51 Popular Fancy Finger Food Ideas

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The finger foods ideas come from French canapés. It is something that comes in a bite-size. This kind of foods is generally characterized as individual segments of food. We can easily have finger foods without any cutlery. Along with all the fancy finger food ideas, finger food is getting popular nowadays.

However, we people easily get bored with the regular things what we got. We always dig for something new and interesting to make a regular day extraordinary or make a house party more special. And this is how fancy finger foods come. Also, the ideal finger food generally doesn’t make any wreck. Let’s go to the in details of finger food instead of a boring discussion.

List of Some Fancy Finger Food Ideas

Here is the list of some Fancy Finger Food Ideas for making your search easier in real life. 

  1. Tortilla Wrapped With Nutella and Fruits
  2. Tortilla Wrapped With Cheese and Ham
  3. Avocado Toast
  4. Chicken Honey Drumsticks
  5. French Cheese Puffs
  6. Cheesy French Fries
  7. KFC Style Fried Chicken
  8. Cheesy Mashed Potato Fries
  9. Avocado Devilled Egg
  10. Pizza Bombs
  11. Mini Garlic Bread Pizza Cups
  12. Mini Veg and Chicken Sandwich
  13. Ham and Cheese Onion Rings
  14. Shrimps Cups
  15. Chicken and Fries Pot Pies
  16. Deep-fried Deviled Eggs
  17. Pigs in Pretzel Blankets
  18. Italian Sausage Rolls in Parmesan Pastry
  19. Garlic Rolls Pastry
  20. Buffalo Chicken Mozzarella Cheese
  21. Bbq Steak Pops
  22. Coconut Shrimp
  23. Bbq Cheeseburger Onion Rings
  24. Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken Wings
  25. Crispy Sweet, Spicy Sticky Wings
  26. Broiled Cheddar Steak Quesadillas
  27. Beer Battered Shrimp
  28. Barbecue Boneless Ribs
  29. Strawberry Chutney Goat Cheese Bruschetta
  30. Beef Samosas
  31. Chicken Fried Fish Nuggets
  32. Beet Salad on a Stick
  33. Chicken Caesar Salad Pinwheels
  34. Bacon Cream Cheese Bites
  35. Hawaiian Chicken Bites
  36. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Cucumber Bites
  37. Manchego Cheese, Ham and Olive Bites
  38. Mini Chicken and Waffles
  39. Mini Cheeseburger
  40. Easy Pesto Tortellini Skewers
  41. Rosemary Pineapple Mozzarella Bites
  42. Saucy Asian Meatballs
  43. Crispy Baked Chicken Wings
  44. Spicy Shrimp and Sausage Skewers
  45. Glazed Green Bean Bundles
  46. Oven-baked Greek Meats Balls
  47. Ham-and-cheese Sliders
  48. Baked Blt Dip
  49. Yeast Rolls
  50. Baked Brie Bites
  51. Party Poppers

1. Tortilla Wrapped With Nutella and Fruits

Tortilla Wrapped With Nutella and Fruits

The Tortilla is common store-bought bread what we store in our house. To make Tortilla wrapped with Nutella and fruits what you required is a tortilla, some Nutella for spreading and any fruits of your choice or what available in your fridge. In the top of a tortilla spread the Nutella and add some fruits topping to it. You can toast them lightly for crunchiness, or you can have this as it is. For a fancy wrap, you can cut it from the centre then warp it. Easy wrapped is ready for it. 

2. Tortilla Wrapped With Cheese and Ham

Tortilla Wrapped With Cheese and Ham

Tortilla wrapped with cheese and ham is as same as Tortilla wrapped with Nutella and fruits. If you are in the mood of having cheesy instead of sweet and nutty flavours, then you can go for Tortilla wrapped with cheese and ham. Take a tortilla bread spread some shredded mozzarella along with butter. You can add some minced garlic and parsley if you want to. Add the ham as the topping. You can bake or toast it to have this yummy food. 

3. Avocado Toast 

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is a healthy option if you are following any diet. First of all, toast a slice of bread. You can use any toast bread you want. Peel and chop avocado. Mashed it with some lemon juice, salt and crushed pepper. Set it aside. Poached an egg and cut some toppings as your preference on the other side. You can use bell pepper or jalapeño or any toppings you like. Take the toast spread some butter or olive oil. Spread the avocado mix and place the poached egg on top of it. Add your favourite toppings, salt and pepper. That’s all. You can have it as an open sandwich or place another toasted bread on top of it. 

4. Chicken Honey Drumsticks

Chicken Honey Drumsticks

Chicken honey drumsticks are the classic tasty party appetizer. Firstly marinate the chicken with some soya sauce, salt, pepper and yoghurt. After a couple of hours coat them with cornflour salt and paper mix. Coat with some bitten egg and after with some bread crumbs. Deep fry them until the chicken is nicely golden brown and crisp. Transfer them into the plate. In another pan sauté the chicken with some honey and sesame seeds. Yummy chicken honey drumsticks are ready.

5. French Cheese Puffs

French Cheese Puffs

French cheese puffs are kind of pastry loaded with cheese. In a ready-made pastry sheet, put a cube of cheese and roll it. In a baking tray grace, some butter put a baking sheet. Place all the pastry and bake them brown and crisp. Garnish with some liquid chocolate if you want to.

6. Cheesy French Fries

Cheesy French Fries

Cheesy French fries is something that makes your regular French fries more delicious. Suppose you are using ready to fry store-bought French fries. Then fry them as regular. After that take 3 to 4 French fries and roll with a cheese slice. Then add some salt and crushed pepper. In a baking tray, bake them. It’s ready to serve.

7. Cheesy Mashed Potato Fries

Cheesy Mashed Potato Fries

Cheesy mashed potato fries are extremely delicious party snacks for making it boiled some potatoes. Mashed the potato and mix some herbs along with the salt and pepper. Add some cornflour and shredded cheese. Mix gently and shape them as finger size French fries. For extra crunch, you can coat them with some bread crumb. In a pan take enough amount of oil and heat them. Fry the fries nice brown and crisp. Serve with some sauce or tomato ketchup. 

8. Avocado Devilled Egg

Avocado Devilled Egg

The avocado devilled egg is something very healthy for making this cut the boiled egg into half. Separate the yolk. Another side mashed avocado with salt, pepper and the yolk. Pour the mixture into the whole of boiled egg. For garnish, you can add a piece of nachos. Your healthy and delicious bite-size avocado devilled egg is ready. 

9. Pizza Bombs

Pizza Bombs

For making a pizza bomb, take a pizza dough and cut them into little pieces. Make the dough little round in shape add some pizza sauce, add bacon or chicken and some favourite toppings of veggies. Bell pepper is preferable. Add some cheese and mix herbs and roll them into a round shape. In a baking tray place all the pizza bombs and brush some butter or bitten egg on top of it. Bake them and serve hot with some mayonnaise. It will be the best pizza bomb you’ll ever have. 

10. Mini Veg and Chicken Sandwich

Mini Veg and Chicken Sandwich

Mini veg and chicken sandwich-making are as same as the avocado toast. Then change is you don’t need to toast the bread. And you can add all the favourite veggies in this sandwich. You can make the sandwich more filling by adding the more veggies.

What Are the Best Finger Foods for a Party?

When you are a host of any party, you have to take care of the guests’ choice. But it’s not possible to know every individual’s choices. So what you can do is measure the age group you invited. If they are teenage to up to 30, it’s common that they will like tangy, spicy and cheesy fancy finger foods. If its lunch buffet finger food, it should be more filling to stomach either guest starving at your party.

There could be a section where you can serve some healthy, still delicious finger foods that will also be good for the health-conscious guest. Other than a dessert section that carries lots of chocolatey or cakes option instead of ice cream because it has the chance to melt when it serves in a finger food buffet. Moreover, it’s up to you what kind of arrangement you are doing because the food changes according to the arrangement. 

What Is a Finger Food Diet?

We all know we should take a small meal often instead of 3 big meals. Finger food is something that comes in small size but still filling and delicious. Finger foods idea is food sources that can be eaten effectively with hands rather than cutlery. It’s offering these can help delay autonomy at eating times. Offering finger foods can likewise help improve food admission between all the meals gap or for the meal individually.

Moreover, with finger food, you can prevent your small hunger instantly. Nowadays, it’s popular for those healthy people who want to live a healthy life without any extra effort. The best thing about the finger food diet is that you can add or skip any food or recipe elements according to your taste bud or health requirements. So the tiny food piece is healthy yummy easy to have along with easy to carry everywhere. 

Final Verdict

Fancy Finger Food Ideas is a popular term for all those peoples who want to have an easy meal, especially. Finger foods are comfort food in every angel. This tiny bite is a great fit for regular day-to-day, special-party appetizers, or full finger food buffets. In regular life, you can have it for a post-meal break for breakdown the small hunger. Either you a fitness freak, you can have healthy versions of any finger food in you’re after workout meal or for a full meal to reduce the meal size.

Along with how can we think a party started without the party appetizer? Fancy finger foods are the best starter for the guest because you can satisfy all the guest taste bud by serving them different variant finger foods. If you can serve it in an organized way, you’ll be the host to remember to the guest.

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