Combination Fried Rice Recipes

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Did you ever think of any one-pot meals that you can cook anytime you want? Yes, whether it is a busy Monday morning or the end of a busy day, the first name that came across your mind in that kind of situation is fried rice. You can cook fried rice even when you are getting late for work and need to pack your lunch, or in the evening when you are super tired and do not have enough energy to make a heavy dish for dinner. Therefore, today, we will share Combination Fried Rice recipes for your assistance.

This superfood will turn your meal into an utterly nutritious meal and provide you with an adequate number of carbs with good protein and vitamin sources. One good thing about this combination fried rice is you can add every possible veggie and different meats based on your choice to make this rice healthier and tasty. So whatever your situation is, you can enjoy this combination fried rice along with a soup bowl or any light appetizer.

Common Ingredients for Combination Fried Rice Recipes

Here we are giving a basic list of essential ingredients for Combination Fried Rice recipes, and it will help you recheck your fridge or make a grocery list.


Rice is an essential element for the combination fried rice. It contains carbs, which is a good source of carbohydrates. Therefore, when you have rice in your meal, you will have a full-filling feel for a long. 

However, long grains rice is preferable for the fried rice. But for health purposes, you can use brown rice. It would be healthy, and you can have it daily as well. But remember one thing, whatever the type of rice you take, it needs to be leftover, which means you need to store it in the refrigerator overnight.


Without protein, people usually don’t get attracted by the rice. For making the combination fried rice delicious, protein needs to be added to the fried rice. Not only that, but protein is necessary for the meal as well. So at least, you need to add protein in a limited amount to your combination rice.  

However, the choice of protein is up to your preference. You can add beef, pork, chicken, or shrimp, whichever is available to you or make you taste better. Again, you can skip anything if you have an allergic issue. Also, you can add various meat together for nutritional benefits and better taste. But the chicken egg is the most common and most used protein for the fried rice. It’s a clean protein option for fried rice. 


Vegetable contains fiber, minerals and lot of other nutrition which makes us healthy and active. For making your fried rice more nutritious and tasty to your tung, you can use various vegetables, whichever you want. You can use frozen peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and any color of bell pepper or lettuce. 

Moreover, if you don’t like veggies alone, steamed, or sauteed, this fried rice can be an excellent option for you to have more veggies through it. So you can increase the portion of vegetables in this combination of fried rice. However, if you want to be on a diet or stay fit, the vegetable, protein, and rice ratio could be 3:2:1 in this combination of fried rice. No matter which forms you are consuming, it’s good to eat more veggies for health benefits. 


The seasoning of the fried rice is always classic and essential. Salt and pepper are the most essentials ones. You can add coriander chopped, celery chopped, or green onion chopped to increase the flavors. But it’s always up to you which quantity you prefer to eat. 


In the Chinese recipe, soya sauce is the most basic sauce that they ever use. So soya sauce is a must for having an authentic taste of fried rice. Along with you can also add oyster sauce and tomato sauce according to your liking. 


Butter increases the flavor of fried rice, and authentically butter is mainly used in Chinese recipes. Besides, butter has an excellent probiotic, which is good for health. Therefore, you can use a bit of butter in your fried rice without any doubt. 


You can wonder why this garlic is essential to fried rice. But the fun part is these little pieces of garlic can entirely change the flavor of fried rice. Therefore, it’d be beneficial if you add garlic to your fried rice. It is both nutritious and tasteful. So, you can use it in a small amount also. 


Oil is the fundamental element of cooking. So it is recommended to use a healthy oil for cooking. Therefore, olive oil would be the best rather than any oil because it’s lightweight and low in calories. Otherwise, you can use sesame oil along with butter to increase the flavors. 

 Some Tips for Cooking Combination Fried Rice: 

Our combination fried rice recipe is a kind of recipe that any amateur cook can make, but you need to be careful to make perfect and authentic fried rice. Here are some tips for cooking combination fried rice.

  1. Using frozen leftover rice is a must for cooking a bowl of perfect fried rice. 
  2. Chinese cooking required high flame. But the science behind this is high flame makes the veggies crunch and doesn’t ruin their natural color. And it also the same for the fried rice as well. 
  3. Heavy bottom big yok is also required to stir well and continue the fried rice cooking with perfection. 
  4. Use vegetable which is less watery because watery veggies make the fried rice sticky you won’t like. 
  5. Don’t overuse the sauce because it can change the whole taste. So use it gradually and mix well before adding more. 
  6. Most importantly, continue to taste it for further cooking. 
  7. Use garlic and butter for the mild and authentic flavor of fried rice. 

Combination Fried Rice Ingredients:

  • Chicken Strips – Half Cup
  • Beef Strips – Half Cup
  • Pork Strips – Half Cup
  • Shrimp – Half Cup
  • Egg Whisked – Two
  • Leftover Frozen Rice – 2 to 3 Cups
  • Oil – One Fourth Cup
  • Sesame Oil – 2 Tablespoons
  • Butter – 3 Tablespoons
  • Diced Carrots – 2 Medium Size
  • Frozen Peas – Half Cup
  • Colorful Bell Pepper Chopped – Half Cup
  • White Onion Chopped – 1 Medium Size
  • Green Onion Chopped – Half Cup
  • Shredded Lettuce – Half Cup
  • Celery Sliced – One Fourth Cup
  • Garlic Minced – 4 Cloves
  • Soy Sauce – 4 Tablespoons as Per Taste
  • Tomato Sauce – 3 Tablespoons or as Per Taste
  • Oyster Sauce – 2 Tablespoons
  • Salt – as Per Taste
  • Black Pepper – as Per Taste

Combination Fried Rice Recipe for the Home Cook

Combination Fried Rice


Firstly, marinate all the chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp separately with some salt and pepper for a while. After that, take a pan and turn the flame on. 


When the pan is heated enough, put some oil and sauté the beef and pork first because it takes the most time to cook. In the meantime, during cooking, you can taste and add the salt in line with your preference. 


When it’s done, transfer it to a plate and do the same procedure with the chicken and shrimp. It will take less time than beef and pork. 


When the chicken and shrimps are also done, then transfer them to the same plate. Now it’s egg turn. So put some oil again if required. Add some salt and pepper to the whisked egg and pour it into the pan. If one side is finished, turn it around and cook another side according to your preferences. Cut the eggs into small pieces in the pan, or you can do this on your chopping board also. Transfer into a plate. 


In a heavy bottom, a large yok gives a high flame. So heat the yok evenly. Add the butter and sesame oil to it to prevent the butter from burning. And the sesame oil will also add a pleasant taste to your fried rice. 


Add the minced garlic and fry them lightly until they release a pleasant smell. Also, add the onion and saute it for one minute. Add the carrot and Sautee, then wait for 2-minutes. 


After that, gradually add the peas and another vegetable to sauté them. After sautéing the vegetable add all the chicken, beef, prawn, pork, and egg. 


On another side, in a small bowl, mix all the sauce for a great combination. In that hot yok, add the rice. Remember you need to keep the flame high otherwise, rice will be steamed and soft what you might don’t like. As fried rice needs to be a little crunchy, so put the flame high. 


Add the sauce gradually to crease the taste. At this time, you can add the pepper, sauce, and salt in line with your taste. 


Lastly, add the green onion chopped, celery coped, and the shredded lettuce. After 30 seconds or one minute, you can turn the flame off. 

Serve this hot combination fried rice only or along with your favorite side dish. 


  • It will increase the flavor of this fried rice if you cook with chicken broth or stock.
  • You can add any protein of your choice or whatever available in your kitchen.
  • You can alternate the vegetable also.
  • After cooking fried rice, you can save the extra in the refrigerator with an air-tight container. Whenever next you want to have it, just microwave it before serving.

Is Fried Rice Healthy?

Fried rice is a combination of carbs, proteins, and lots of flavors that is mouth-watering. But peoples who are health conscious, they might think is it healthy what I am having. 

When we cook combination fried rice, we usually put lots of elements all together. So it’s on your hand whether you will go for the healthy version or not. 

To make it healthy, you can use leftover brown rice instead of white rice because brown rice is healthy and full of nutrition. It contains more fiber rather than white rice. 

Besides, you can go for chicken or simple egg, instead of beef or red meat. All the colored vegetables are also preferable to make it healthy. 

Again, you can add your preferable flavored or seasoning to this dish to make it more delicious and satisfying to your tung. It’s on your hand to make this dish loaded with sound fiber, protein, great fat, and great carbs and get stacked with nutrients, minerals, and cell reinforcements. 

Therefore, you go with the healthy way for regular consumption. But it’s not harmful to make however you want for one a week or month. 

What Does Fried Rice Go Well With?

Combination fried rice is a full-filling meal for one person. It contains every nutrition and food element. But if you are also a hungry soul like me who used not to get satisfied by the taste of one food, you can go for an appetizer that is tasty and yummy. 

Chicken chili hot wings or drumsticks would be better for you if you love the tangy taste. Egg drop soup, vegetable soup, or hot and sour soup will be filling and healthy for you. 

Besides, Thai basil chicken, chicken, veggies, or beef and vegies would be great if you are a meat lover. Otherwise, you can go with only sauteed veggies as the side dish for being on the healthy side. 

If you are arranging a family dinner or something special, you can go with some finger food. You can serve this fried rice with some sesame noodles or with white sauce pasta containing some veggies. 

On the other hand, if any of your guests like gravy items with fried rice, you can serve any Thai basil chicken curry or any other gravy dish. 

What’s the Best Way to Dry Rice for Making Fried Rice?

When prepared with dry rice, fried rice reaches its best extent. If your leftover is cold, stored in the fridge, and dry enough, you can start cooking. However, freshly cooked rice can use in its place if none is available.

Lay them out on a sheet, then put it in the freezer for 10–20 minutes to cool down. Thus the grains will remain separate without clumping with each other. The next step is to place them in a freezer bag and keep them there for a minimum of two and a half hours. In a flash, you can have perfectly cooked fried rice from your dry rice.

Why is Leftover Rice Better for Fried Rice?

Both freshly cooked rice and leftover rice from a previous meal work well in fried rice. On the other side, leftover rice is drier than newly cooked rice, and you can perfectly fry the rice on your skillet with different toppings. So, to make a perfect textured fried rice, your leftover rice is a wise choice.

What Protein Goes Well With Fried Rice?

Fried rice is one pot easy meal that can make your time. But some protein add is a wise idea to make it heavy and make your table gorgeous. Let’s see what protein goes well with fried rice.
·         Egg drop soup
·         Roasted beef
·         Asian turkey meatballs
·         Beef steak
·         Ground beef
·         Tempura
·         Chicken Teriyaki
·         Lemon Chicken
·         Fried egg

How is Fried Rice Made Without Becoming Soggy?

Dried rice with low moisture is a perfect key ingredient for fried rice. And it may help you to make your fried rice not soggy. You can use cold, leftover rice to make your rice not soggy, as leftovers are much drier. If there isn’t any leftover rice, you can substitute newly cooked rice by refrigerating it or drying the air around it.

What Spices Add Flavor to Fried Rice?

You can enrich the flavor of your fried rice by adding different toppings, spices, and sauces. Commonly you can use soya, oyster, and fish sauce to add flavor. All three will give you unique flavors, but over-adding can ruin the taste. So, add them in small amounts. Then enjoy your fried rice with a delicious taste.

Final Verdict:

Fried rice is the most common Chinese food that we often make in our kitchen. Chinese fried rice is becoming so much famous across the world that it’s less and easy to access ingredients. 

We can easily try any combination fried rice recipes in our kitchen with the leftover meal. And it’s pretty tasty and healthy indeed. Thereby, from a professional to an amateur home cook, almost everyone can cook it and like to have a full-filling meal within a short time.

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