Homemade Food Gifts for Friend

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We all like to get more or fewer gifts. I especially like it, and my happiness doubles if it is a gift from my friend. So I thought, if we give our friends a homemade gift, it will probably be more special. Today I will share with you some food items you can make at home and give as gifts to your friends.

Let’s look at what these homemade food gifts for friend. I hope you enjoy these food items and feel free to present them as gifts.

Here are some items of Homemade Food Gifts for Friend 

  1. Bourbon Biscuits
  2. Salted Peanut and Pretzel Caramel Brittle
  3. Kaju Katli
  4. Besan Ladoos
  5. Hot Pepper Jelly
  6. Sweet Miso Caramels
  7. Nougat
  8. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza

1. Bourbon Biscuits

Bourbon Biscuits

Once you make the Bourbon Biscuits at home and try it, I think you will become a fan of it. Some ingredients to make this biscuit are- soft unsalted butter, golden syrup, golden caster sugar, plain flour, egg, baking powder, and cocoa powder. 

For the filling, you can use- cocoa powder, icing sugar, and pink food coloring. Then why are you late? Please don’t wait and make this creamy and very delicious biscuit and give it as a gift to your friends. Enjoy any of your favorite times.

2. Salted Peanut and Pretzel Caramel Brittle

Salted Peanut and Pretzel Caramel Brittle

This dish is for those who do not consume a lot of sweets. This classic dish is made with salted peanut and caramel. Specialty can make at home very quickly. 

Few ingredients are needed to make it, such as butter, golden syrup, castor syrup, plain pretzel, unsalted roasted peanuts, and sea salt flakes. You can save and eat it for about a week. You can try to make it; I hope you enjoy having this item and share it with your friends.

3. Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli

It’s great to eat Kaju katli, and it’s also beautiful to look at because of its diamond shape. I have made it with cashews, caster sugar, fine sea salt, saffron, orange extract, coconut oil, roasted pistachios mandarin or clementine, and edible silver leaf. 

You can make this food at home for various occasions, and you can give more happiness to everyone at home because one of the special joys of the festival is the delicious food. Besides, Kazu Katli is a perfect food to present as a gift.

4. Besan Ladoos

Besan Ladoos

Besan laddoos are delicious Indian food. It makes with besan burfi and salted chocolate. The ghee used in it and its golden and nutty flavor will easily catch anyone’s mind. The ingredients you can use to make this food are- gram flour, ghee, sea salt flakes, cocoa powder, green cardamom, coarse semolina, icing sugar, and toasted flaked almonds. You have to use your hand to make its beautiful round shape.

5. Hot Pepper Jelly

Hot Pepper Jelly

This dish is for folks who enjoy spicy meals. It is this jelly is not only spicy but also sweet. This jelly can make with a few ingredients, such as red peppers, cider vinegar, jam sugar, and scotch bonnet chilies. You can store it in a beautiful jar for a month.

6. Sweet Miso Caramels

Sweet Miso Caramels

You can make it within only 40 minutes. Its salty and sweet combination is very delicious. When you wish to give them to your friends as a gift, you can quickly wrap them up.

I have made it for my friend’s birthday with these ingredients- light brown soft sugar, unsalted butter, caster sugar, runny honey, Flavorless oil, white miso, and double cream. She liked it very much.

7. Nougat


Nougat is the perfect recipe to have after dinner. You can require a sugar thermometer to obtain the ideal soft texture because it is perfect. The combination of clear honey, egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, cornflour, and whole pistachios makes a delicious nougat.

 If you try it once, I think you will never forget the yummy taste and crave to have it again. You can store it for two weeks. You will get 2.9g Fat, 138Kcals, 26.1g Carbs, 1.6g Protein, and 0.7g Fiber.

8. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza

Super delicious, this pizza is chewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside, and easy to make. You have to make the dough perfectly and use the ingredients well. Conscious about the correct temperature of the oven. 

You need the ingredients to make this: dark chocolate, salted caramel sauce, mini marshmallows, fudge chunks, chocolate chips, salt, self-rising flour, vanilla extract, egg, light brown muscovado sugar, caster sugar, and unsalted butter. You can gift this yummy pizza to your friends at a family party, birthday, or Valentine’s day. It can be an excellent item for homemade food gifts for friend.

What Kind of Food Can I Present as a Gift?

It is very special to make a food gift with your own hands. Since you will give a gift to your friend, it must be special and yummy. 

You can give many kinds of healthy homemade food as a gift, such as Chocolate cookie pizza, nougat, red grapefruit marmalade with Aperol, homemade miso caramels, Kaju Barfi, toasted cookie dough, peanut butter balls, etc.

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How Can I Store Homemade Food?

Different types of food can store in different ways. If it is something like jelly, you can store it in a glass jar; if it is a biscuit, you can keep it in a tin container. Some foods can store for one month. 

Again some foods can store for 1-2 weeks. Understanding the type of foods you need to store your homemade food items.

How Can I Present Nicely, My Homemade Food?

Firstly you have to select healthy homemade food gifts for your friend. It would be beneficial if you tried to make the dish delicious and flawless. It is better to prepare food for your friend keeping in mind his preferences. 

Since you want to gift homemade food for him, make sweet food if he likes it, and make spicy food if he likes spicy. Then you can nicely decorate the food and wrap up the food gift box beautifully.       

Final Verdict

The above items you can present to your friends as gifts. These can make in less time at home. These look stunning and are also quite delicious to eat. If you are looking for homemade food gifts for friend, these items are the best.

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