21Best Boba Drinks Flavors that You Can Try

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Boba drinks are one kind of tea, called bubble tea. It is one of the most popular drinks in Taiwan, and so it is also known as Taiwanese deink. But nowadays, the best boba drinks have become more familiar all over the world. 

Moreover, this Boba tea is usually made from milk, tea, tapioca pearls, and sugar. It also adds jellies, fruits, and puddings yet. Besides, this delicious drink comes in lots of flavors. From vanilla to strawberry, this tea is available in every possible taste. 

6 Best Boba Drinks Flavors with Recipes

Now the question is, which one is the best flavor? Here, to help you, we have come with the 6- best boba drinks that are very delicious in taste and different in flavor. They are:

  1. Brown Sugar Milk Tea
  2. Mango Milk Tea
  3. Honeyed Berry Orange Bubble Tea
  4. Black Milk Tea
  5. Taro Milk Tea
  6. Thai Milk Tea

1. Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

This one, known as tiger milk tea, is one of the best boba drinks. This flavor is incredibly delicious and also hugely popular among people worldwide.


  • 2 Cup Tapioca Pearl
  • 1 Cup Brown Sugar
  • Tea Leaves
  • Ice Cube
  • 2 Cup Fresh Milk 
  • Water as Your Need


  • Firstly, pour tapioca pearl into boiling water. Cook it for 10-12 minutes. Then drain the tapioca pearls in cold water and set them aside. 
  • Then, pour water into another pan and add dark brown sugar. Cook it in medium heat for 10-13 minutes until it thickens. Then, set to low heat. 
  • Add in tapioca pearls. Cook it for another 2 minutes. After it thickens, turn off the heat. Let it cool for some minutes.
  • Transfer it to a bowl. Set tapioca pearls aside and let them cool. 
  • Now for the milk tea- boil water in another pan and add tea leaves. Boil it for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add the whole milk to evaporated tea. Let it simmer for a couple of minutes and turn the heat off. 
  • Use cheesecloth to drain the milk tea. You can serve it hot or refrigerate it to make it cold. 
  • Use any cup you prefer. Distribute the tapioca pearls evenly around the cup. Slowly pour the milk tea into the cup. 
  • Finally, it is prepared for serving with an ice cube. 

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories 771 Kcal
  • Protein 8g
  • Saturated Fat 5g
  • Sodium 150mg
  • Sugar 146g
  • Calcium 393mg
  • Carbohydrates 173g
  • Fat 8g
  • Cholesterol 24mg
  • Potassium 505mg
  • Vitamin a 395 iu
  • Iron 1mg

2. Mango Milk Tea

Mango Milk Tea

Mango Milk Tea is another popular one among the best boba tea drinks. This one is made from sweet and juicy mangoes along with milk as well. 


  • Chopped and Peeled Mango
  • Green Tea Bag
  • Tablespoon Honey
  • ¼ Cup of Coconut Oil
  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 2 Oz Tapioca Pearls


  • Firstly, boil water in a pan and put a green tea bag into a half cup of boiled water.
  • Keep the green tea bag in boiling water for about a couple of minutes and then remove.
  • Add honey and mix well. After that, put it inside the refrigerator and make it cold.
  • Then, pour tapioca pearl into boiling water. Cook it for 10 minutes and drain the tapioca pearls in cold water.
  • After that, blend coconut milk and chopped mango well until smooth.
  • Add cooked tapioca pearls, mango mixture, and tea in a mug. Mix well and serve.

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories 539
  • Protein 4.3g
  • Sugar 66.4g
  • Fat 15.6g
  • Carbohydrates 104.7g
  • Sodium 14mg
  • Saturated Fat 13g
  • Fiber 7.1g

3. Honeyed Berry Orange Bubble Tea

Honeyed Berry Orange Bubble Tea

It is another best boba drink that everybody loves to drink due to its flavor. For making this tea, you need the following ingredients. 


  • 1-2 tbsp Honey
  • 1/2 Cup Chilled Fresh Orange Juice
  • 2-3 tbsp Condensed Milk (Optional)
  • 1/4 Cup Tapioca Pearls (Uncooked)
  • 1 Cup Softened Orange or Berry Tea
  • 1-2 Mashed Fresh Strawberries


  • Firstly, prepare the tapioca pearls by following the package instructions. Place cooked tapioca pearls in a bowl and add honey. Let it cool.
  • In a glass, add cooled pearls, strawberries, orange juice, combine tea. You can also add milk if you like. 
  • Add ice as your preference and mix well.  

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories 205
  • Protein 1.1g
  • Fat 0.3g
  • Carbohydrate 50.8g
  • Sugar 23.8g
  • Vitamin a 284mcg
  • Calcium 23mg
  • Sodium 11mg
  • Fiber 0.5g
  • Vitamin C 70.9mg
  • Potassium 287mg

4. Black Milk Tea

Black Milk Tea

Black Milk Tea is the most classical boba drink. Nowadays, this tea becomes one of the boba guys best drinks.


  • Water as Per as Your Need
  • 2- Bags Black Tea
  • 1 Cup Black Tapioca Pearl
  • 1 Cup Fresh Milk
  • 2 tbsp Brown Sugar
  • Ice 
  • 4 tbsp Sugar


  • Firstly, combine 2-bags of black tea and 2-cups of hot water in a mug or glass jar.
  • Give 3-5 minutes to sit. Remove the tea bag after 5 minutes and allow it to cool.  
  • After that, prepare tapioca pearls according to the packet instructions.
  • In a bowl, combine water and 2 tbsp brown sugar. You should mix cooked black pearls into the sugar mixture. 
  • Then pour 1/2 cup black tapioca pearl on each cup and add 4 tbsp sugar (you can also use honey). Add 1 cup brewed black tea and 1/2cup fresh milk.
  • Finally, serve it with ice and enjoy.

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories 120
  • Carbohydrates 28g
  • Sugar 28g
  • Fat 1.5g

5. Taro Milk Tea

Taro Milk Tea

Taro Milk Tea is trendy for its purple color and unique flavor. It is renowned as one of the best Taiwanese drinks also. 


  • 150ml Hot Water
  • 3- Non-dairy Creamer 36g
  • 2 tbsp Taro Powder
  • 30cc (25ml) Fructose or Sugar / 2 tbsp Honey
  • 100ml Jasmine Green Tea
  • Ice
  • 1/3 Cup Cooked Tapioca Pearls


  • Firstly, cook tapioca pearls as per the packet instructions. 
  • Prepare jasmine green tea by putting tea leaves in warm water (176°F or 80°C) and cooking them for 5 minutes. And then take away the leaves from the tea.
  • Add hot water, 3- non-dairy creamers, taro powder in a jug, and stir.
  • Then add fructose (you can use honey or sugar also). Add jasmine green tea and ice and shake well.
  • In a glass, pour cooked tapioca pearls and add the mixture. Then serve.

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories 260
  • Carbohydrate 48g
  • Fat 4g
  • Cholesterol 5mg
  • Saturated fat 3.5g
  • Sodium 270mg

6. Thai Milk Tea

Thai Milk Tea

Thai milk tea is the most delicious drink among boba drinks. It is very flavorful and also easy to prepare.


  • 2- tbs Tea Powder (Cha Tra Mue Brand)
  • 250-300ml Hot Water
  • 2- ts Sugar
  • 3- ts Condensed Milk
  • 1-tbs Evaporated Milk


  • Firstly, add tea powder in hot water (need not be boiling) and strain tea approx 6-7 times to enhanced taste.
  • Then add sugar, condensed milk, and stir.
  • Take a tall glass and fill it with ice. Then, pour the mixture.
  • Drizzle evaporated milk and serve.

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories 290
  • Cholesterol 35mg
  • Fat 11g
  • Carbohydrate 48g
  • Saturated fat 7g
  • Sodium 70mg

15 Other Popular Flavors of Boba Drink

Excepting those mentioned above 6 best boba drinks, boba teas are also available in some other delicious flavors to serve people of a different taste. The followings are some unique boba tea variations you must try to relieve your thirst.  

1. Honeydew


The flavor of honeydew is delicate and mild, making it the ideal choice for boba drinks. Green melon has a little sweetness, but by blending it with ice, green tea, condensed milk, and boba, this drink takes on an entirely new dimension in flavor.

2. Blueberry Boba

Blueberry Boba

This Blueberry boba drink makes with natural blueberry simple syrup without any additional artificial tastes. Tapioca is commonly used to make the balls used in this drink. Although the texture of the homemade tea may change somewhat from the original, its flavor and appearance will be identical.

3. Chai Boba Tea

Chai Boba Tea

Chai boba tea is one fragrant and milky tea variety that is quick and easy to prepare. The coconut milk in this drink is velvety smooth, and the honey adds just the right amount of sweetness. This drink is the perfect vessel for the tasty tapioca pearls that float in it.

14. Red Bean Boba

Red Bean Boba

Red bean, a traditional Taiwanese flavor, is a popular choice for boba. Red bean paste’s naturally silky texture and sweetness make it a popular ingredient in sweet and savory meals served in Asian restaurants. Instead of going with a too-sweet taste like strawberry, red bean is a wonderful change of pace.

5. Black Sesame Boba

Black Sesame Boba

A common Asian boba flavor is black sesame. Although the name “black sesame bubble drink” may seem strange, it tastes marvelous. This drink has a grey hue using tapioca, milk, water, black sesame, and sugar syrup. Serving it over ice enhances the cool, refreshing taste.

6. Lychee Boba Tea

Lychee Boba Tea

A cup of Lychee Boba Tea will be an excellent tasty treat on summer days. The tea taste adds depth, the lychee adds sweetness and scent, the milk adds creaminess, the boba balls provide texture and body, and the bubbles add a novel feeling to this drink. Some say it has a rose’s aroma and a grape’s flavor.

7. Matcha Boba 

Matcha Boba

The combination of matcha and boba tea makes it the perfect staple for a summer drink. In addition to matcha green tea, water, tapioca pearls, and milk, this matcha boba drink also includes sweeteners. One can add ice to their cup of matcha bubble tea if they want their beverage cold.

8. Rose Boba 

Rose Boba

You should definitely give this rose boba drink a chance if you’re seeking something unique and packed with flavor. This particular kind of boba is available either as a milk tea or as a fruitier alternative to choose from. In contrast hand, the key ingredient of this beverage includes boba, milk, rose syrup, rose petals, and black tea.

9. Almond Milk Tea

Almond Milk Tea

For individuals who desire boba beverages with an extraordinary silky texture, almond milk tea is the ideal option. Given that it doesn’t include any dairy components, this beverage has a different fan base. Almond flakes, tapioca pearls, and brown sugar make this creamy, smooth almond milk tea.

10. Coconut Boba Tea

Coconut Boba Tea

Of all the fruit tastes, coconut is one of the most divisive. If you enjoy coconut, you shouldn’t be hesitant to try it in tea form. Vanilla essence, coconut cream, and black tea go into this boba drink.

11. Jasmine Milk Tea

Jasmine Milk Tea

If you like the floral flavors of jasmine tea, you’ll love this drink. Again, this dairy-free drink is made with agave syrup, tapioca pearls, jasmine tea, and almond milk. 

Additionally, you can alter the components to suit your tastes.

12. Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice

Boba with pumpkin spice became inevitable. This amazing recipe for Pumpkin Spice Bubble Milk Tea with Boba is something you’ll adore. Throughout the fall, you’ll want to sip this creamy, delectable beverage made of black tea, pumpkin, and spices.

13. Horchata Boba

Horchata Boba

The horchata boba taste is gaining popularity as a crossover item, especially in California. This beverage’s cinnamon, sugar, and rice milk give it a flavor reminiscent of liquid rice pudding. This boba drink certainly seems to have a lot going for it.

14. Pineapple Boba

Pineapple Boba

This pineapple boba tea is perfect if you want a fruitier kind of boba. It has a sweet and somewhat tangy flavor. You may get this flavor in milk or regular variety at many bubble tea places. The tea, boba pearls, condensed milk, ice cubes, and pineapple juice are all added for the tea’s authentic flavor.

15. Wintermelon Milk Tea

Wintermelon Tea

Wintermelon milk tea, the latest craze in boba drinks, has become a hit. This cold beverage is the ideal relief from the summer’s oppressive heat.o the sweltering heat of summer. This wintermelon milk tea is prepared with oat milk, coconut sugar, brown sugar, jasmine tea bags, tapioca pearls, and maple syrup. 

What Is the Healthiest Boba Tea? 

Matcha bubble tea is the healthiest boba tea. It offers excellent health benefits due to containing fresh organic milk without any sugar. Besides, Thai milk tea and Taro milk tea are also the healthiest boba tea. These teas are low in fat and cholesterol. Again, the quantity of sugar is also lower in these teas.

What Are the Most Popular Boba Tea Flavors?

Boba tea is famous for its flavors. There are lots of flavors in boba tea. Here are the 10- most popular boba tea flavors:

• Brown Sugar Flavor
• Taro Flavor
• Mango Flavor
• Jasmine Flavor
• Red bean Flavor
• Matcha Green Tea Flavor
• Hojicha Green Tea Flavor
• Orange Flavor
• Honeydew Flavor
• Strawberry Flavor

What Are the Most Unique Boba Milk Tea Flavors?

Boba milk tea has different flavors. But its some unique flavors are very famous all over the world. Here, we have listed some most unique boba milk tea flavors:

• Crème brulee milk Tea
• Cookies and Cream Milk Tea
• Peppermint Milk Tea
• Butterfly Pea Flower Milk Tea
• Lavender Milk Tea
• Avocado Milk Tea
• Kashmiri Chai Milk Tea

    Final Verdict

    Boba tea is a tasty and refreshing drink. People, especially youth, drink it very often. Also, this unique drink is suitable for home parties, especially for birthday parties and dinner. You can serve boba tea to your guest along with various finger foods. However, if you haven’t tasted it yet, you can try our given 6- best boba drinks first. Of course, they will be refreshing, tasty, and also satisfactory to drink.

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