How to Store Enoki Mushrooms?

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The needle-like unique textured enoki mushrooms are one of the widespread mushrooms. Their unique texture, taste, compatibility with many dishes, and incredible health benefits make them relevant options to the culinary world. However, these enoki are comparably rare and expensive.

So storing them for later and preventing spoilage is a wise idea. If you are baffled by How to store enoki mushrooms? Then this article is for you. Additionally, detailed ideas of its specialty, benefits, span life based on different storage conditions, even tips to make them longer, etc. Scroll below and discover them.

What Specialty of Enoki Mushrooms?

According to research, the Japanese first started the cultivation of enoki mushrooms. However, naturally, it grows in Korea, China, and Japan.

In East Asian cuisines, this fungus has wide popularity. They significantly use this as an ingredient in hotpots, stews, soups, and stir-fries. Enokis have distinctive appearance, texture, and flavor, making them different.

One of the mentionable unique specialties of enoki mushrooms is their needle-like appearance. Moreover, its crunchy delicate texture adds a satisfying crispiness to various dishes. Their flavor is not too intense. So, they are versatile and used as a wide range of dishes without leading the overall taste.

Furthermore, these mushrooms have many nutritional advantages. They contain little fat and calories. So you can include them as a healthy alternative in your diet plan.

Health Benefits of Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki has gained a different reorganization from usual mushrooms. They comprise incredible health benefits which have bought this wide popularity. Let’s check out what they are:

  • Enoki mushrooms are an excellent package of antioxidants, including selenium. The antioxidants and dietary fiber may promote cardiovascular health.
  • You can get beta-glucans from enoki mushrooms which assist in boosting the immune. Consuming these mushrooms enhance the body’s immune response significantly.
  • Enoki mushrooms are a low-calorie and low-fat food option. So those who want a balanced diet or weight loss can add it.
  • These mushrooms are an ideal source of vitamin D and B complex. Additionally, minerals are potassium, copper, and iron.
  • Certain compounds in enoki mushrooms may have anticancer properties. And it could help prevent the development of cancer cells.
  • Additionally, the fiber contained in enoki mushrooms promotes a healthy digestive system.

How Long Do Enoki Mushrooms Last

The below table shows How long enoki mushrooms last in different conditions.

Fresh (at room temperature)1- 2 days
Refrigerator (in original packaging or container)1 – 2 weeks  
Refrigerator (properly wrapped in paper towel)1 – 2 weeks
Freezing (blanched and properly stored)3 – 6 months
Dehydrating (dehydrated and stored in airtight container)6 – 12 months
Canning (properly processed in jars)1 year up

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How Do You Make Enoki Mushrooms Last Longer?

There are some crucial ways to consider which assist you in making enoki mushrooms last longer. Follow these tips:

  1. You can consider preservation techniques like pickling or marinating to store your enoki mushrooms. These methods will add exciting flavors and extend their lifespan.
  2. Dehydration management is yet another important aspect that needs your attention. You can store dried enoki in airtight containers for months. Even this process makes them a brilliant addition to your pantry. On the contrary, moist mushrooms can be decayed too early.
  3. Freezing is the most amazing approach to lengthening its shelf life. Before storing, you can discard the root base and separate the clumps. Then move them to a freezer-safe bag or container after putting them on a baking sheet.
  4. You can store chopped enoki with butter. Then just wrap it in parchment paper and shift it in the freezer.
  5. Pick an airtight jar, add olive oil and some herbs. Thus you can enjoy them for weeks.

How to Store Enoki Mushrooms

Proper storing can ensure your enoki freshness for longer. The below steps will assist you in how properly you can store them.

  1. You need to pick fresh mushrooms which have firm, white, or off-white stems and are clean. And ensure intact caps. Avoid discolored, slim, or with foul odor mushrooms.
  2. Enokies are comparably perishable. So, you need to safeguard them in the refrigerator right away. Cooling slows spoilage, ensuring their delightful essence lasts longer.
  3. Use appropriate storage containers to store them. Moreover, before shifting them, clean and dry the container properly. Don’t use plastic bags in this stage since they may gather moisture and lead to rapid deterioration. Alternatively, you can use a paper bag or a loosely closed container to allow some airflow.
  4. It’s necessary to clean the container, but let the mushrooms unwashed. Otherwise, excess moisture can promote decay. But when you start cooking and before adding, clean them.
  5. Enoki mushrooms have a limited shelf life, even under optimal storage conditions. So check them frequently. If any mushrooms show signs of spoilage (such as sliminess or mold), remove that one. Otherwise, other mushrooms will also decay.

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How Do You Know if Enoki Has Gone Bad?

By noticing the below signs, you can confirm whether your enoki has gone bad.
·       Slimy
·       Discolored
·       emit an unpleasant odor
·       have mold growth
·       mushy texture
·       Dark spots
·       avoid consuming spoiled
·       potentially harmful mushrooms

What Are the Substitutes of Enoki Mushrooms?

Below are some exclusive alternatives of enoki mushrooms that you can use in different dishes, such as soups, salads, and stir-fries. The mushrooms are:
·       Button
·       oyster
·       shiitake
·       maitake
·       cremini
·       porcini
·       chanterelle
·       Portobello

Final Verdict

Embrace enoki mushrooms’ versatility, unique needle-like appearance, and delightful flavor. These nutritious fungi have earned their place in the culinary world with their immune-boosting properties and abundance of antioxidants.

From this article, you may get your answer to How to store enoki mushrooms? Follow these steps and save your mushrooms for longer without spoiling.

However, one thing is notable fresh enoki instant cooking can offer you a more refreshing taste and health benefits than stored ones.

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