Can You Order Food in Dubai Before Iftar in Ramadan 2024

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Yes, you can order food in Dubai before Iftar in Ramadan. Many popular restaurants in Dubai offer Iftar takeaway or home delivery services during Ramadan. Some are Armani Hotel, Pantry Café, Ramada Chelsea Hotel, etc.

These restaurants have an amazing set menu for Iftar. From savory to sweet drinks/beverages – all will amaze you. Some of these restaurants offer takeaway services throughout the day. They do this for non-muslim residents, patients, or those not fasting.

So, if you are baffled with this question, ‘Can you order food in Dubai before iftar in Ramadan?’ And want to know which restaurants do this and how is their menu or order process. Let’s check them in detail.

Can You Order Food in Dubai Before Iftar in Ramadan
Can You Order Food in Dubai Before Iftar in Ramadan

Can You Order Food in Dubai Before Iftar in Ramadan?

Nearly all Muslims of Dubai keep fasting from their religious beliefs every year during Ramadan. So, everyone wants to consume amazing iftar items. Sometimes, people in Dubai order food from restaurants or well-known eateries to get a different taste, for a gathering, or to avoid homemade iftar hassle. 

But at iftar time, an immediate order call may not save you. During Ramadan, every restaurant faces a rush. So, it’s wise to make an advance call for pre-ordering. Then, provide them with details, location, and timing. To do this, consider the restaurants listed below.

10 Restaurants in Dubai Serving Food Before Iftar

1. Meals on Me

 Meals on Me
Meals on Me

One of the amazing restaurants in Dubai is Meals on Me. They have different cuisine recipes with special weekly menus. They offer Macaroni, kale, shakriya, Lebanese maghmour, etc.

Iftar offers incredible meal packages with discount offers. You can even enjoy their Iftar with free home delivery service.

You can get dry fruit, versatile snacks, and drinks in their iftar package. Moreover, you can get your dinner from them. 

2. Art of Dum Dubai

Art of Dum Dubai
Art of Dum Dubai

Art of Dum Dubai restaurant specializes in Biryani, Indian, and Kebab cuisine. They provide home delivery iftar items. Their menu includes combo boxes containing diverse dishes such as veg pakoda, haleem, chicken keema, aloo samosa, dates, chicken biryani, gulab jamun, and fruits.

They serve customers across Al Barsha 1, Business Bay, Al Karama, Dubai Studio City, and Discovery Gardens.

However, Their top-selling menu items include Yakhni Dum Gosht Biryani, Dal Makhani, Awadhi Murgh Biryani, and Murgh Makhani. With an impressive 4.5 rating, they’ve garnered 4995 reviews from Talabat users.

3. Deli Bite Catering

Deli Bite Catering
Deli Bite Catering

Deli Bite Catering provides convenient iftar solutions with their wholesome boxes, including chicken biryani, dates, laban, and water. 

Whether you prefer their standard Iftar or a pack of 50 gold or silver boxes priced at AED 2,750 or more, they cater to various needs during Ramadan.

Additionally, you can get an iftar charity box, iftar combo meals, and different cuisine styles like Pakistani, Hyderabadi, and Filipino foods. 

4. Gazebo Restaurant

Gazebo Restaurant
Gazebo Restaurant

To enjoy your Iftar with Indian delicacies, you can call up Gazebo Restaurant. They offer a tasty iftar box with Indian favorites like murgh cutlets and biryani.

Moreover, they’re known for their special ‘Dum Pukht’ biryani and a wide range of kebabs and curries. They will provide quick home delivery, and you will enjoy this. 

To do this, you can order through their delivery partners like Talabat, Deliveroo, instashop, etc.

5. Sidco Foods

Sidco Foods
Sidco Foods

Another great restaurant that reaches your Iftar at your door in Dubai is Sidco Foods. You will get healthy plus tasty Iftar through Sidco without any hassle. 

You will get Ramadan special combo packages at a convenient price from them. Additionally, from samosa and tikka to nuggets, kabab, and rolls – you will get many versatile, mouthwatering recipes. 

6. Amritsr Restaurant

Amritsr Restaurant
Amritsr Restaurant

One of the best and cherished Indian restaurants in Dubai is Amritsr Restaurant. It is your go-to spot this Ramadan for delectable iftar options.

Their iftar boxes include a variety of treats like dates, fruit salad, onion and potato bhajiya, and your choice of vegetable or chicken biryani.

Don’t miss out on their delightful badam kheer and more goodies!

However, to get them, you check their site and call the number or use Zomato to order.

7. Wakame 


Wakame is a famous restaurant in lively Downtown Dubai. They’ve been serving top-notch Asian food since 2015. Their dishes are made with great ingredients and cooking skills. Their some signature recipes are tantalizing Lobster Tacos infused with yuzu and mango, decadent Blackmore steak, and the beloved Karubi Beef Hotpot.

For Ramadan, Wakame presents special bento box options for delivery. They include chicken, beef, wagyu, short rib, sushi, and vegan selections. Order via the Zomato or Wakame site you can contact. 

8. Vietnamese Foodies

Vietnamese Foodies
Vietnamese Foodies

Vietnamese Foodies is another renowned culinary concept in Dubai. They offer an enticing iftar experience during Ramadan. Lily Hoa Nguyen, the owner and executive chef, founded this award-winning restaurant. It has five locations throughout the city.

You can enjoy authentic Vietnamese cuisine featuring Pho, Banh Mi, and rice paper rolls. All dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients and traditional ways.

However, their Iftar set menu offers a wonderful trip through the diverse tastes of Vietnam. You can choose soups, appetizers, main courses, and salads. 

9. Carluccio’s 


Carluccio’s, founded by Antonio and Priscilla, started as a quaint Italian food shop in London, later expanding to the first Carluccio’s Caffe in 1999. Focusing on quality ingredients and authentic flavors, they now boast 30 restaurants across the UK, Ireland, and the Middle East.

During Ramadan, Carluccio’s offers a special Iftar menu featuring classic Italian dishes like Capricciosa Pizza and Pasta al Norma, along with tempting desserts, all at affordable prices. This commitment to excellence reflects their motto: MOF MOF – minimum fuss, maximum flavor.

10. Kababji Grill 

Kababji Grill 
Kababji Grill 

Kababji Grill is known for its tasty grilled food. It originates from Lebanon and spreads across Beirut and beyond. They focus on healthy eating, using good ingredients, and cooking ethically.

You can enjoy dishes like the Shish Taouk rice meal or the Duo Meal, which includes biryani with kababs and vermicelli rice. Additionally, you can get hummus, Fattouch, lentil soup, jallab, and dates. To order, call (0)4 360 2006 or visit

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9 Restaurants that Serve Before Iftar for Non-Fasting Persons in Dubai

The below 9 restaurants in Dubai during Ramadan serve before Iftar to those not fasting, like sick or aged, children, or non-Muslims. 

1. Armani Hotel

Armani Hotel
Armani Hotel
  • Special Dishes: A la carte menu for lunch
  • Location: Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai
  • Services: Takeaway, A la carte
  • Contact Number: 04-8883444.

2. Atmosphere

  • Special Dishes: Late High Tea with modern Arabic treats
  • Location: Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai
  • Services: Reservations, Late High Tea
  • Contact Number: 04-8883828
  • The Noodle House

3. The Noodle House

The Noodle House
The Noodle House
  • Location: Jumeirah Emirates Towers, DIFC
  • Services: Dine-in, Takeaway, Delivery
  • Contact Number: 971 800 323232

4. Pantry Café

Pantry Café
Pantry Café
  • Special Dishes: Bespoke takeaway menu, Iftar set menu
  • Location: Multiple locations in Dubai
  • Services: Takeaway, Iftar Set Menu
  • Contact Number: 971 4 588 7161

5. Park Hyatt

Park Hyatt
Park Hyatt
  • Special Dishes: Buffet breakfast, a la carte lunch, Iftar
  • Location: Dubai Creek, Deira
  • Services: Dine-in, Buffet, A la carte
  • Contact Number: 971 4 602 1234

6. Ramada Chelsea Hotel

Ramada Chelsea Hotel
Ramada Chelsea Hotel
  • Special Dishes: Buffet Breakfast, a la carte lunch
  • Location: Barsha Heights, Dubai
  • Services: Dine-in, Breakfast, A la carte
  • Contact Number: 971 56 159 3509

7. Urbano

  • Special Dishes: Mediterranean cuisine
  • Location: Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai
  • Services: Dine-in, Takeaway
  • Contact Number: 971 4 4355666

8. Wafi Pyramids

Wafi Pyramids
Wafi Pyramids
  • Special Dishes: Various cuisines
  • Location: Wafi City, Dubai
  • Services: Dine-in
  • Contact Number: 97145644781

9. Ultra Brasserie

Ultra Brasserie
Ultra Brasserie
  • Special Dishes: Various dishes
  • Location: Emaar Square Building 4, Downtown
  • Services: Takeaway, Delivery
  • Contact Number: 971 4 420 4572


Can I Eat at Dubai Mall During Ramadan?

Yes, you can eat at Dubai Mall during Ramadan. Many dining options exist for non-Muslims, children, and the elderly. The food courts, cafes, and restaurants remain open, catering to all visitors regardless of fasting.

Do Hotels in Dubai Serve Food During Ramadan?

Yes, hotels in Dubai serve food during Ramadan. Even though Muslims fast during daylight hours, hotels provide dining options for non-Muslims. They provide special dishes for Iftar and Suhoor. Thus, they ensure everyone can enjoy delicious food during this important time.

Can I Eat Outside in Dubai in Ramadan?

No, it’s not allowed. In Ramadan, from just before dawn until sunset (Iftar), eating, drinking, and smoking in public is prohibited by law in the UAE. This rule is stated in Federal Law No. 3 of 1987, also called the Penal Code.

Does Ramadan Affect Tourists in Dubai?

Yes, tourists may face slight differences during Ramadan because of some changes, such as adjusted working hours and restrictions on music and entertainment. However, Despite these, Dubai remains fully open and operational for tourists during Ramadan.

Final Verdict

Can you order food in Dubai before Iftar in Ramadan? Dubai has plenty of places to order food before Iftar during Ramadan. From Arabic to international cuisines, many restaurants offer pre-order options. This is to make it convenient for everyone to enjoy a delicious iftar.

There are various choices and easy ordering methods. Both locals and tourists can have a satisfying dining experience during the holy month.

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