15 Tastiest Indian Food That Starts With N

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Indian cuisine is a diverse tapestry of flavors and aromas, known for its rich cultural heritage and wide range of dishes. Among its myriad offerings, delectable options start with the letter “N” and are sure to tantalize taste buds. From aromatic spices to vibrant ingredients, these dishes showcase the complexity and depth of Indian culinary traditions. Let’s delve into this delectable realm and explore the enticing array of Indian food that starts with n.

15 Indian Food That Starts With N

  1. Navratan Korma
  2. Nalli Nihari
  3. Nadan Kozhi Curry
  4. Nimbu Pani
  5. Nungu Sherbet
  6. Namak Para
  7. Nippattu
  8. Nagori Halwa
  9. Nutri Nuggets
  10. Nargisi Kofta
  11. Nariyal Ladoo
  12. Narail Bhat
  13. Nariyal Barfi
  14. Narkel Naru
  15. Nethili Fry
Indian food that starts with n
Indian food that starts with n

Indian Dishes That Starts With N

1. Navratan Korma

Navratan Korma is a famous vegetarian dish from India’s Mughal era. This dish combines mixed veggies and abundant dry fruits. They are made with 9 core ingredients, including cream, nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and aromatic spices.

Also, it offers a rich, mildly sweet flavor. This tasty dish goes well with either rice or bread. Additionally, Navratan Korma is a healthful and indulgent dish Through which you can impress your friends and family.

1 serving of Navratan Korma= 223 calories

2. Nalli Nihari

Nalli Nihari is a slow-cooked meat stew that originated in the Mughal courts of North India. This hearty dish can be prepared with lamb, chicken, or beef. Also, its distinct taste comes from cumin, cinnamon, coriander, chili peppers, and ginger. Also, Nalli Nihari’s warmth and delightful flavor make it a winter favorite. You can eat this tasty dish With naan bread.  

1 serving Nalli Nihari= 170 calories

3. Nadan Kozhi Curry

Nadan Kozhi Curry is a traditional South Indian dish originating in Kerala. It is a juicy chicken piece cooked in a tasty, fragrant gravy. Also, the sauce is made with coconut milk and spices like red chili, coriander, and turmeric.

Also, include curry leaves for a unique taste. Enjoy this delicious curry with appam, steamed rice, and roti. Additionally, it has a spicy and soothing flavor that many people find delicious and comforting.

250 grams Nadan Kozhi Curry= 317 calories

Indian Drinks That Starts With N

4. Nimbu Pani

Nimbu Pani is a popular Indian beverage. It’s made with water, lemon juice, sugar, and occasionally mint or spices. People love it in hot Indian summers. You can make it sweeter or tangier. It’s super cold and great for beating the heat. Nimbu Pani has antioxidants and vitamin C, which might help you fight infections and stay healthy.

1 serving Nimbu Pani= 113 calories

5. Nungu Sherbet

In South India, nungu sherbet is a popular summertime beverage. It’s made from Lungu, a fruit from the Palmyra tree. The fruit gets peeled and soaked in water to prepare a cool drink. People enjoy it cold with some sugar and lime juice. You can find it at street stalls.

It’s ideal for keeping cool in hot weather. Nungu also helps kidneys and removes toxins due to its diuretic effect. Its vitamin C makes your immune system stronger and your skin healthier.

Per serving (300 ml) Nungu Sherbet= 114 calories

Indian Appetizer That Starts With N

6. Namak Para

Namak para also known as Nimki. Which is a delightful crunchy snack savored in the Indian Subcontinent. Also, it resembles Mathri, which is found in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Punjab. It is made from flour, spices, and salt, cut into diamond-shaped pieces.

Also, it has ribbon-like pastry strips seasoned with cumin and ajwain and then fried in oil or ghee. You can enjoy this snack solo or with dips or chutneys. 

1 cup Namak para= 617 calories

7. Nippattu

Nippattu are South Indian snacks loved for their crispy crunch. It is made with plain flour and rice. They’re perfect for evenings and parties. Similar to Thattai and Chekkalu. Also, their delicious crunch comes from gram dal, peanuts, and fragrant sesame seeds.

They go great with masala chai. Also, adding coconut and herbs makes them more tastier. Additionally, these snacks are not just yummy; they offer flavor and nutritional benefits.

Servings 12 Nippattu= 154 calories

8. Nutri Nuggets

Nutri Nuggets are like pretend meat made from soybeans. They are excellent for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who avoids meat. Also, they are seasoned with spices and shaped into bite-sized nuggets.

These nuggets have a lot of protein, iron, and other good stuff. They can taste different foods and work well in many recipes, so if you want to eat less or no meat at all. Nutri Nuggets can be a tasty and healthy choice for you.

100 Grams Nutri Nuggets= 345 calories

9. Nargisi Kofta

Nargisi Kofta is a classic Indian dish. It’s like meatball-wrapped eggs. They are made from a blend of ground meat, spices, and onions and have boiled eggs hidden inside. Before frying, they get coated with a mix of flour and egg. Also, they are fried until they become golden and crispy.

This delicious dish is enjoyed with a tasty tomato-based curry. People love having this dish at important events like occasions and weddings. Additionally, it’s a special treat that’s cherished for its rich flavors.

1 Nargisi Kofta (100-150 grams)= 200-300 calories

Indian Desserts That Starts With N

10. Nariyal Ladoo

Nariy al ladoo is also known as coconut ladoo. Which is the most famous Indian dessert. They are made from freshly grated coconut, cardamom, and sugar. Also, this round-shaped delicious ladoo is enjoyed during festivals like Janmashtami and Durga puja. Moreover, their delightful coconut essence and sweet character are enjoyed all over India.

1 Nariyal Ladoo= 115 calories

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11. Narail Bhat

Narali Bhat is a beloved sweet treat from India’s coastal areas, especially Maharashtra. It’s crafted by cooking rice in jaggery and coconut milk. Also, it is a natural sugar enriched with fragrant cardamom and saffron.

This dish boasts a delightful sweetness and creamy texture, frequently enjoyed as a dessert during celebrations. Also, it is recognized for its potential health advantages due to the nutrients in coconut.  

113 grams Narail Bhat= 120 calories

12. Nariyal Barfi

Nariyal Barfi is a delightful Indian dessert. They are also known as Coconut Barfi. You can make this barfi with milk, coconut, sugar, and cream. It has a moist, soft, and sweet flavor. You can make it easily. Also, this barfi is great for celebrating occasions like Diwali and other special events. 

Per serving, Nariyal Barfi= 242 calories

13. Narkel Naru

Narkel Naru is a delicious sweet treat in India and Bangladesh. It’s made with ingredients like grated coconut, sugar, and milk, formed into small balls, and left to set. Also, it offers a rich, chewy, and sweet texture. You can make this naru easily at home. Also, its pleasant, coconut taste is a favorite among children, guests, and friends alike.

20 grams Narkel Naru= 80 to 100 calories

14. Nagori Halwa

Nagori Halwa is a popular Indian sweet dish. You can make this dish with sugar, semolina, water, and ghee. Also, it offers a distinct texture and a robust flavor. People like the dish because it has a slightly grainy texture.

And also it is sometimes decorated with nuts like pistachios or almonds. This beloved treat fulfills sweet cravings with its warm, simple, satisfying ingredients and comforting taste. This delectable dish goes well with Kesari sooji halwa and masala sabzi. 

100 grams Nagori Halwa= 300-400 calories

Indian Fish That Starts With N

15. Nethili Fry

Nethili Fry is a delicious crispy dish made with small anchovy fish. These small fish are marinated in a flavorful cumin, chili, and turmeric blend and then fried to a golden crisp. Also, this dish is popular in Chennai and southern India. You can serve this dish as an appetizer or as a side dish. Additionally, Nethili Fry offers Omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for inflammation reduction, and heart and brain health. 

100 grams Nethili Fry= 131 calories

Final Verdict

Indian cuisine’s diversity shines with “Naan,” a leavened flatbread delight. Yet, there’s more to uncover! Experience the zest of Indian spices and textures, from savory “Navratan Korma” to sweet “Nankhatai” cookies.

Let your culinary curiosity roam as you explore flavors that capture India’s essence. So, if you’re ready to embark on a flavorful journey, discover the rich tapestry of Indian food that starts with n. Let this be your first step into a world of gastronomic delight.

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