10-Popular Baby Girls 1st Birthday Cake

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When one’s baby came into this world, it is considered the best moment of his/her entire life. Therefore, every parent loves to make memorable moments with their baby’s. There is no doubt that you want to do the same.

As birthday is the special one among all the memorable moments, when your baby girl has turned into 1, it is best to make her first birthday special. But the critical part is to choose a birthday cake that is perfect for your baby girl. If you are facing trouble in choosing your Baby Girls 1st Birthday Cake, no worries. 

This article will help you gather ideas for choosing the perfect birthday cake for your 1- years old baby girl.

What Type of Birthday Cake Is Best?

If your baby girl has recently turned into 1- year, it is obvious that her teeth have not grown yet. Therefore, it’s hard for a baby to chew a regular birthday cake. In that case, smashed cakes are the right choice for your baby girl because these birthday cakes are specially designed for babies. This type of cake is extra soft and also easy for baby’s to eat. Thus, babies can enjoy these types of cakes to the fullest.

How to Choose a Themed Base Cake?

Choosing a theme for a birthday cake is not such a headache. All you need to do is finding what attracts or suits your baby girl most. Suppose, if you select a princess costume for your baby girl, then you can go for a princess-based theme cake. Also, baby girl likes doll, castle house, etc. So, you can choose any of these themes for your baby’s birthday cake. On the other hand, if you are careful about your baby’s health, you can also go for a healthy themed birthday cake. There are many kinds of healthy cakes that are perfect for babies’ health.

10-Popular Baby Girls 1st Birthday Cake:

There are many kinds of birthday cakes that you can choose for your baby girl’s 1st birthday. Here, we have arranged the 10- popular smash birthday cakes for your baby, where the top 5 cakes are themed based, and the other 5- cakes are healthy cakes. You can choose anyone from these birthday cakes undoubtedly.

1. Pink Smash Cake

Pink smash cake

The pink color attracts most of the baby girls. It makes them feel the joy to see the color. Therefore, if you bring this colored cake for your baby girl, your baby girls will feel happier than ever.

2. Cookie Monster Smash Cake

Cookie Monster Smash Cake

The cookie monster is one of the favorites cartoon characters for babies. So, you can choose a cookie monster smash cake for your baby girl. Also, this cake comes in a beautiful blue color.

3. Woodland Smash Cake

Woodland Smash Cake

Babies like animals. So if your baby likes animals, woodland smash cake is the right choice. This cake has an animal on top. But you have to remove the obstacle before letting your baby cut the cake.

4. Princess Themed Smash Cake  

Princess themed smash cake

Everyone treats their girls like a princess. There is no doubt that your baby girl is also a princess. So princess-themed smash cake is a suitable choice for your little princess.

5. Minnie Mouse Smash Cake

Minnie mouse cake

Minnie is a famous character in the cartoon Mikki mouse. Minnie is a female mouse character; it’s the reason Minnie is famous among girls. So, you can surprise your baby girl with this fabulous cake.

6. Honey Oats Cake 

Honey oats cake

Oats and honey are healthy food. Oats contain protein, fiber, and many other nutrients. Also, honey is the best natural food that enhances the body to protect from many viruses. This cake is healthy and nutrias for a baby.

7. Cinnamon Cake 

Cinnamon Cake

Cinnamon has antioxidants in them. The antioxidant is an ingredient that can cure any heart disease. Also, cinnamon is used to enhance the flavor of the cake. You can choose this cake for your baby so that she can have antioxidants in her body.

8. Egg and Dairy Cake 

Egg and dairy cake

The egg is the best for calcium and proteins. Babies need this calcium and protein to grow fast and to have a healthy life. Also, a dairy item, such as milk, has many types of nutrients in it. This cake is healthy for your baby. If you are cautious of your baby’s growth, you can choose this cake like your baby girl’s 1st birthday cake.

9. Healthy Chocolate Cake 

Healthy chocolate cake

Without regular chocolate, you can make a healthy cake and test like chocolate. This cake is made from chocolate powder, yogurt, strawberries, and many other healthy ingredients. Babies like chocolate, but we know how devastating chocolate can be, so healthy chocolate cake can be one of the best solutions for your baby’s health.

10. Carrot, Coconut Cake 

Carrot Coconut Cake

Carrot is best for fiber and protein. As fiber helps increase and balance body muscles, your baby needs fiber to grow her body muscle. Besides, coconut has high calories in them. This cake is considered the best one for a baby.

Other Types of Birthday Cakes 

Along with all the cakes mentioned above, many other types of cake are available. If you are thinking of celebrating your baby’s birthday with a creative cake, you can choose a baby elephant-themed cake, family cake, season cake, superhero cake, and number cake. Again if you want a unique cake, then you can choose the barnyard cake, Lego cake, transportation cake, and many more. The theme of the cake is also dependent on your girl’s birthday costume.

Final Verdict

One day you will get shocked by noticing that your little princess has grown up and become an adult. So before the day has arrived, it’s best to celebrate her 1st birthday and capture some beautiful moments of her childhood. Afterwards, birthdays are the best among the moments of anyone’s childhood.

Choosing a birthday cake that is perfect for your baby girl can be difficult. Here, we have shared some cake ideas that will help you choose your baby girls 1st birthday cake. So give any of these birthday cakes a try on your girl’s birthday. Wish your baby girl a joyful birthday.

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