How to Save Money on Groceries for One Person?

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Here’s how to save money on groceries for one person:

  • Don’t throw away the leftovers; refrigerate them for the next day.
  • Before grocery shopping, make a list based on your budget.
  • Increase the number of vegetables and dry foods in your diet, which is cheap.
  • Avoid buying processed foods.
  • Try to pay the bill by coupon.
  • If it is difficult for a person to cook temporary food every day, you can cook it for a few days, keep it in the fridge, and eat it.

How to Save Money on Groceries?

How to save Money on Groceries?

Grocery shopping makes a person thrifty and frugal. For individuals, there are several things you need to be aware of if you are trying to save money on groceries within a certain budget. It will totally depend on your place of residence, income, circumstances, how frugal you are, and the type of food you eat. So with these things in mind, I have given below some guidelines which, if followed, can help you save on groceries for one.

How to Save on Groceries Every Month?

  1. Before buying anything, make a list of the things you need.
  2. Try to pay the bills with a grocery rewards card.
  3. Make a weekly or monthly meal plan so that you buy all the items you require according to your budget without wasting.
  4. Before shopping at the grocery store, check prices online to know which stores will offer you great deals and where you’ll find the best food shopping options.
  5. Instead of eating out, try to eat home-cooked meals, as out-of-home meals are expensive, which will increase your budget.
  6. Reduce the amount of meat in your daily diet and add more vegetables and grains.
  7. You can keep dry foods that you can store for a long time, like pasta, rice, root vegetables (onions, garlic, beets), and spices.
  8. You should buy larger packages rather than smaller packages as sometimes larger packages are offered at cheaper per unit prices.
  9. Instead of buying fresh food for a long period, try to buy in quantity for a short period as fresh food spoils if kept for a long time, which increases wastage.

8 Tips to Save Money on Groceries

Tips to save money on groceries

1. Sign Up for the Loyalty Program

Many grocery stores offer free loyalty programs to join. And joining this program gives you full access to coupons and store sales on your favorite items as a member. Moreover, this program helps you to save dollars on the final bill when you shop at regular retailers.

2. Use a Cashback Credit Card

A cashback credit card is one of the ways to buy groceries that earns you dollars back based on how much your grocery bill is. There are various stores that offer discounts on special days, and you can use your credit card or debit card to avail of this discount.

3. Make a List and Stick to It

Before grocery shopping, make a list and select your essentials accordingly. Because if you go to the grocery store without making a list, on an empty stomach, and with a baby in tow, you may end up buying a lot of things you don’t need, which will add to your expenses.

4. Avoid Pre-Packaged Items

Many shops in the market sell pre-cut vegetables, meats, and cheeses which are great for people’s busy day cooking without any problems, but the shopkeepers charge a high price tag for it. That’s why you should try to buy frozen or fresh produce, which will save on your grocery bill.

5. Compare Prices Between Stores

While shopping for your essentials at the grocery store, compare prices at several stores so that you can easily find out which store offers the product at a more affordable price and make the purchase easily.

6. Bring Your Bag

Many stores, such as Whole Foods Market, offer a 10-cent discount on each bag you bring when shopping. So if you bring your shopping bag, which is reusable, then you will get a special discount on the total order.

7. Buy Generic Brands

Generic brands are excellent for cost-cutting. There are many supermarkets and grocery stores where the owners display their products in front of the store to attract attention. However, it may tempt you to spend more money. That’s why if you check the store carefully, you will find that there are some generic brands on the bottom or top shelf that taste better and cost less.

8. Use a Rebate App

If you’re looking for ways to save money while shopping for groceries, rebate apps include some great apps like Receipt Hog, Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, and Checkout 51, which give you cash back on grocery purchases. And to enjoy its benefits, you can register for free, which may require depositing receipts or linking your loyalty card to get your discount. Additionally, this app helps you save more than the offers available through credit cards, debit cards, or loyalty benefits.

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How to Cut Grocery Bills by 90 Percent?

  • It would help if you avoided most of the packaged products as their market price is very high.
  • Before buying anything, make a list so that you can buy the items you need according to the list and keep all the unnecessary items aside, which will increase your bill.
  • Always use coupons and credit cards; when buying something, you can get special discounts on the purchase of products.
  • Try to buy canned, dried, and frozen products rather than buying them fresh to save on costs and maintain the same nutritional value.
  • Attempt to grow your essential ingredients, and you will get refined and nutritious products that are better than high-priced store-bought adulterated products.
  • Buy seasonal products as they are cheaper and off-season products are more expensive.
  • Meat is very expensive as a nutritious food ingredient. Furthermore, it is very costly to purchase and consume, which raises our costs. So when shopping at the grocery store, you should exclude expensive foods from the list, but one or two days a month can be acceptable.

How to Save Money on Groceries Online?

How to save money on groceries online?

Here are some tips for saving money on groceries when shopping online:

  • Make a list of all the groceries you intend to buy.
  • If you’re not browsing, your costs may be lower.
  • Be certain to decide in advance if you’re okay with substitutions.
  • Please select the required items while placing the order because you must include them once the order is confirmed.
  • Always try to use coupon codes, debit cards, or credit cards while shopping online so that you can win a special discount, cashback, or prize on each product.
  • When the item you need is out of stock, your smartphone will notify you when it is back in stock, and you can easily add it to your cart and order online at home without going from the store.
  • When you shop online, you don’t have to haggle over the price of something because it has a fixed price, so you can flip from one website to another and buy the product according to your budget.
  • You can shop according to your schedule. Because there are many shops which are very crowded and if you spend a busy time then you have to suffer a lot. And that’s why you can easily shop at home by logging in through the app, which saves food costs and time.
  • The shops often sell very cheap items at very high prices, which you can get at much lower prices on various online pages.
  • Try ordering online from various personal store apps, as you can easily find a good app feature that will introduce you to new options and help you save money on groceries.
Average cost of food per month for one person
Average cost of food per month for one person

Average Cost of Food Per Month for 1 Person in USA

The Average Cost of Food in the USAPer DayPer WeekPer Month
Per Person (Ranges)11.04$79.08$150 t0 300$

Average Cost of Food Per Month for 1 Person in UK

The average price of food in the UKPer WeekPer Month
Per Person47.5$  206$

Average Cost of Food Per Month for 1 Person in Canada

In Canada, the average monthly cost for one person is $200.51. But your average food costs can vary from person to person, depending on what kind of food you buy, how often you eat out, and what kind of area you live in.

Average Grocery Bill for 2 Per Week in USA

Age of Adults In the USALow-Cost Plan      of (Weekly Cost)Moderate Cost Plan of (Weekly Cost)Liberal Plan of (Weekly Cost)
19 to 50118.20$146.20$182.70$
51 to 70113.10$141.30$170.80$
71 up111.50$138.40$168.90$

Average Grocery Bill for 2 Per Week in UK

The Average Grocery Bill In UKPer WeekPer MonthPer Year
For 2 Person60£26£3136£

Average Grocery Bill for 2 Per Week in Canada

Average Grocery Bill In CanadaFamily SizeThrifty CostLow CostModerate Cost
Per Week2119.40$122.90$152.30$
  • Average Cost for Groceries Per Month for 2 in USA– The average monthly grocery bill for two people is $938.50.
  • Average Cost for Groceries Per Month for 2 in Canada– Per month on food, Canadian families spent an average of 936.40$
  • Average Grocery Bill for Family of 3 in USA– The average bill for a family of 3 in the USA was between 482$ and 1138$, but with the update in 2022, the average bill is between 724.90$ and 1091.30$

Grocery Bill for Family of 3 in the UK

Average Grocery Bill In the UKPer WeekPer Month
For 3 Person101£606£
  • Average Grocery Bill for Family of 3 in Canada– The average monthly bill in Canada for a family of 3 is 936.40$

Average Grocery Bill for Family of 4 in USA

Average Monthly Grocery Bill in USAThrifty CostLow CostModerate CostLiberal Cost
For 4 Person901.30$985.70$1241.10$1485.50$

Average Grocery Bill for Family of 4 in UK

Average Grocery Bill in UKLow Cost (Per Week)Low Cost (Per Month)Moderate Cost(Per Week)Moderate Cost( Per Month)
For 4 Person234.10$936.40$ to 1014$291.50$1166$ to 1263.5$
  • Average Grocery Bill for Family of 4 Canada– The average grocery bill for a family of 4 in Canada is $13,907
  • Average Monthly Grocery Cost for 5 in the USA– In the USA, the average grocery bill for a family of five is $1,060 per month.

Average Grocery Bill for a Family of 5 in the United Kingdom (UK)

To two adults and three younger children, extended families of 5 spend on average about 679£ a month on groceries and additional ready meals, giving 257£, bringing a total expenditure for a family of about 936£.

Average Cost for Groceries Per Month for 5 in Canada

A family of five should budget $6,780 per month or $81,361 per year. According to the BLS, a family of five spends less money each month than a family of four. This is how statistical evaluation works.

How to Save Money on Food?

  • Make a weekly or monthly meal plan to buy the right amount of food you can afford, saving you money and reducing food waste.
  • Don’t remarket the items you have in your home without finishing them.
  • For use, the next day, your leftovers should be frozen and kept in the freezer.
  • According to each season, you can eat those vegetables and fruits that are usually cheaper.
  • You can add pulses to the meat to extend the cooking time.
  • You must complete your daily intake with only one item.
  • Instead of cooking the same food three times, you can eat it completely cooked and kept in the refrigerator.

How Much Does One Person Spend a Month on Groceries?

According to the USDA, one person’s average monthly grocery budget ranges from $229 to $419. But this may vary based on national averages entirely depending on where you live and how realistic it is for you on the quality of your food purchases.

Does Grocery Shopping Once a Month Save Money?

Yes, Grocery shopping once a month saves money. Such as:
•         By making fewer trips to the store, grocery shopping once a month saves us time.
•         It prevents food wastage.
•         Always be ready for unexpected visitors.
•         Saves money from buying unnecessary stuff.

Final Verdict

Certainly, when you are out for work or traveling, it becomes difficult for you to do grocery shopping. So if you don’t know the right way, you can end up buying more groceries, which will put you in a budget crunch and increase waste. Again, in order to avoid these problems, you eat outside food, which is more expensive. However, if you’re on a tight budget and want to know How to Save Money on Groceries for One Person, I have shared some tips with you which will help you a lot.

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