skullcap: ½-cup
  • Lemon Balm: 1-cup


  • Oat Straw: ½-cup
  • Lavender: 1-tablespoon 
  • Stevia (for sweetness): 1-teaspoon 
  • Valerian Root: ¼-cup 
  • Buds or Rose Petals: 1-tablespoon 

For Brain Boost


  • Dried Rosemary: ¼-cup 
  • Gota Cola: ½-cup 
  • Peppermint:1-cup 
  • Ginko Biloba: ½-cup 
  • Tulsi: ½-cup


  • Stevia: for sweetness
  •  Brahmi: ½-cup 

For Happy Liver


  •  Ginger Chips: 2-tablespoons
  • Roasted Dandelion Root: 1-cup
  • Schisandra Berries: ¼ cup
  •  Licorice Root: 1-tablespoon
  • Roasted Chicory Root: ¼ cup 


  • Cocoa Nibs: ¼-cup
  • Milk Thistle: ¼-cup


In a small bowl, combine all of the herbs. Store the herb combination in a well-covered container. You can also use 1 tablespoon of spices to make 1 cup of herbal tea or hot water. For at least 5 minutes to up to 20 minutes, steep herbs in heated water.

Final Verdict

Herbal tea was first consumed thousands of years ago in ancient China and Egypt, but now it is famous worldwide due to its health benefits. Again, herbal teas don’t contain caffeine. So everybody can drink this tea regularly without worrying about anything. 

Yet, according to some studies, one cup of herbal tea per day is sufficient for your physical and emotional well-being. In this article, I’ve shared 10 recipes on How to Make Herbal Tea for Weight Loss at Home. All these 10 herbal tea recipes (described above) are easy to prepare and beneficial for health. So, if you are a tea lover, why are you delaying? Give a try to our every herbal tea recipe and enjoy your moment to the fullest.  

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