How to Make Matcha Tea With Milk? Creamy Delight

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Matcha’s bright green color, earthy flavor, and high antioxidant content have made it a popular ingredient in many dishes. One such creation that has won the hearts of tea drinkers is the “matcha latte,” which combines matcha tea with milk. This beverage, which combines the sophistication of matcha with the comforting embrace of milk, is not only delicious but also calming and invigorating.

In this article, you can learn about how to make matcha tea with milk with the step-by-step guide. Let’s unravel the secrets to crafting the perfect matcha tea with milk. 

Matcha Tea With Milk

  1. Matcha Green Tea Latte (Hot or Iced)
  2. Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte 
  3. Iced Bubble Matcha Tea
  4. Matcha Latte Recipe

How to Make Matcha Tea With Milk
How to Make Matcha Tea With Milk

How to Make Matcha Tea With Milk

The following are some matcha milk tea recipe:

1. Matcha Green Tea Latte (hot or iced)


  • Matcha Green Tea powder: 1 teaspoon
  • Cold Milk: 250ml or Hot Milk: 300ml
  • Warm Water: 3-tablespoons
  • Sugar: 2-teaspoons


  • 1st, it would be best if you prepared a mug. Pour the matcha green tea powder and sugar into it.
  • Slowly add the hot water. Mix the water with green tea powder and sugar with a whisk or a spoon. Mix until it turns into a dark and green paste. 
  • Prepare a small saucepan and warm the milk in it. Next, until nearly full, pour the milk into the mug. Use chilled milk for creating iced lattes.
  • Make a light green and smooth color by mixing the milk and paste together.
  • Now you can drink it. The tea can be decorated with a dusting of matcha green tea powder. Add your favorite ice to your iced latte if you like extra frosty.

2. Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte


  • Milk of choice: 12oz
  • Vanilla Syrup or Honey or Sugar: 2 teaspoons
  • Ice: 1-cup
  • Matcha Powder: 2-teaspoons


  • Prepare a blender. Add the matcha powder, milk, and vanilla syrup into it.
  • Until the matcha powder is lump-free, blend the added ingredients well for 30 sec to 1 minute.
  • The matcha tea is ready. Now, you can pour it into a mug or cup. Add ice according to your choice, and enjoy.
In the refrigerator, you can store this matcha tea in a mason jar for the rest of the week.

3. Iced Bubble Matcha Tea


  • Matcha Green Tea Powder: 1-teaspoon
  • Cooked Tapioca Pearls: ¼-cup
  • Almond Milk: 1-cup(240ml)
  • Hot Water: 2-tablespoons
  • Ice Cube: ½-cup (for serving plus more)
  • Honey or Other Sweetener: 2-tablespoons


  • Prepare a small bowl. Pour hot water and matcha powder into it. Combine them, and for 1-2 minutes, let it bloom. Set it aside.
  • Combine matcha tea, honey, ice, and almond milk in your container. Carefully secure the container’s lid.
  • Start the blender machine and blend for 30 seconds.
  • You can now enjoy it but pour over cooked tapioca pearls in a tall glass for more taste.

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4. Matcha Latte Recipe


  • Matcha Tea Powder: 1-teaspoon
  • Maple Syrup or Honey: 1 teaspoon
  • Milk Of your Choice: 250ml (coconut milk or dairy-free milk works well)


  • Mix the sweetener and matcha tea powder into a mug. Pour 1 tablespoon of boiled water into the mug to make a thick paste.
  • Stir in the milk. Then, with a milk whisk, you can froth the milk until foamy.
  • Add the milk to the prepared matcha powder and sweetener paste.
  • Mix all the ingredients slowly with a teaspoon. Now, enjoy your matcha latte.

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Is Matcha Tea Helpful for Diet or Weight Loss?

Yes. Yes. It’s a great aid in the fight against obesity. The recommended daily allowance of matcha powder or green tea is 1–4 teaspoons. In just 12 weeks, you’ll see a difference in your body composition with this supplement. 

Is Matcha Good for the Liver?

Matcha green tea is very healthy for our bodies. It can give you refreshment, and it can help to reduce weight. Besides, it has a proper amount of beneficial nutrients. The reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and liver issues is another major benefit.

Is It Mandatory to Add Milk With Matcha?

No, it is not mandatory to add milk with matcha tea. Many people drink it without milk, and it is healthy also. But if you want some extra taste, then you can add milk. Milk can add different flavors and tastes to your favorite matcha tea.

Final Verdict

Matcha, with its high concentration of antioxidants, and milk, with its high concentration of calcium and other necessary minerals, combine to make a delicious drink. It’s aesthetically pleasing, gives you energy, and may even have components that are good for your health. I Hope you find this article on how to make matcha tea with milk is informative.

Due to the high potential calorie and sugar content, matcha lattes should be consumed sparingly and with careful component selection. Multiple studies on matcha green tea powder have revealed that consuming 2- 3  cups per day is the healthiest way to consume matcha regularly.

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